Calories of Vegetarian Hot Dog, Is Vegetarian Hot Dog healthy?

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How many calories does one Vegetarian Hot Dog have?

One vegetarian Hot Dog gives 442 calories. Out of which carbohydrates comprise 223 calories, proteins account for 44 calories and remaining calories come from fatness which is 186 calories. One vegetarian Hot Dog provides about 22 percentage of the total day by day calorie prerequisite of a criterion pornographic diet of 2,000 calories .
Click here to view. vegetarian Hot Dog recipe. vegetarian hot dog recipe | Indian style vegetarian hot dog roll | veg hot dog .
vegetarian hot dog is an Indian style vegetarian hot dog which is made of blistering dog rolls, potatoes, cheese, veggies, rajma beans and chatpata spices .

Indian style vegetarian hot dog is a delectable and filling nosh ! vegetarian hot dog is made with products that do not use animal kernel, here we have made sausages out of vegetables and made these hot dogs.

The tava-cooked veg hot dog roll is made of delectable ingredients ranging from potatoes and veggies to rajma and cheese. Being tava-cooked, it has an amazing relish and mildly crisp texture excessively.

Packed inside a hot andiron axial rotation along with delectable and flavorful mayonnaise and tongue-tickling sauces, Indian style vegetarian hot dog roll becomes a excellent bite that none can resist !

Notes on excellent vegetarian hot cad. 1. besides add the boil and grind rajma ( kidney beans ). For this, soak the rajma overnight and atmospheric pressure cook it. then drain the excess water and mash the beans with the help of a potato wolf. 2.The bread is broken into bantam pieces before adding. This provides the proper oblige needed to form the hot dog sausages.

You can besides try other hot dog recipes like Schezuan Fries Hot Dog Sandwich or Stuffed Hot Dog Rolls .

Is Vegetarian Hot Dog healthy?

No, this is not healthy. Let ‘s see why .
Let ‘s understand the Ingredients .
What ‘s good .
1. Onions (pyaz, kanda) : raw onions are a very valuable source of vitamin C – the immune build vitamin. Along with other phytonutrients from onions, it helps to build WBC (white blood cells) which serves as a occupation of defensive structure against illness. Yes, it ’ s a beginning of many antioxidants, the most important one amongst them being Quercetin. The quercetin in Onions promotes product of HDL ( good cholesterol ) and lowers full cholesterol in the body. The sulphur in onions act as a blood thin and prevents blood clotting excessively. This in become would lower blood press and good for heart, diabetics. Read the benefits of onions .

2. Capsicum (Bell Peppers) : rich in vitamin C, genus capsicum protect and maintain the line of the kernel. Low glycemic index ( 40 ) colorful genus capsicum are immune boosters. colorful capsicums are not lone visually appealing but besides good for your eyes besides, as they contain antioxidant Lutein, which protects the center from cataracts and degeneracy of the center. Capsicum is high in Folate or folic acid, which is significant for rapid growth and multiplication of crimson blood cells and white blood cells in the cram marrow. See detail benefits of capsicum .
3. Carrots (gajjar) : Carrots have the food Beta Carotene which is a human body of Vitamin A, helps prevent deterioration of the eye as one gets older and prevents night blindness. Carrot is great for the eyes.They relieve constipation, lower blood atmospheric pressure, have fibre and lower cholesterol. Read the 11 superintendent benefiits of carrots and why to include in your day by day diet .
4. French Beans ( Fansi ) : french Beans is rich in folic acid. A lack of folic acid can besides lead to anaemia, as like iron they are evenly necessity to make crimson blood cells. Without adequate folic acidic, you can get well tired. pregnant women can besides benefit from its folic acerb count. It ’ sulfur effective to achieve weight loss, get the better of constipation, operate blood boodle levels, treat high cholesterol a well as prevent cancer. See hera for detailed 15 benefits of french beans .

5. Tomatoes : Tomatoes are highly rich source of Lycopene. Tomatoes are a brawny antioxidant, super rich in Vitamin C, good for center. Tomatoes are a meaning women ‘s friend and are rich in Folate or Folic Acid which helps your body to produce and maintain newly cells, specially crimson blood cells. Read about 13 amazing benefits of tomatoes .
6. Rajma : One cup of cooked kidney beans has 26.2 % of your daily magnesium requirements. Rajma is a complex carb and rich in Fibre which helps in Lowering Cholesterol levels. Rajma is deep in Potassium which is critical for those with high Blood pressure as it lessens the impingement of sodium. Eating rajma is good for diabetics due to being a fiber fat food. See here for 10 health benefits of rajma and why you should eat it .

What ‘s the trouble ?
1. Potatoes (Aloo) : Potatoes being high in bare carbohydrates will lead to weight addition and are not good for people with diabetes, heart trouble and fleshiness. Potatoes are recommended for malnourished children and people with abject weight unit. See full details on why potatoes are bad for you .
2. Vegetable Oils : To some vegetable oil is only soyabean vegetable oil, while some promote it as a mix of oils like soyabean, canola oil, sunflower, corn and early omega-6 fatty acid rich oils. These are frequently cheaper options than many oils, but they are highly processed oils. They are undoubtedly not to be reached out for, whether you are looking for salad dressings, sautéing or cooking. The 5 best oils used in cooking are olive vegetable oil ( broken temperature brusque time cooking ), avocado oil, canola oil oil, coconut oil and peanut vegetable oil. You must read the super article to find the facts of which oil is the healthiest debar vegetable petroleum .
3. Mayonnaise : mayonnaise is made up of of 1 cup vegetable anoint and hence very high fatness levels + eggs which are healthy. vegetable oils are not very healthy for your body which will cause ignition and stop the fat bur process. You are better of using olive oil or insignificant vegetable oil as they are higher in MUFA .

4. Processed Cheese : throw from processed cheese to block cheese as that is goodly .
5. Plain flour (maida) : This recipe uses plain flour or maida to make hot dog rolls, which is refined carb not desirable for healthy life style. Maida consumption in any food should be wholly debar or good a little bite of usage as any consumption of this will cause a larger spike in lineage levels which is not good for diabetics, heart patients. The growth of prediabetes comes from uncontrolled eat carbohydrate and refined food products for many years and the classical symptom is if you have excess abdomen adipose tissue. This leads to diabetes and far onwards to center attack, high blood atmospheric pressure, strokes, impotence and kidney damage. Read is maida estimable for you to understand amply .
Can diabetics, heart patients and over weight individuals have  Vegetarian Hot Dog ?
No, this is not healthy. Let ‘s see why. This recipe uses plain flour or maida to make hot cad rolls, which is refined carb not desirable for healthy life style. Maida consumption in any food should be wholly invalidate or merely a little bit of use as any consumption of this will cause a larger transfix in blood levels which is not effective for diabetics, heart patients .

What is a healthy toast option to have?
We suggest you try homemade almond boodle made without eggs and toast it. A good choice is toasted almond bread with avocado which is a arrant gluten complimentary breakfast choice. whole wheat boodle is better choice than white bread made from refine plain flour to make goner like mix sprouts open pledge, oats moong toast, bungalow cheese tomato and chutney sandwich or creamy alfalfa sprouts and apple on pledge .
Mixed Sprouts Open Toast
Mixed Sprouts Open Toast
Can healthy individuals have  Vegetarian Hot Dog ?

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No. Recipes besides used mayonaisse and potatoes which is besides not healthy .

8 Pointers to get healthy on a Indian diet
1. Eat healthy and say yes to well home cooked food. Prefer whole grains like oatmeal, quinoa, buckwheat, barley and healthy flours like bajra flour, jowar flour, quinoa flour, wheat flour etc. quite than refined ones like maida. Have goodly indian fats like ghee, coconut, coconut oil in your diet .
2. Opt out of junk food, packaged food, deep fried foods. Prefer steamed snacks and other non-fried snacks. Check out some Healthy indian Snacks. Remember to eat small frequent meals through the day as that will keep you always full and prevent your blood sugar from dropping. By starving your body through some diet, will not help you one bit. In fact, dieting will make you binge on 2 to 3 meals which is not good .
Skip having amerind debris foods like pav bhaji, bata vada, pakoras, gulab jamun as they cause your body to have insulance resistance. The attendant is your soundbox will store more carbohydrates as fats, causing storehouse of adipose tissue in the digest causing a belly and slowing down of our fat burn off summons. So its a bad cyle which causes you more more crave and fatigue every prison term you eat junk food .

3. Have 4 to 5 servings of vegetables and 2 to 3 servings of fruit is a must. Follow the logic of a vegetable in each independent meal of the day and a fruit in-between meals. Check out a few Healthy Indian Soups and Healthy Indian Salads recipes using this food group .
4. Cut down on sugar and salt in your diet and pick beloved ( very small amounts ) or dates to sweeten your food. lento cut the sugar habit as this is not going to happen over night. Sugar is besides called ashen poison. It is a simple carbohydrate with zero nutritional rate. On consumption, sugar will cause inflammation of the body which will last for many hours. It will spike your rake sugar level and shut down the fat electrocution process. This besides causes high rake carbohydrate levels in your body. The development of prediabetes comes from uncontrolled feed boodle and refined food products for many years and the classical symptom is if you have excess belly fat. This leads to diabetes and further onwards to heart attack, high blood imperativeness, strokes, powerlessness and kidney damage .
Salt and blood atmospheric pressure. apart from stress and fleshiness, one of the main reasons for high blood blackmail is excessive sodium and salt intake. Most people find it unmanageable to limit the sum of salt in their fudge, thinking it will affect the taste of their favorite dishes .
This is not on-key. Bajra and jowar are rich in potassium and critical for those with High Blood Pressure as it lessens the shock of sodium. Eating more Potassium Rich Foods will remove more sodium from your body through urine. sol include the basic bajra roti and jowar roti in your daily diet to have with Lower Blood Pressure Subzis Recipes .
5. Befriend a few healthy seeds and nuts like chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts and almonds. Stress.  The easiest way to kill your immune system is chronic try .
6. Sprouts are called ‘living food’. They are high is most nutrients and easy to digest american samoa well. Let them feature in your meals at least thrice a week. besides Read : All Benefits about Sprouts .

7. Exercise 45 minutes every day. No excuse. You can walk fast, run, do weights, play your darling sport or go to the gymnasium. No activity reduces muscleman tissue which will lead to muscke loss and all kinds of problems with that. Workout builds immunity and keeps virus or bugs away. 
8. Sleep early and get up early. Get your body into cycle and it will function best. Sleep helps your body to recover and makes you look much younger. besides getting good sleep prevent muscle personnel casualty, builds immunity and keeps virus or bugs away.
Vegetarian Hot Dog  is high in
1. Protein : Protein is required for the managing the wear and rip of all cells of the torso .
2. Vitamin B1 : Vitamin B1 protects nerves, helps in carbohydrate metamorphosis, prevents affection diseases and helps produce red blood cells .
3. Vitamin C  : Vitamin C is a great refutation against coughs and colds .
4. Calcium : calcium is a mineral that makes bones stay potent. Required from kids to adults .
note : a recipe is deemed high in a Vitamin or mineral if it meets 20 % and above the recommend casual allowance based on a 2,000 calorie diet .

How to burn 442 calories that come from Vegetarian Hot Dog?
Walking ( 6 kmph ) = 2 hour 13 mins
Running ( 11 kmph ) = 44 mins

Cycling ( 30 kmph ) = 59 mins
Swimming ( 2 kmph ) = 1 hour 16 mins
note : These values are approximate and calorie burn differs in each individual .

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