How to Ride Slinky Dog Dash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Without the Wait in 2022

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Toy Story Land began a newly earned run average at Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. New marquee attractions like Rise of the Resistance in Star Wars : Galaxy ’ second Edge and Mickey and Minnie ’ s Runaway Railway followed, turning Hollywood Studios into the most stimulate park at Disney World. But despite the new attractions, the crown jewel of Toy Story Land, Slinky Dog Dash, remains one of the hottest rides at Hollywood Studios and a must ride for many families .
Years have passed since possibility, but lines for Slinky Dog Dash placid regularly clock in at an hour even at low crowd times. Slinky Dog Dash is besides is the most covet Genie+ Lightning Lane reservation at Walt Disney World. It is a beloved drawing card that requires a good scheme if you want to secure a shorter wait time .
Slinky Dog Dash Hollywood Studios What can you do to maximize your chances to get a Genie+ reservation for Slinky Dog Dash or minimize your time waiting in a standby line ? here are our darling strategies for cutting down farseeing delay times for Slinky Dog Dash at Disney ’ s Hollywood Studios .

Basics About Slinky Dog Dash at Disney World

Slinky Dog Dash has earned its long wait times by virtue of being an amaze drawing card. We believe it ’ s one of the best exhilarate attractions to get your children ’ randomness feet wet with – it ’ south got a meek sum of thrills and a distribute of theming. The premise is that Andy created a rollercoaster with his toy dog in his backyard, so it ’ s a rollercoaster for kids through and through.

american samoa far as rollercoasters go, Slinky Dog Dash doesn ’ metric ton feel besides fast or jerky. In fact, it ’ second one of the smoothest rollercoaster rides at Walt Disney World. The combination of thrills, theme, and the fact that lots of kids can ride this attraction ( it has a 38 inch stature minimum ) leads to the ride ’ s violent popularity and long delay times .
If you want to ride Slinky Dog Dash without the wait, decidedly take the following tips into account as you plan your vacation. And trust us, you credibly want to !
Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios is still one of the hottest rides and longest waits in the park. Don't wait in long queues if you don't have to though! Learn al l the tips to riding Slinky Dog Dash with shorter lines, from Fastpass+ hacks to the latest rope drop strategies, plus a few other secrets!

How to get a Genie+ Reservation for Slinky Dog Dash

The best manner to reduce your wait time for Slinky Dog Dash is by securing a Genie+ Lightning Lane mental reservation. But that can be easier said than done .
Slinky Dog Dash is the most difficult Genie+ reservation to get at Walt Disney World. In fact, it ’ s so hard to get we think Slinky Dog Dash might just move to paid individual Lightning Lane sooner rather than subsequently. But while it ’ sulfur still under the Genie+ Lightning Lane umbrella, there are ways to maximize your chances of getting a Genie+ booking for Slinky Dog Dash – it ’ ll barely require a combination of accelerate, skill, and luck !
It ’ south important to note that Disney World guests staying at on-site Disney World hotels or Disney spouse hotels do not have an advantage booking Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations. This is a boastfully change from the old Fastpass+ days and different from the rules for buy paid individual Lightning Lanes for the attractions that offer it .
That means the Genie+ Lightning Lane reservation window for Slinky Dog Dash opens at 7 am for everyone who has purchased Genie+ .

Purchase Genie+ Well Before 7 am

Since you ’ re competing against a large total of fellow Disney World guests, time is of the perfume to secure that Slinky Dog Dash Genie+ Lightning Lane reservation. many guests will have added Genie+ to the duration of their ticket, but others you may choose to add Genie+ on some days and not on others .
If you ’ re in the latter class, you ’ ll need to purchase Genie+ on the day you plan to shoot for a Slinky Dog Dash mental reservation. If you ’ re up belated, we recommend doing this at midnight ( when it is first available for sale ) so you have time to troubleshoot any technical foul difficulties. If not, try to buy Genie+ by 6:30am or so, again, to troubleshoot technical foul difficulties. We ’ five hundred love to say we trust Disney IT, but…we can not tell a lie .
You don ’ thyroxine want to be caught in a site where you ’ re silent trying to buy Genie+ at 7am – on many days Slinky Dog Dash will sell out in minutes so every second counts .

Book your Slinky Dog Dash Genie+ Lightning Lane reservation right at 7am

There are two significant reasons to book your Slinky Dog Dash Lightning Lane mental reservation right at 7am when you are eligible to do thus. The beginning, of class, is to ensure that you can secure a Lightning Lane reservation at all. The second reason to get in arsenic promptly as possible is to maximize your chances of getting an early recurrence time. You don ’ thymine want to be stuck waiting two hours after Hollywood Studios opens to make your adjacent Genie+ reservation. Ideally you ride Slinky Dog Dash early so you can book another Lightning Lane reservation promptly .
Related : Read all about overall Genie+ scheme at Walt Disney World here .
To facilitate a “ quick draw ” on Slinky Dog Dash on Genie+, you ’ ll want to do a few things. First, get a second device and pull up – use that as a clock. It ’ s what Disney ’ second arrangement is synched to. then, you ’ ll want to navigate to the “ Tip Board ” on My Disney Experience and find Slinky Dog Dash. Click on Slinky Dog Dash and you ’ ll be brought to a screen focusing on the attraction .
Slinky Dog Dash Disney Genie Plus Lightning Lane Screenshot You want to focus on the “ LL Lightning Lane ” effigy in the middle. It doesn ’ metric ton look like a clitoris, but it is ! When you press that it will bring you back to the Tip Board with Slinky Dog Dash at the very top. ( Try it out a few times before 7am. It works with any attraction ) .
At 6:59 am, focus onto the time at and get quick to make two quick clicks. Start on the Slinky Dog Dash attraction screen ( above ). At 6:59:59 precisely, press the LL button bringing you to the Tip Board. vitamin a soon as the Tip Board loads, Slinky Dog Dash will be at the exceed and a Genie+ Lightning Lane return time should be showing. Don’t look at the return time, just click “Book Experience” ASAP! That should bring you to the screen where you can confirm your Slinky Dog Dash Genie+ Lightning Lane reservation !
Disney Genie Plus Lightning Lane Slinky Dog Dash Another option for making certain Slinky Dog Dash appears at the top of your Tip Board is to use My Genie Day and choose Slinky Dog Dash ( and only Slinky Dog Dash ) as the attraction you are interest in. If you opt for that method, Slinky Dog Dash will constantly be at the crown of your Tip Board. Pull down on your earphone ’ south screen to refresh the Tip Board at 6:59:59. Both methods should work but we prefer the first method acting because it ’ mho less reliant on Disney IT .
With a little fortune and some fast fingers on either method acting, you may barely get a reappearance time that is early in the dawn not long after Hollywood Studios opens. Remember that once you tap into the Lightning Lane of the attraction to redeem your reservation ( if it is less than 2 hours after park opening ), you are eligible to make another reservation with Genie+. Act debauched to secure other popular attractions ( millennium falcon : Smugglers Run tends to be the second most popular ride in Hollywood Studios so we recommend selecting it if it is on your must-ride list ) .

Booking an afternoon Slinky Dog Dash Genie+ reservation

There may be times when you don ’ triiodothyronine want a good morning return time for Slinky Dog Dash – such as when you decide to stack Hollywood Studios for the afternoon ( a strategy outlined in this post ). If that ’ s the encase, you want to make sure you get a Slinky Dog Dash Genie+ Lighting Lane reservation in the good afternoon. To make this happen, just make certain you have a ballpark booking for any park besides Hollywood Studios at 7am when you make your Slinky Dog Dash reservation .
Genie+ will mechanically detect that you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate starting at Hollywood Studios and give you a render fourth dimension of 2pm or later. If you ’ rhenium visiting Disney World at any time besides a vacation when park reservations fill up, you ’ ll even probably be able to switch your park reservation to Hollywood Studios after making your Lightning Lane reservation. You might do this if you plan to rope dismiss Hollywood Studios but want to ride Slinky Dog again subsequently in the day. This tip will work for any drawing card ; use it to your advantage to plan your best Disney day .

What if I miss out on a Slinky Dog Dash Genie+ Lightning Lane reservation at 7 am?

One insider tip that people don ’ thyroxine know about is that Disney World much releases Genie+ reservation inventory during the day. That means while you ’ ra already in Disney ’ s Hollywood Studios, there ’ randomness a prospect that Slinky Dog Dash Genie+ handiness might become barren erstwhile during the day. This used to happen with Fastpass+ and was called the “ Fastpass drop ” – now it ’ s the “ Genie+ drop ” .
To catch one of these Genie+ lightning lane reservation drops, you need to constantly update the Tip Board on your My Disney Experience App on your call while you are in the park. If you want to maximize your chances to grab a Slinky Dog Dash Genie+ reservation, check your app early and much throughout the day. Use the same Lightning Lane button gratuity from the last incision to make surely Slinky Dog Dash stays at the top of your Tip Board .
It will be mindless click, but you never know what can turn up. Bring an external charger and if you ’ re persistent it ’ second highly likely you ’ ll end up catching a Slinky Dog Dash Genie+ sink .
Outside of visitors canceling, the time of Disney initiated Genie+ drops changes all the time, so we actually recommend you just check sporadically throughout the day. Disney often drops newfangled Genie+ booking handiness in the early afternoon and a bunch of times they will release on the hour. Make certain you are searching diligently all day. We besides like to remember to check every hour on the hour. When the Genie+ drops happen the Genie+ reservations go fast .

Rope Drop Standby Line Strategy for Slinky Dog Dash

Toy Story Land Slinky Dog Dash Coaster Tracks One of the easiest ways to ride a popular ride at a Disney park is by visiting it angstrom soon as the park opens, known as “ rope dropping ” an attraction. If you ’ ve rope dropped Hollywood Studios in the past to ride Slinky Dog Dash or other shudder rides, however, forget everything you ’ ve always known about r-2 drop. Starting with the opening of Star Wars : get up of the Resistance in December 2019 and far compounded by Disney ’ s changes to early composition park submission hours, rope drop strategy for Slinky Dog Dash has changed wholly .

Rope Dropping Slinky Dog Dash as a Disney World hotel guest

The insertion of early theme park submission – 30 minutes at every park for all Disney and collaborator hotel guests – has very changed Slinky Dog Dash rope drop scheme. ( Editor ’ south bill : early theme parking lot entrance has been temporarily extended to an hour long from December 19, 2021-January 3, 2022 for the busy vacation period only. ) If you ’ re staying off-site, it ’ s about pointless to try to rope drop the attraction – the wait will probably be more than an hour before you get a crack at it .
To maximize your chances of a low expect at r-2 drop if you ’ re an on-site guest, we recommend you get to Hollywood Studios at least one hour before the park ’ s official possibility time. If you ’ re through security and waiting an hour before Hollywood Studios opens ( which is 30 minutes before early theme park introduction opens ) you should be reasonably far improving in the line. If you want to be at the identical front of the r-2, get to park security system an hour and a half before official park afford clock time .
After you go through security and are finally allowed to tap into the turnstiles, you want to walk straight towards the Chinese Theater and then turn right and walk a far as you can towards Toy Story Land before a cast member and r-2 ( hopefully ) or a mass of people ( more likely ) stop you.

When the ballpark opens, the cast member will drop the lasso and gradually escort everyone in that group to Toy Story Land. If you ’ re far enough up ahead they will direct you to the Slinky Dog Dash queue, if you ’ re out of reach of the cast members you will likely queue under the green umbrellas along the veracious slope of the path moving up towards Slinky Dog Dash .

How to Rope Drop Slinky Dog Dash if you’re off-site

If you ’ re off-site, rope dropping Slinky Dog Dash might not be your best count – you ’ ll have half an hour ’ s worth of on-site guests in presence of you. But if you still want to rope drop Slinky Dog Dash, you ’ ll decidedly want to get to the park an hour before park open. You will be held in a separate waiting area while on-site guests are let through 30 minutes early for early root park entrance .
You want to be at the front of the rope in this separate waiting area and then make a beeline for Slinky Dog Dash once you ’ re lease through. You ’ ll have better luck these days since a lot of guests are lining up for standby at Rise of the Resistance, but don ’ t expect to get to walk on to the attraction .

Utilize Rider Switch for Slinky Dog Dash

Toy Story Land Slinky Dog Dash Queue Entrance Another dependable way to reduce your wait prison term for Slinky Dog Dash is to utilize passenger switch over. Rider switch allows a party of adults who have children who either can not or will not ride a exhilarate ride to save clock time in line by not requiring them to stand in telephone line doubly .
You can use rider throw on Slinky Dog Dash to save time in line angstrom long as you have a child who can not be left alone and will not ride. The cast members who help with rider switch broadly stand individually. You ’ ll recognize these cast members because they are holding iPads, but if you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find them ask the hurl members working the Genie+ agate line about rider switch and they ’ ll calculate you. The passenger switch frame members will scan the MagicBands of the party who will ride second, adding the rider throw allotment. If you ’ re wait in the standby line, these rider switch passes are timed, so the second party can ’ t go in immediately .
You can have up to two people in the returning rider switch party. That means if you have an older child who ’ sulfur riding Slinky Dog Dash ( and of run another child who is not ), you can give your riding child the opportunity to ride twice. Just make certain to tell the hurl member that the child will ride doubly – they will be glad to make that happen. That way the child gets to ride with Adult 1 and then ride again with Adult 2 .
Rider Switch works with both Genie+ reservations and the standby queue. obviously, a Genie+ reservation is preferable, but you still can save a set of fourth dimension for your overall party even if one person has to wait in the standby line up. Cast members won ’ t make the whole party delay while a single person queues so the pillow of the party is complimentary to enjoy Hollywood Studios while one person waits in the understudy queue. This is a good scheme to get your kids on promptly while one parent sacrifices themselves by waiting in the queue .

Other Strategies to Reduce Your Wait Time at Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky Dog Dash Boarding The above strategies drastically reduce your wait time at Slinky Dog Dash, but the reality is you might not always manage to pull them off. If we ’ rhenium desperate to ride, we ’ ll still employ some strategic tour to try to minimize our wait meter at Slinky Dog Dash .

Ride Slinky Dog Dash at the End of the Night or During Fireworks

With about every ride at any theme ballpark, riding at the end of the night is a great manner to decrease the wait time. presently, Toy Story Land and in turn Slinky Dog Dash is one of the best areas in Disney World in terms of wait times at the end of the night, for a few reasons .
first, because of Rise of the Resistance, a bunch of people get to Hollywood Studios much earlier than they normally would. That means way more people at rope drop but it besides means that a set of those people leave earlier than they would under distinctive circumstances. Toy Story Land besides has traditionally thinned out earlier than the respite of Hollywood Studios because it caters more towards kids .
so if you queue for Slinky Dog Dash towards the goal of the night, you ’ ll probably have the shortest wait times on any given day. You could evening queue one infinitesimal before the park closes – the ride will accommodate anyone in argumentation before the official close time. then if Hollywood Studios closes at 10:00pm, just make indisputable you get into argumentation a few minutes beforehand and you ’ ll suffer to be one of the last guests to experience Slinky Dog Dash that night. The wait time will probably be inflated so don ’ t worry besides much. The tune should be the shortest it ’ s been since the dawn – it barely might not be vitamin a shortstop as you hope .
If you don ’ triiodothyronine want to go that recently, try to queue during Fantasmic or the Star Wars fireworks ( when they return. Lots of people will gravitate towards those shows which means fewer people in wrinkle with you .

Final Thoughts

ultimately, the rationality it ’ mho tough to minimize your delay time at Slinky Dog Dash is because it ’ s an amazing drive. If you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tried it before, we think it ’ second well worth the wait. But hopefully this post gives you ideas for how not to wait in line for the attraction. Let us know your successes in the comments !
Want to ride Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story Land in Disney's Hollywood Studios but don't want to wait in a long line? All the secrets to scoring Genie+ reservations for Slinky Dog Dash, plus other lesser-known strategies and hacks that will reduce your wait!
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