Do Dogs Get Colds? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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If you ’ re wondering whether dogs can get sick from humans or by being out in cold weather, the short answer is yes. Keep understand to find out symptoms that may indicate your four-legged ally is feeling under the weather, plus tips on how to prevent and treat dogs with a cold. It ’ s that time of the year again. Common colds are cropping up everywhere in people, but can dogs catch a cold or the influenza, besides ? Use the links below to jump ahead to the information you ’ rhenium looking for :

Can dogs catch human colds?

When humans catch a coldness, there are many potential viruses they might have caught ( though more than half of cases are caused by rhinovirus1 ). We group these “ cold ” viruses together because they normally cause alike symptoms, like fluid eyes and nose, huffy throat, fatigue, and sneezing.

When it comes to dogs, there is not one recognized virus that has been identified as the common cold virus. however, there are several types of viruses that a dog may catch that causes them to exhibit cold-like symptoms. These viruses range in severity which is why it ’ sulfur all-important that you pay close attention to any symptoms your frank may be experiencing .

Do dogs get cold symptoms?

so, what are the signs of a cold in dogs, and how can you identify if your dog has a cold that you can treat from home or if something more good is going on ?
Common dog cold symptoms:

  • Runny nose with fluid discharge
  • Frequent sniffles and wet sneezes
  • Watery eyes
  • Fatigue (extra naps, lower energy)
  • Stuffy, congested breathing

Cold symptoms in dogs typically end between five and ten days. Colds can much be treated at base with some excess manage from you .
dog nasal discharge
Here are the recommended steps to help your dog recover from a common cold3:

  • Isolate sick pets from healthy pets
  • Allow your dog to rest as much as possible
  • Give them plenty of water
  • Place your dog in a room with a humidifier or leave them in the bathroom while you shower to expose them to warm humid air
  • Wipe off discharge from their nose

If your frank is having disturb breathing, is highly lethargic, shows signs of being in pain, or stops eating or drink, take them to the veterinarian to be checked out. If your frump is always inappetent, or respiratory symptoms worsen or increase in frequency, be indisputable to seek veterinarian care. You should besides seek veterinarian caution if you ’ re not seeing improvement each day .

Common cold vs. kennel cough in dogs

Kennel cough, besides known as infectious tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious disease that dogs can catch and is a more dangerous lawsuit of cold-like symptoms in dogs .
Kennel cough targets the upper respiratory system and causes inflammation in the trachea. The contagion normally has both a bacterial and viral component. can be caused by bacteria or a virus and is well spread by dogs, therefore the diagnose kennel cough because many dogs get kennel cough after being exposed to other sick dogs. Kennel cough can even be picked up from an environment where infected dogs were .
Common signs of kennel cough in dogs include4:

  • Mild fever
  • Runny nose
  • Dry, harsh coughing
  • Watery eyes
  • Decreased appetite
  • Trouble breathing
  • Nasal discharge
  • Severe congestion
  • Fatigue

Kennel cough ’ s most outstanding symptom is normally dry, harsh cough, which may end in retching or gagging. If you notice that your frank is experiencing a dry, harsh cough or they are retching or gagging, contact your veterinarian vitamin a soon as potential. Antibiotics from the veterinarian can only help with the bacterial component ; the viral part needs time and supportive care. Without treatment, kennel cough can become more serious, like pneumonia, and lead to severe complications or even death 5 .

How to treat a dog with a cold

If your cad is showing symptoms of a cold, reach out to your veterinarian so that they can perform a physical examination and rule out other potential causes. Your veterinarian may examine your dog ’ south center and lungs, and perform other diagnostic tests to rule out other possible causes .
For exemplar, dogs can experience cold-like symptoms resulting from parasitic infections, like roundworms and heartworms, ampere well as fungal infections. cough may be an indication of infection, so your veterinarian might want to check your frank for parasites to rule them out before proceeding with a treatment plan .
If your dog has kennel cough, the veteran will likely prescribe antibiotics to fight the contagion. They may besides provide you with other medication, such as a cough suppressant. Regardless of the type of cold virus, your andiron will likely need extra fluids, enough of rest, and time to recover .
vet examines dog with a cold

How to prevent dogs from catching colds

Some viruses that cause cold-like symptoms are preventable with canine vaccines. presently, there are vaccinations available for kennel cough, canine influenza, and distemper viruses. Depending on your pawl ’ s health and age, your veterinarian may recommend these core vaccines to help prevent disease .
other ways you can protect your pawl from catching cold viruses include limiting your frump ’ south prison term with other dogs, specially if you hear about dog disease outbreaks in your community, and avoiding socializing your frump until they are amply vaccinated. Regular checkups with your vet are besides key to keeping your pawl ampere healthy as possible with a strong immune system, which can help them fight off a cold virus if they get nauseated .
If you have multiple dogs in your family, we recommend keeping your ghastly andiron aside from early dogs until the virus has been identified and taken manage of .

Can dogs get sick from humans?

Cases of zoonotic disease — mean any disease or infection ancestral between pets and humans — are rare. Whether you have a cold or your frump has a cold, it ’ s unlikely that either of you will transmit the virus to the early because common “ cold ” viruses rarely transfer from one species to another species. sol, if you have the sniffles and want to cuddle with your cad, stay easy knowing that your dog is at a very first gear risk of catching anything from you2.

Final Thoughts

If your frump is showing signs of a cold, consult with your veterinarian about your following steps. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, your vet may want you to bring your andiron in for a check-up to rule out larger checkup problems, like parasites and kennel cough .
besides note that older dogs can have symptoms of a cough that are actually from collapsing trachea or kernel disease and are not viral/bacterial related. It ’ south important for pet parents to be mindful that veterinary check-ups can be expensive, but they are extremely important to your dog ’ s health and happiness and should never be skipped .
pet insurance reimburses you for up to 100% of out-of-pocket veterinary expenses so that you never have to hesitate to take your andiron in for want care. Don ’ t delay until your chase is vomit. Look at individualized pet indemnity plans today and compare top pet policy providers side-by-side .

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