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Print Version HOW MANY CALORIES DOES MY PET NEED? How many calories a pet needs per day varies a bunch depending on exercise and metamorphosis, but we can give you averages. When calculating how much food your pet needs to eat you should use the goal weight, the weight your pet should be.

Text Box: A mouse has about 35 calories so a cat would need to catch and eat 5-10 mice per day – and since hunting burns calories, in reality that would go up to 8-15 mice per day. That’s a lot of work! An 8 pound. cat-o’-nine-tails would need about 180 calories per sidereal day. A 10 pound. guy needs 200, 12 pound. needs 230, 14 pound. needs 260 and a 16 pound. kat would need roughly 280 calories per sidereal day. adept nonprescription ( OTC ) guy foods for weight unit management typically contain about 300 calories per cup. An average kat would need somewhere between ½ & 2/3 cup of Science Diet, Iams or Nutro indoor or weight management diet per day. Hill ’ s feline R/D prescription weight personnel casualty diet has about 260 calories per cup, with more fiber and protein but a lot less fat than a regular cat-o’-nine-tails food. A cat eating R/D could eat ¾ cup per day, so he or she would feel full and meet while still losing weight. Text Box: Pet food manufacturers are now required to state the calories per cup on the bag or can. Some OTC cat foods contain more than 500 calories per cup. Evo, for example, has 530 calories per cup ! A 10 pound. big cat would only need 1/3 of a cup per day of food, which looks terribly puny in the roll. This is why cats eating these “ natural, ” “ moo carb ” or “ grain dislodge ” diets are therefore prone to fleshiness. evening Evo ’ s “ weight management ” diet has 481 calories per cup.

indeed how about dogs ? humble dogs have similar calorie requirements as cats, with a 10 pound. dog needing about 218 calories per day. A 20 pound. frump needs about 366 calories, a 40 pound. andiron 616, a 60 pound. frump 835 and 100 pound. elephantine dogs need about 1225 calories each day. There tends to be more unevenness in exercise and metamorphosis for dogs. An active hunt frank may burn off a couple thousand calories a day and a sled frank running the Iditarod can burn 3000 calories a day. As with big cat foods, there are besides large variations in calories per cup in andiron foods. In order to avoid nutritional deficiencies or imbalances, no more than 10% of your pet’s intake should be treats or snacks. so for a 60 pound. dog, that ’ sulfur only1-2 average chase biscuits. A 10 pound. cad should merely get 1 little cookie a day – but could have 6 or 7 baby carrots. There are some bantam treats with only 4-6 calories each but you need to read labels carefully to find them. Check treat labels for sodium content adenine well, many pet snacks are loaded with salt. If your favored is eating a prescription diet for a aesculapian trouble, such as bladder stones, kidney disease or diabetes, you will need to be very cautious with treats. You can throw off the entire effect of the prescription diet by feeding other foods along with it. Please visit our website,, to view the link for a more detailed list of other dog treats, and our handouts on How to Read a Pet Food Label and a detailed Nutrition Primer for Discerning Pet Owners . You can view videos on nutrition on our YouTube channel, BFVCTV. Calorie Content of Popular Dog Treats

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