Dog Weight Management Made Simple

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A veteran explains how keeping your puppy at a healthy weight will add years to their life sentence — who doesn ’ triiodothyronine want that ? Like so many pet parents, I am in a constant battle to keep my chase at a healthy weight unit. There are many things that make a weight unit loss ( or weight care ) plan difficult but for me, it ’ randomness saying “ no ” to those pleading puppy-dog eyes. How can I not share a bite of any it is I ’ molarity eat ? But hera ’ s the thing : Overfeeding your andiron can lead to fleshiness, which is linked to a host of serious health issues including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, articulation problems, even cancer. As a result, dogs who are fleshy or corpulent tend to have shorter lives than those who maintain a normal weight. There are countless recommendations, formulations, and opinions about how to help your dog miss weight but I have found the approach below to be the most effective. It is straightforward, it does not require a deepen in their convention food, and it allows for tasty “ treats ” to reduce their feelings of hunger. Best of all, I have found that it works well for most dogs. Read on to learn how to determine your pawl ’ mho day by day caloric needs and how to adjust their food inhalation to help them lose weight. Plus, a few pro tips for how to make them feel less abject in the work .

How Many Calories Should My Dog Have Each Day?

When starting a burden loss platform for your cad, this is the inaugural thing you need to figure out. Food “ guess-timations ” are frequently incorrect because you may be judging how much to feed your chase based on how athirst they appear to you. This is not the best indicator of caloric needs because let ’ s face it : your andiron will gobble up whatever is placed in front of them. Animals besides have a basic, instinctual drive to look at us whenever we are eating, which we interpret as hunger, leading to overfeeding.

Determining caloric need

There are many formulas for determining your andiron ’ second casual thermal needs, which are known as Resting Energy Requirements ( RER ), but I find this one to be the easiest to calculate : casual calorie needs = 30 adam [ your pet ’ s system of weights in kilograms ] + 70 For exemplar, if your pet weighs 15 kilogram, the calculation would look like this :
[ 30 ten 15 ] + 70 = 520 calories per sidereal day To get your favored ’ sulfur weight in kilograms, divide the number in pounds by 2.2. so, a 33 pound dog weighs 15 kilogram ( 33 divided by 2.2 = 15 ). once you know how many calories your andiron needs, check the pronounce on their frank food bag to see how many calories are in a suffice size. That way, you can make sure you ’ re feeding them the correct number of calories each day .

Nutrition Calculator

If we could give our pets infinite treats, we would. But this instrument will tell you the mighty sum to feed your ally .

How To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

I prefer the “ low and slow ” approach to weight loss, which will be more sustainable for your pawl in the long run. here are the claim steps you need to take :

1. Feed based on RER calories

For weight unit loss, plainly feeding the calculate RER calories entirely should be enough to reduce your dog ’ second weight over clock. With this approach, most dogs will typically lose 1 to 2 pounds per calendar month, achieving an ideal system of weights in six to eight months. The best thing about this approach is that you don ’ t have to change their diet or buy an expensive prescription drug weight loss formula .

2. Continue until an ideal body weight is achieved

If there is no meaning burden loss after 1 to 2 months on their account RER, then I recommend cutting back your frump ’ s entire calories by 10 % ( most veterinary nutritionists recommend a 10–20 % calorie cutback ). Continue to reweigh your cad every four weeks and continue to decrease the sum calorie consumption by an extra 10 % until your pawl ’ second ideal consistency slant is reached.

3. Maintain feeding based on RER calories

When they have last reached their ideal body weight, simply continue to feed that sum of chase food daily, adenine long as they continue to maintain this ideal slant ( meaning, no further weight loss or gain ) .

How to Ease The Pain When Helping Your Dog Lose Weight

Put lunch on the menu

If it ’ s possible with your schedule, divide the entire daily calories into three feedings rather of two. You will basically be introducing a lunch into their breakfast and dinner agenda, helping to reduce feelings of hunger between feedings .

Give your dog healthy treats

When your andiron gives you that look, give them a low-calorie treat like carrots or fleeceable beans. When my dogs are acting supernumerary hungry, I give them a cup of canned green beans, which leaves them feeling entire ( and happy that they scored a dainty ) without adding many calories. This whoremaster besides works great if or when you need to decrease the food amount by 10 % — barely add in a big scoop of the green beans as “ makeweight ” each time you cut back the food. And because the calories are so minimal, you can get away with not having to calculate them into the daily thermal needs .

Ask a Vet

sudden scrape ? Finicky food eater ? Loose nincompoop ? Whatever pet health motion is on your mind, our veterinarian pros are here to help .

An Example of a Healthy Weight Loss Program for Your Dog 

Month 1:

  • I have a 33 pound frank, which equates to 520 calories per day. I will feed this amount for one month and reweigh at that clock .
  • I offer as many low-calorie treats as needed ( a scoop of green beans in the food, a carrot treat, etc. )

Month 2:

  • My favored has lost 1.5 pound !
  • next footfall : continue with 520 calories per day .

Month 3:

Month 4:

  • My positron emission tomography lost 2 pound !
  • following step : Continue at 486 calories and reweigh in one calendar month .

One final examination note : These recommendations assume that you have a goodly chase. If you have an older andiron, I recommend you have a physical examination performed by your veterinarian deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as blood work to ensure that there are no underlying metabolic problems such as hypothyroid disease or Cushing ’ s disease, which can be the source of weight unit advance or an inability to lose burden .

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