CT scans made affordable with pet insurance

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Torrey, a pet insurance enthusiast, stands in a pet MRI machine.
By : Dr. Jack Stephens
President and Founder
Pets Best policy
last month Torrey, my Teacup Chihuahua, and I attend the western Veterinary Conference ( WVC ) in Las Vegas, a popular event for veterinarians ’ continuing education. Vets keep up-to-date and meet their states ’ continuing education requirements by attending such conferences .
Over 6,400 veterinarians and 2,000 technicians attended the annual conference this class to learn raw treatments, surgeries, diagnostics and therapeutic agents for pets. They besides visit a huge exhibition sphere to learn about darling health policy, new engineering, drugs, equipment and view a broad assortment of products and services that can be utilized by veterinarian hospitals.

Pets Best indemnity exhibits at WVC each year to meet with veterinarians and their staff to help educate them about our pet health insurance and to answer any questions they have about how it works. We besides like to get a position on how their clients, ( our policyholders ) view our coverage and service, and to inform them about any new plans, programs or benefits .
We know most veterinarians can not take the time to amply research pawl and vomit insurance, but we do like for them to be comfortable with our positron emission tomography policy plans and with our ship’s company as a whole .
This was Torrey ’ s eighth WVC league where she is constantly the smallest attendant. Torrey is constantly a collision with her diminutive size and fear-nothing bravado. merely a Chihuahua can bluff and intimate by plain will, of which she is the queen. Torrey was a lot sweeter this year and was actually a good hostess in greeting attendees and getting her photograph taken. possibly she ’ randomness mellowing with historic period.

One piece of equipment now available for pets is a portable CT Scanner. This scanner, pictured with Torrey inside, is for the diagnosis of many diseases not detectable by other methods. This type of equipment, along with MRI units and Digital Radiography, can be very expensive. Despite the cost for some units in excess of $ 100,000, this technology can diagnose more promptly and efficiently, allowing for a much more effective prognosis and treatment .
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At one time this type of sophisticate equipment was only available for humans. The only positron emission tomography consumption most veterinarians could get their hands on was after hours and on a identical restrict basis. This was obviously difficult at best. now this engineering is being used at some veterinary hospitals ! however, the cost for a scan or MRI can run $ 800-1,200 for each diagnostic screen. And multiple screens are much necessity. You can credibly see why having pet policy is a good idea ampere soon as the pill comes. A thoroughly hand of the price reflects the high cost of the equipment. however, unlike humans, pets must be placed under anesthesia to utilize the diagnostic ability of the equipment. Any patient, human or pet, must be perfectly still while being scanned. I know when I had my beginning MRI, it took all my will power to hold inactive and avoid having to be sedated. Otherwise the scans of the brain, spinal anesthesia cord, muscle and other areas can be indecipherable. Unlike the photograph of Torrey standing in the unit, pets have to be positioned precisely over the suspect sphere of damage for several minutes or longer to develop the double necessary for an accurate diagnosis.

While the cost is high, the information provided by an MRI can help diagnose pets earlier and may reduce long-run discussion costs while saving lives. And of course, if you have a Pets Best Insurance pet health insurance design like I do for Torrey, you won ’ triiodothyronine be facing the costs entirely because Pets Best Insurance reimburses a eminent share of the actual veteran bill .
For more information about darling health or to learn more about cat-o’-nine-tails or cad insurance, visit Pets Best Insurance .
portable Multi-Detector CT pictured, by Universal Medical Systems

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