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We tell our children that if they want to grow adult and solid that they better drink their milk. Dogs need calcium merely like we do and having the right come in their systems makes them have stronger teeth, nails, bones, and coats. It besides improves their skittish system and is a critical part of a healthy life style .
Unless you ’ re trained in the science of frump human body, it ’ randomness hard to know how much calcium dogs should receive regularly. Some issues arise if there is excessively much or besides little in their systems. What are the signs of calcium insufficiency in my pet ? How much calcium should you give your frump ? And what are the best ways to nourish their bodies ? We address all of your calcium-related concerns in this article then that you can give your dog the right amount of calcium in their day by day diet .
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How a lot calcium Should a Dog Receive ?

Based on the recommendations from The Association of American Feed Control ( AAFCO ), adult dogs should receive about 1.25 grams of calcium for every 1,000 calories they consume. This number changes slightly based on their overall size and weight but is a condom guideline to use if you ’ re diffident where to start.

There are several supplements and homo foods that are safe for dogs to consume and boost their calcium levels. many of these foods are the ones we eat when trying to increase the calcium in our own bodies, but you should always confirm that they are a safe choice from your veterinarian. Professionals will be able to guide you accurately and make recommendations that you may not have considered before .

The 6 Best calcium Sources for Dogs

Some frank food brands enrich their products with calcium, but they aren ’ metric ton constantly a nourishing as they should be. Calcium is a fundamental chemical element required for bony intensity. Choosing food sources that are well absorbed in the intestines is best because it is easy on the dog ’ randomness digestive system. Check your andiron food post labels to see if the calcium share meets their day by day necessity. If it doesn ’ triiodothyronine, consider adding one of the food sources below into their weekly diet .



Humans eat yogurt because it is rich in calcium. A one cup of regular yogurt contains around 450 milligrams. Adding a small dollop of plain yogurt is the easiest way to incorporate it into the diet of dogs with abject calcium levels. If you have a larger dog, a couple of spoon might be more sufficient .
Make sure that the yogurt you feed your frank has no flavorer and is either non-fat or low-fat. Some artificial sweeteners are toxic for dogs and could cause some digestive issues. Check with your veterinarian to ensure your frump ’ s engender is able to tolerate dairy products .



sliced of cheese
cheese is another food informant that is high in calcium and typically safe for dogs to consume. difficult cheeses are richer than voiced cheeses with about 200 milligrams in a single snow leopard. Cutting off a little slice from a cheese engine block and breaking it into bite-sized pieces is a quick manner to create some custom treats. For dogs who prefer softer textures, bungalow cheese has 65 milligrams for every half a cup .
You have to be timid about how a lot cheese you allow your pawl to eat. Make indisputable the cheese is plain and exempt from herb or artificial ingredients. Some safe cheese choices include butt cheese, mozzarella, bungalow cheese, or any early plain, low-fat cheese. cheese moo in fat and lactose is less probable to upset your dog ’ s abdomen and put up to fleshiness .


Fish and Chicken

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Considering that fish and chicken get all their praise from their high-protein levels, most people don ’ t consider them audacious calcium supplements. Chicken, salmon, mackerel, and sardines have high gear levels of calcium ranging from 170 milligrams to 370 milligrams for three ounces of meat. These proteins are already found in most frump foods, so yours might not need even more in their diet. If the frump food doesn ’ metric ton have enough to meet the daily requirements, you might consider switcher to another brand with higher calcium message .
Be careful with fish containing lots of mercury, like tuna. little bites of it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate causal agent any crazy reactions, but it is constantly better to err on the side of circumspection .


Veggies with calcium

You already know that crude vegetables are rich in calcium. Spinach and broccoli have the highest measure, with 240 milligrams for every cup of spinach and 180 milligrams for every cup of broccoli. however, dogs besides enjoy having a little more diverseness. early safe veggies to feed your chase are acorn squash, bok choy, collard greens, mustard greens, turnips, rocket, corn, and kale.


Bone Treats

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We all know the cliché image of a chase lounge in a grassy backyard and chewing on a large bone from an nameless animal. Because calcium is used to strengthen bones, they intelligibly have a good measure in them. Keep in mind that even though dogs love to chew on bones, not all of them are safe, specially if they chew off chunks and swallow them .
Give your favored raw or cook bones as an casual process. Cooked bones are well for digestion but grounding them into a gunpowder is a safe shape of consumption. Sprinkle a few tablespoons of ground bone meal over the clear of their casual food to give them the boost they need .


Calcium Supplements

The easiest way to incorporate some calcium into your frank ’ south diet is to use accessory pills. These take all the guess out of how a lot to give your cad and are designed to strengthen their teeth and bones and boost their immune systems .
Most frump supplements come in treat or gunpowder forms that are easy for your pawl to chew. Do not ever give dogs supplements meant for humans. These are formulated for a homo ’ south stature and weight unit and could cause a severe imbalance if given to a dog .
Before buying a calcium supplement, speak to your vet to ensure it is necessity and get some sword recommendations that they trust. They ’ ll besides be able to tell you precisely how much they should take and where to buy them .

What are Signs of Calcium Deficiency for Dogs ?

Calcium insufficiency international relations and security network ’ metric ton rare, but it can cause some hard issues if it isn ’ t rectified in a seasonably manner. low calcium could result in kidney failure, inflammation in the pancreas, or gland failure .
Always take your dog to the vet if they are acting foreign or out of character. Signs that they could be experiencing calcium lack include inanition, dizziness, no appetite, twitching muscles, or seizures .

Treating Calcium Deficiency in Dogs

We know we sound like a broken read, but your veterinarian is the only person you should consult if you ’ re concerned about your frump ’ s health. treatment for calcium insufficiency varies from positron emission tomography to pet based on their stream and former health conditions. Vets are able to identify the proper calcium drug and prescribe an oral supplement that quickly rectifies the problem .


Throwing in a few spoon or sprinkles of calcium to their food bowl is a dim-witted direction to improve their overall health. Calcium gives dogs extra-strong bones and a healthy coast. Plus, they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate thinker getting to eat a few excess treats every once in a while .
Whether you get it from meats, cheese, or veggies, calcium is found in a fortune of dog-friendly foods and the quickest way to enhance their nutriment. deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you don ’ t overfeed them, you ’ ll notice a deviation in their bodily process, digestion, and coating in a shortstop sum of time .
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