Are Carrots Good for Dogs?

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Donna shares insider tips about your pets gained through exclusive interviews with industry experts .

Are Carrots Bad for Dogs?

If you ‘re wondering, “ Are carrots bad for dogs ? ” the answer is : “ absolutely not ! ” In fact, feeding dogs carrots is an excellent way to give them tasty, alimentary treats. Vegetables like carrots are goodly treats for dogs than some commercially-prepared frump treats, and most dogs love them .

Dogs Can Eat Carrots!

In this article, we ‘ll look at certified veterinarian homeopath Dr. Jeff Feinman ‘s top tips and guidelines for incorporating homo foods like carrots into your chase ’ s day by day diet. We ‘ll answer these questions :

  1. Why Are Carrots Healthy for Dogs?
  2. How Often Should Dogs Eat Carrots?
  3. Can Dogs Eat Raw Carrots?
  4. What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?

Juiced carrots are easier for your dog to digest. Juiced carrots are easier for your dog to digest. Couleur under CCO license via Pixabay

Carrots Are Healthy Dog Treats

What are the benefits of giving carrots to your positron emission tomography ? For starters, they are a healthy, crunchy cover that can :

  • help clean teeth and promote good dental health
  • act as an alternative to rawhide because they are completely digestible
  • furnish a satisfying chew
  • taste good!

Carrots are low in calories and fat but high in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. For corpulence dogs, they can be an important weight management help. In fact, the Companion Animal Behavior Program manual for the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine recommends that “ carrots or plain rice cakes can be used as low calorie substitutes for chase treats. ” 1 Speaking of frump treats, why not use child carrots while you are training your andiron for obedience or agility sports ?Make sure you choose a healthy diet for your pup. Make sure you choose a goodly diet for your whelp. Samia Liamani, via Unsplash

How Often Can Dogs Eat Carrots?

so, since we know carrots are safe for dogs to eat, how many should they eat and how should they be prepared ? According to Dr. Jeff Feinman, a certify veterinary homeopath, giving Fido two to three baby carrots to nibble on daily is acceptable. As with humans, the best advice on quantity is to err on the side of easing and consider the size of the dog. obviously, a giant star breed like a Bernese Mountain Dog or Great Dane could digest more carrots than a bantam Maltese could .Can dogs eat carrots? Just watch me devour this bad boy! Can dogs eat carrots ? Just watch me devour this regretful male child ! 4johnny5, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr

Can Dogs Eat Raw Carrots?

They can, but during our consultation time, Dr. Jeff stressed that because of the room dogs digest their food, Fido would not get any nutritional benefit from eating them in that fashion. According to Dr. Jeff, crude carrots must be grated or steamed therefore frank can digest them by rights and absorb the nutrients. In fact, any hard, fibrous food is harder for them to digest, so you should break these foods up for them mechanically by grating them or putting them through your food processor. A quick way to incorporate carrots into your dog ’ s even run plan is by topping his cad food or raw food diet with some grated or steamed carrots .

Video: Healthy Foods to Feed Your Dog

What Foods Should My Dog Not Eat?

Carrots may be safe for dogs to eat, but what about some other human foods ? In general, owners should avoid feeding dogs leftover foods that are high in fatten, boodle, or sodium. Furthermore, cad owners should be mindful of highly toxic foods ( for dogs ) :

  • onions
  • grapes
  • macadamia nuts
  • chocolate

Check With Your Vet Before Changing Your Pet’s Diet

Dogs and humans metabolize and digest foods and drugs in different ways. The safest convention of ovolo is to check with your veterinarian before you change your andiron ’ s diet or use any type of medication. For more information on natural favored care, please visit Dr. Jeff ‘s web site. Do you have some tips or other information on carrots for dogs that you would like to share ? precisely drop me a note in the comments incision below. feedback from my readers is constantly welcome and appreciated .


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Video: How to Make Healthy Banana and Carrot Dog Treats

This article is accurate and true to the best of the generator ’ second cognition. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, discussion, prescription, or formal and individualize advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. © 2011 Donna Cosmato Jon on February 02, 2020 : It says “ are carrots bad for your chase ? ” then goes on to say “ no direction ”. ; ) Jennifer on April 15, 2018 : My dog has trouble with her anal glands she is a puggle. Would the carrots help this and if therefore how much do I feed her John on March 30, 2018 : You say absolutely not but then go on to say how effective they are for them. What are you trying to say. Are you sure you know what your talking about. Tasha Abbott on July 13, 2017 : Is it hard for the dogs to digest. Our puppy loves carrots as a treat, but wonder how much is besides much ? Eileen Hughes from Northam Western Australia on May 17, 2017 : I was always told that dogs can not digest crude carrots, good give them cooked or part cooked ones alone. Our blue heeler used to swallow everything hole he hardly ever chewed things indeed avoided this type of food altogether. fathertobobo on April 14, 2017 : I understand dogs would absorb more nutrients from cooked carrots the same direction humans absorb more from cooked food besides. But I thought dogs besides benefit from raw whole carrots for the teeth and glue cleaning angstrom well. Christopher on December 02, 2016 : Hello there, I found this most helpful ! Although pamper carrots might not be the best for for or human because they are rolled in a bleatch mix to keep them crisp orange and “ fresh ”. Your best count is to get regular careers peal them and slice them into smaller carrot sticks. My puppy Jacob LOVES them : )

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Hope you found this bill helpful. htodd from United States on May 20, 2012 : I do n’t think so ..carrots are good for Rabbits ..But dogs can eat excessively .. Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on February 26, 2012 : Hi MT ! I ‘m glad Zeus likes the fudge carrots. Mine wo n’t eat them raw, either, but according to Dr. Jeff, it ‘s better for them to eat them after they are cooked, so I ‘m approve with her finickiness on that issue : ) Shasta Matova from USA on February 25, 2012 : I tried this Donna. Zeus wo n’t eat raw carrots but will carrots that have been cooked with potentiometer knock ! Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on December 22, 2011 : Hello Insane Mundane and thank you for the comment on pet health and nutrition. I ‘m fortunate that our vet is advancing thinking and was more than volition to work with us to plan a balanced diet for our fur babies. I ‘m a bad fan of natural and organic foods for everyone … not just humans : ) Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Feedback is sol authoritative, and helps me finetune my writing for future works. I appreciate you : ) Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on December 22, 2011 : Hi Just Ask Susan, and thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment on this pet health hub : ) It sounds like your dogs are more accept of vegetables than my boastful male child was, but he would eat his carrots and green beans. My Chihuahua, on the other hand, will lone eat peas and carrots and merely if she feels like it on that finical day. She makes Morris the finical cat expression like a glutton with her busy ways : ) Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on December 22, 2011 : Hi JayneWisdom ! It sounds like your fur child is blessed with an exceeding fur rear ! Good for you for taking the clock time to do all that for your special needs pooch. I prepared a fortune of Lost Boy ‘s meals for him when he was alive because of his food allergies, so I respect and applaud your willingness to go that excess mile. Thank you, ampere well, for being uncoerced to take time to leave me some feedback on this hub about feeding carrots to dogs. That means so much to me : ) Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on December 22, 2011 : Hi Debbie, thanks for the vote of hold : ) I was glad to find from Dr. Jeff that I could use vegetables as a healthy treat as I had a dog at that time that needed to take off some burden to ease the trouble on his joints. This worked bang-up, and he lost 10 pounds. He stayed at that healthy burden until the very end : ) On another note, I want to extend my sincere gratitude for your loyalty and boost this year. It has in truth been a bright spot in my day to read your feedback on my study. Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on December 22, 2011 : Hi Millionaire Tips ! actually, that ‘s a in truth effective interview about the choking luck. I ‘ll see if I can get in touch with Dr. Jeff to get his opinion on it, and I ‘m glad you brought that indicate up. Our Lost Boy loved carrots but preferred them cooked, so I just added them to his fertilize. I ‘d give a dawdler full of can carrots to have him back with us : ( Thanks for your ongoing digest this class of my publish. I ‘m looking forward to 2012 and reading your insightful hubs : ) Insane Mundane from earth on December 22, 2011 : I ‘m beaming that I stumbled upon this hub. It is good to know that I ‘m not the merely matchless who realizes that the alleged “ human food ” is, for the most partially, better for your dogs or animals than the synthesize bullshit that many people buy at the marketplace. Yeah, I know, this stake was about whether or not carrots are good for dogs, but still, this topic runs much deeper than that … At any pace, my dog is closely 14 years previous, and has ate about everything a common Vet would oppose ( including massive amounts of wimp bones ). I rest my font … Thanks for providing this excellent information ; cheers ! Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on December 22, 2011 : My 2 Newfoundland dogs love carrots and zucchini. They besides very like the compact function of broccoli. Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on December 21, 2011 : I feed my miniature Schnauzer ( who is allergic to wheat, corn whiskey, gripe, chicken, milk, eggs and must be on a low-fat diet due to a leaning toward pancreatitis ) home-cooked food. The protein is cooked tilt grassfed anchor bison, to which I add fudge basmati rice or sweet potatoes ( since the recent alert about arsenic in brown rice ), organic carrots, organic green beans. Before serving, I stir in a spoon of constituent cook pumpkin or 1/4 chop apple. doubly a week she gets her favorite cover : partially of my breakfast banana. She ‘s very thriving on this regimen and loves her food ! once casual she gets a chewable multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Because her food is wet rather than dry, her teeth must be brushed ( which is dependable because brushing not only freshens her breath, it keeps brass from forming ). She besides chews on a Nylabone dinosaur. Can you tell I love my andiron ? : ) Deborah Brooks Langford from Brownsville, TX on December 21, 2011 : Great HUB ,. I did not know Dogs could eat carrots.. My son and his wife feeds their dogs vegetables the vet told them precisely what to feed them with rice and kernel. they love veggies..I am so amaze. I voted up and amazing

Debbie Shasta Matova from USA on December 21, 2011 : This is good to know. I wondered if carrots would be a choking hazard – not sure how much chewing my andiron actually does. I do n’t know if he will eat raw grated carrots, but he loves the carrots that are part of a meat meal .

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