How many dog breeds are there in the world?

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How many dog breeds are there in the earth ?

It is estimated that there are more than 400 pawl breeds in the universe. The FCI, the International Federation of Cynology, recognizes approximately 350 breeds worldwide. But new ones may constantly appear, which will entirely be officialized by the entity, if they follow certain standards, such as having a meaning number of dogs that meet homogeneous characteristics, such as size, coat, behavior, among others .

Dogs emerged with the domestication of wolves thousands of years ago. man for breeding selected the most docile. frankincense, as time went by, the puppies were born more and more domesticate, making it easier for them to coexist with humans. In this way, they could be used to help hunt, tend livestock, and protect people.

The first breeds appeared about 300 years ago. They all arose because valet separated dogs with sealed characteristics and made them breed. The puppies then inherited the same traits and behavior. frankincense breeds were produced to help in hunt, others with an aptitude for herding herds, those for guarding, or fair for company .

consequently, in the begin, the goal was to make the diverse breeds created to meet the unlike needs of man. While in England, the terrier was bred to hunt rodents, the siberian beefy was bred to pull sleds in the bamboozle in the extremely cold regions of the Northern Hemisphere, and indeed on .

Some breeds then gave ascent to other, more holocene breeds. The german Pinscher, for example, is a andiron breed that originated in Germany and is included in the origins of the Doberman, the miniature pinscher, the affenpinscher, the miniature schnauzer, the giant schnauzer, and the standard schnauzer .

In Brazil, the filament Brasileiro and the terrier Brasileiro are the only breeds recognized by the FCI .

Despite the big variety of breeds existing today, with impressive variations, behavioral differences, etc ? from the genetic steer of horizon, all of them still belong to the like species, the Canis Lupus, that is, the lapp species as the wolf. The deoxyribonucleic acid of wolves is much the same as that of any chase breed, from the bantam chihuahua to the huge german cad .

What about cur ?

When dogs of different breeds reproduce, the puppies are called SRD ( No Defined Breed ), known as cur. This is because the animal does not have the necessity characteristics to belong to a particular breed. Each one is born one means : small or big, with long or short tail, one individual color or many, long or shortstop ears .

In general, the mix makes the mutts more resistant. only the best adjust survive and produce offspring when they reproduce naturally ( without being selected by man, as is the case with lineage dogs ). thus, they transmit to the characteristics of the follow generation that make them stronger and more repellent .
however, it does not mean that they can not get nauseated or that they will live longer. In other words, all dogs of all breeds and even mutts need affection, proper nutriment, vaccines, wormers and a check-up at the vet from time to time, says Dr. Máximo Chaves, a veterinarian at the Terra Zoo store in Forquilha .

Terra Zoo offers the best quality products and services sol that you can take care of your cad, of whatever breed, in the best possible way .

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