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Broccoli is a human food that is condom for dogs to eat. But, is broccoli estimable for dogs ? This low-fat bite contains healthy sources of fiber and Vitamin C. however, the excess nutrients are not required or balanced adequate to offer any significant benefit, and there are unpleasant side-effects !

Close up of large breed canine with floret of broccoli on nose. How much broccoli can dogs have?

As with most vegetable and fruit treats that pet parents love to share, dogs can have broccoli in easing. These crunchy, raw or steamed and indulgent cruciferous vegetables should lone be an occasional indulgence though .

If you plan to give your chase broccoli, it should be included in the 10 % treat limit per day of a cad ’ sulfur sum food consumption. Most veterinarians will agree that broccoli is very well for dogs, but it provides no extra nutrition .

The best way to show your canine class extremity how much you love him is to feed him balance, nutrient-dense chase food that includes all the all-important minerals and vitamins a dog ’ s body needs to stay healthy, firm and energetic .


 Broccoli for dogs: Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do serve boiled or steamed broccoli only to soften the hard stalk or stem as this can be choking hazard.
  2. Don’t feed broccoli as an additional snack over the 10% limit of total treat intake per day.
  3. Do cut broccoli into small pieces to avoid any gastrointestinal obstructions.
  4. Don’t give large, raw pieces as these are highly fibrous and can cause a digestive blockage.
  5. Don’t feed broccoli excessively, it can lead to gastric upset causing diarrhea in your dog. Limit to a few times per month.
  6. Don’t give your puppy broccoli, it’s hard for their developing digestive system to process the high fiber.
  7. Do favor a soft broccoli stalk over the head, which contains isothiocyanate, compounds that can irritate the GI tract.
  8. Do get veterinarian recommendations before trying new human fruits and vegetables on your dog.
  9. Do puree broccoli, making it easier for dogs to digest.


Is broccoli bad for dogs?

When it comes to homo foods that are dependable to share with pets, can dogs eat broccoli is something many pet parents ask ? Let ’ s get down to basics : broccoli is not badly for dogs .

The trick is to never comprise a dog ’ s total daily pulmonary tuberculosis of more than 25 % of this cruciferous vegetable as it can cause some unpleasant side-effects. Over-consumption can besides be toxic due to the high bulk of isothiocyanate in the broccoli capitulum .

While isothiocyanates are good for humans and cause no harm regardless of how much broccoli you eat, it ’ s not the lapp for dogs.


Dogs and broccoli: Risks

As with any people foods that dogs eat, there is a gamble of excitation, obstruction, allergic reaction or toxicosis. Broccoli perniciousness may occur if your dog ’ randomness daily intake of food is made up of more than 25 % of this cruciferous vegetable in one sidereal day .

While these types of cases of intolerance are rare, positron emission tomography parents should constantly exercise caution when feeding a dog any homo food that is not part of their regular, healthy, balanced chase food diet .

Excessive servings of broccoli for dogs can cause:

  • Gas
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea or constipation associated with overconsumption
  • Vomiting due to digestive blockage
  • Loss of appetite from gastrointestinal obstruction
  • Pain related to GI upset
  • Obstruction in the throat
  • Hemolytic anemia, an autoimmune reaction to overconsumption in severe and worst-case scenarios.

Is broccoli ok for dogs?

many veterinarians will recommend people foods for dogs, meagerly, as is the case with whether dogs can eat broccoli. The best advice is to limit this vegetable as an casual treat, and if you plan to contribution it, keep an eye on your cad while he eats it. Should you notice any variety in behavior, call your veterinarian immediately .

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