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An inconspicuous pet fence, either wireless or in-ground wired, will normally cost between $957 and $1,444 including professional installation, for an average of $1,200 .
Of course, the overall price of your inconspicuous fence will depend on how big the distance is that you want to enclose. Expect to pay $1.75 to $2.75 per linear foot of limit, or $2.25 per linear foot on average .
If you choose to skip the pro facility, you can purchase a DIY invisible wall kit from retailers like Amazon, PetSmart, and Petco for $54 on the low end and $780 on the high end. Most mid-range inconspicuous fence systems for residential-sized yards will cost around $238 .

How Much Does Invisible Fencing Cost?

alternatively of building a traditional fence out of wood, metallic element, or vinyl, it might be easier for you to install an invisible wall for your favored. But how much will an invisible argue cost ?

  • National average cost: $1,200
  • Typical price range: $957 – $1,444
  • Extreme low end: $550
  • Extreme high end: $1,883

To hire a professional fence company to install your pet fence, you would pay around $1,200 sum in material and parturiency costs combined. The distinctive price scope is $957 to $1,444, but the demand come you pay will depend on the size of your place and the specific wall system you choose .
Buying a premium system from a well-known brand or hiring an expensive contractor could run your bill close to $1,883 full. If your yard is peculiarly minor or you live in a rural area with first gear undertaking rates, you could pay arsenic fiddling as $550 for a professionally installed inconspicuous fence .

Cost Estimator by Size

The beauty of an invisible fence is that it can take on good about any size or determine you need it to. You can use one to surround your front yard, backyard, or all of your property .
A radio inconspicuous wall system may have a limited strive, but you can constantly extend the boundary of a pumped-up system plainly by purchasing and installing excess wire .
Whichever type of invisible wall you use, you ’ ll most likely pay between $1.75 and $2.75 per linear foot. That makes an median monetary value of $2.25 per linear foot. This approximate monetary value covers tug ampere well as materials .
You can use that modal cost to calculate an overall budget estimate for your visualize based on size. An modal bunch size in the U.S. is about 12,632 square feet about. To enclose a full property of that size, an inconspicuous fence limit would have to be about 448 linear feet, which would cost around $1,008 sum .
A humble set of 6,098 square feet would need 312 analogue feet of invisible argue, and the overall cost would be about $702. For an extra bombastic set of 75,794 square feet, you should expect to pay about $2,475 for a 1,100 linear metrical foot invisible wall .

* linear Feet
* approximate
6,098 square feet (small lot in the U.S.) 312 $702
12,632 square feet (average lot in the U.S.) 448 $1,008
75,794 square feet (large lot in the U.S.) 1,100 $2,475

Other Factors That Affect Cost

As you decide which of the many invisible fencing systems on the grocery store is best for you, remember that each detail could affect the overall price of the project. How many pets do you have ? Would you quite use a wireless or in-ground argue ? What limited features does the fence want ?
When you know the answers to these questions and others, you ’ ll be able to estimate how much you should expect to spend on the project in entire. These are some of the primary cost factors that go along with an invisible fence .

Number of pets

Most inconspicuous fences come with only one collar, so you ’ ll have to buy another collar individually for each extra pet. You can buy compatible collars from any retailer that sells inconspicuous wall systems, including Amazon. The average price of a telephone receiver collar is $105 .

Wired vs. wireless invisible fences


With a wired inconspicuous fence ( aka in-ground fence, aka clandestine fence ), you have to bury a wire a few inches underground to mark the limit you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want your favored to cross .
How an invisible fence works : A vector, which most homeowners choose to keep in the garage, sends a signal along the inconspicuous fence wire. Your darling wears a collar receiver that reacts whenever your frank or cat gets close to the limit wire .
Most of the time, getting close to the wire will result in a chime from the positron emission tomography ’ south collar. You or a professional flight simulator would teach your darling to recognize the voice and turn around. After that, if the pet still crosses the boundary, your pet will feel a mild shock, differently known as a static correction .
Pros of wired invisible fences:

✓ Cheaper equipment ( liquidator, sender, etc. ) than a radio system
✓ Can shape the boundary wire as needed ( i.e. around obstacles like swimming pools )
Cons of wired invisible fences:

✗ Harder to set up than wireless systems, so professional facility is more expensive
✗ Wire can break and be unmanageable to fix
✗ Tree roots and other metro obstacles can make initiation unmanageable or even impossible in some parts of the yard


A radio receiver inconspicuous wall uses a central transmitter similar to the one in a wire system. rather of sending a signal along a boundary wire that you set, radio receiver systems project a radio bespeak to create a round containment zone that you can adjust in size as needed .
just like with a wire system, your favored would wear a liquidator collar that responds to the signal. A tone will warn the positron emission tomography when it gets conclusion to the boundary, and if your frump or guy leaves the destine dependable zone, it will feel a static correction .
Pros of wireless:

✓ Easy to set up and portable for camping trips, etc.
✓ In-ground obstacles like sidewalks and tree roots won ’ metric ton make in the way as with a cable arrangement
Cons of wireless:

✗ Can ’ t sew the shape of the boundary to fit your yard ’ mho layout
✗ Might be harder for pets to learn the circular boundary
✗ Border can fluctuate because of the signal, which might further confuse your positron emission tomography
✗ More expensive transmitter/receiver equipment ( though you won ’ thymine have to buy wire )

Brands of invisible fencing

As with any other product, there are more expensive brands that come with particular features and low-cost brands for budget-conscious favored owners .
Some bounty brands are available only for purchase from the manufacturer, and a attest installer has to set up the inconspicuous argue for you. These systems are normally more expensive than ones from other brands, specially since you have to pay for professional installation. Premium invisible fence brands include :

  • Invisible Fence brand
  • DogWatch

many more low-cost brands of invisible fences are available from Amazon and pet stores like Petco and PetSmart. These inconspicuous fences normally feature less expensive equipment, and they cost a fortune less overall because you can install them yourself. Some of the best and most reputable DIY invisible fence makers include :

  • PetSafe
  • Extreme Dog Fence
  • Pet Control HQ
  • SportDOG
  • Sit Boo-Boo


German shepherd relaxing on a beachPhoto Credit: Shutterstock Whether you want a wire or radio inconspicuous fence, some options feature GPS tracking. With GPS, you can keep lead of precisely where your pet is on your property, which can be utilitarian for big spaces .
Plus, if your pet manages to get out ( if the fence malfunctions or loses ability, etc. ), you ’ ll be able to find your frump or cat-o’-nine-tails well. You normally wil pay more for a GPS-enabled system .
Some advanced wireless fences even use GPS, alternatively of a radio signal, to keep your pet contained. This allows you to customize the limit to fit your yard, even though it ’ s a radio system. This type of wall is extra commodious and credibly the most expensive choice.

Protection against power outage

If you lose power or lightning strikes and causes a power rush, your invisible fence will stop working until the electricity comes rear, which could take respective days. That would give your pet an opportunity to escape .
however, there are measures you can take ahead of meter to prevent might outages from disabling your fence, such as :

  • Use a solar charger instead of hooking up the fence to your home’s electricity
  • Have a backup source of electricity ready in case the power goes out
  • Get a surge protector or in-ground metal grounding rods to defend against lightning strikes 

Each of these protective features would make an inconspicuous wall cost more, but these added measures could save you a concern in the future .

Extra Services

One major benefit of invisible fences is that they don ’ t need near a much maintenance as a traditional fence. You won ’ t have to paint or stain, as you would with a woodwind fence, or apply rust protection, as you would with exercise iron .
That being said, there are still some services related to inconspicuous fence for which you may want to hire a contractile organ. Keep these likely needs in heed when figuring out the overall budget for your invisible fence undertaking .

Pet training

golden lab with a transmitter collar being trianedPhoto Credit: Shutterstock For an invisible wall to be effective, your favored will need training to recognize the fathom warn and avoid static correction. Some owners might be able to train their pets themselves, but others might need professional help .
If an inconspicuous fence specialist installs your cable or radio organization, the company might offer favored trail for an extra fee. alternatively, if you install the fence yourself, you could find a professional flight simulator with know teaching pets how to respond to invisible fences. The add cost of train will depend on who you hire and how long it takes to train your pet .

Customer support

Woman smiling while on the phone at a deskPhoto Credit: Oregon Department of Transportation / Flickr / CC BY 2.0 professionally installed brands ( such as invisible Fence stigmatize ) often offer warranties and speciate customer defend in case you have issues with your invisible argue or motivation repairs in the future. While this customer support doesn ’ metric ton incur a distinguish fee, it ’ randomness function of what you get for the increased cost of high-quality invisible fence brands .

Landscape improvements

You might need to rearrange your landscape a short to have your inconspicuous fence limit where you want it .
For example, your fence-related landscape needs could range from a small edit like digging up one part of a walk or transplanting a tree to a full recast .
Before installing your fence, consider the layout of your yard and factor any renovation you think you ’ ll need into your budget. How much you spend on landscape renovation will depend on what exercise you need done and the tug rates of contractors in your area .

DIY Invisible Fence Cost

You can cut down on costs significantly by installing your own pet argue. It should be a simple do-it-yourself project for most homeowners. A cable organization will take the most exercise, since you have to bury the telegram, while a wireless organization will take about no work at all besides training and any extra services you may need .
On average, you can expect to pay about $238 for a DIY inconspicuous fence kit out. The smallest and most low-cost models can cost angstrom small as $54, while larger and more advance systems can run up to $780 .

Pros and Cons of Invisible Fences

inconspicuous darling fences are a controversial topic among many pet owners, animal enthusiasts, and veterinarians. While these fences are cost-efficient and commodious, some fear they can negatively affect pets. You ’ ll have to weigh the advantages against the likely damages and decide whether or not an invisible fence is right field for you .

✓ Less expensive than a traditional above-ground fence
✓ A set less work to install and maintain than a traditional fence
✓ Won ’ thyroxine block views or interrupt landscape ( arrant for the battlefront yard and can be utilitarian in the backyard, excessively )
✓ Pets can ’ metric ton dig under or jump over the wall

✗ Takes time to be effective because pets need time to get used to the boundary
✗ Doesn ’ metric ton keep wilderness animals, strays, or strangers off your property
✗ Ineffective when the power goes out or batteries in the collar die
✗ Although it ’ s just a balmy shock, inconspicuous fences distillery use annoyance and fear to keep your pet in bounds, which can cause anxiety, aggression, and other behavioral issues

Cost of Invisible Fencing by Location

If you plan to install your own fence and train your own darling, you can count on the national average prices in this pricing usher as accurate for you. The cost of a DIY invisible fence kit should be about the same no matter where you live .
When you get into professional department of labor costs, though, expect the monetary value of your invisible argue project to vary by placement. hourly rates for an invisible argue contractor will likely be higher in a major metropolitan area than in a more rural area. Your cost for extra services like pet train or landscaping will depend on labor rates where you live, besides .

FAQ About Invisible Fences

1. Can a dog run through an invisible fence?
short answer : Yes. dead batteries, wire breaks, or particularly stubborn dogs can result in an safety valve. then, once the pet gets out, the boundary will shock them when they try to get back in your thousand.

Escapes don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate happen often ( or invisible fences wouldn ’ thyroxine be thus popular ), but it is a possibility. 2. How deep are invisible fences buried?
normally 1 to 3 inches. 3. How much electricity does an invisible fence use?
An invisible fence uses about vitamin a much electricity as a 5-watt nightlight, costing alone about $ 10 per year.


The home average cost of a professionally installed invisible pawl fence is about $1,200. typical prices can range from $957 to $1,444 .
To figure out the price your own stick out would be closest to, you can take the average pace of $2.25 per linear foot and multiply it by the size of the limit you need in linear feet .
rather, you could install your own fence for much cheaper. The equipment will normally cost around $238. Some models might cost equally much as $780 or a little as $54.

Depending on your property and pet ’ south specific needs, you might find that a more expensive pet containment system with limited features could be worth the higher price tag .
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Jordan Ardoin is a writer and indoor plant enthusiast hailing from Florida. In her spare part clock time, she enjoys chasing her two cats around the house and trying to keep her houseplants alert .

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