Used & Donated Carts

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Used & Donated Carts

Donating a used cart to Eddie’s Wheels

If you have a cart that is no longer being used, please let us know by completing this brief Donation Form. This will allow us to evaluate the singularity of the cart, and whether or not it can be refurbished for another frank in motivation. Any donated carts need to be in clean condition !
ascribable to the fact that Front wheel carts are built then specifically to each darling ‘s measurements and counterweight decimal point, we do NOT accept front steering wheel carts as donations, nor do we support recycling battlefront bicycle carts .
If you are interested in a fiscal contribution to aid those in need of a wheelchair, please consider donating to the BUDDY ‘S FUND .
Please note that we are not a 501C, and any donations are not tax deductible.

Purchasing a used cart from Eddie’s Wheels

We have used carts in stock that are available at steep discounts .
Please submit an holy order on-line ( no fiscal information is required ) so we can assess your dog ‘s measurements and diagnosis to see if there ‘s a match in our use stock. We will get bet on to you if there is a match, and if not, the price of a raw haul .

Buying or posting a used cart on the Eddie’s Wheels website

Interested in posting a used cart for sale on this page?
original owners of carts that are no more than one year honest-to-god have the choice of using this page to advertise their carts for sale .
We will publish the measurements that the haul was built to, your reach information and the asking price on our web site for one month only .
Carts listed should be in excellent condition, produced within the last year and should be shipped in full assembled in the original box with lone the wheels removed, if necessary .
If you wish to list your handcart on our web site for sale, email information @ with your name, how you wish to be contacted, and the sale price of your cart .
How to purchase a used cart listed below?

  • Measure your pet according to our ocular measurement guide .
  • Compare your pet ‘s measurements to the dimensions of the carts listed.

    Read more: Rottweiler

  • Measurements “ C ” and “ E ” need to match absolutely, as these dimensions are the weld parts of the frame, and there is NO adjustment larger or smaller .
  • There is approximately 20 % alteration for stature and distance, but the proportions between A and D need to be the same .
  • Males can not use carts built for female dogs .
  • Females can use male carts .
  • The breed is intended alone as a decimal point of reference. It is not to imply that only that particular engender would be able to use a specific cart .
  • If there is a cart of interest, you ‘ll need to work with the seller directly on cost and shipping etc .

Used carts for sale – as of WINTER 2022 – please contact seller directly

Maya – big standard rise bicycle handcart for a left rear amputee : A – 26, B-19, C -6, D -17, E – 10 3/4 ( rib ) -8 3/4 ” ( rump ). Assymetrical saddle, counterweight, asking $ 200 or B.O.Contact : amberbella4 @ or call 949-878-7274. Cart is in California
Flapjacks – variable star axle rear wheel cart for 52 pound male dog, A – 22, B – 15 1/2, C – 6, D -15, E shoulders 8 1/2, E ribs 9, E rump 7. Asking $ 250, e-mail madelinehorton80 @ Located in TX .
Hunter – variable axle rear wheel cart for 155 pound male chase, A – 25, B – 19, C – 7, D -17, E shoulders 13 5/8, E ribs 12, E rump 11 3/8. Asking $ 500, e-mail mike_3567 @ or call 925 719 5792. Located in CA.

Duke – variable star axle raise wheel cart for 70 pound female cad, A – 22, B – 15 1/2, C – 7, D -14 1/2, E shoulders 8, E ribs 8 1/2, E rump 7 3/4. Asking $ 525, text or call 910 363 6215. Located in NC .
Daisy – neutral balance back wheel cart with stirrups for 12 pound female andiron, A – 9, B – 8 1/2, C – 3 1/2, D -6, E shoulders 5 1/2, E ribs 5 1/4, E rump 5. Asking $ 350, e-mail fudgepuppy96 @ Located in TN .
Tucker – neutral balance rear wheel haul for 12 pound male frump, A – 13, B – 9 3/4, C – 3, D – 8 3/4, E shoulders 5 1/2, E ribs 5 3/4, E rump 4 1/4. Asking $ 350, e-mail dmerolli @ Located in NJ .

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