How Much Does It Cost To Get a Dog’s Teeth Cleaned?

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I ’ ve admitted I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate brush my andiron ’ s teeth but that I am bequeath to pay for wide tooth cleaning under anesthesia when they need it .
Dog with dirty teeth getting his teeth cleaned So that I was prepared when that day comes, I started doing some research near where I live in Seattle .

How Much Does Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost in Seattle?

I called and spoke to several nearby veterinarian clinics about the cost of getting my cad ’ south tooth cleaned. I found that the servicing horizontal surface and price quotes varied.

Our regular vet clinic is the Aurora Veterinary Hospital. The vets there are great, the clinic is highly-rated with 4.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, and I have no doubt that they would do a very thorough job with the clean .
I called them to ask how a lot they charge to clean a dog ’ randomness tooth. Although they couldn ’ t give me a particular cost without a pre-dental examination, the estimate was $ 300 – $ 500 for a basic dentition clean, including the drop antibiotics, per andiron. If teeth needed to be extracted, the price could increase by $ 100 – $ 300 or more .
I checked out prices at a few more places in to compare .
The Value Pet Clinic in Shoreline, just north of Seattle, received 3.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp .
I called them and they said the clean for 4-year old Gretel would be $ 190, including post-dental medicine. It would cost another $ 130 for fluids and blood work for a elder dog like Chester ( to make sure he can handle the anesthesia and to keep him hydrated ) .
They would both need a pre-dental examination costing about $ 30 each. Extractions would cost extra if needed .
In early words, a andiron alveolar consonant clean through them would cost a minimum of $ 220 for a youthful andiron with fiddling or no dental disease .
Dog getting a professional teeth cleaning The Vet ’ randomness for Less Animal Clinic in Federal Way, south of Seattle, quoted a dental clean at $ 79 – $ 109 ( based on weight ) on their web site. This clinic is named VCA Panther Lake Animal Hospital on Yelp and receives 3.5 out of 5 stars .
I called and was told a andiron does not need a pre-dental physical examination so there is no extra cost there .
If tooth extractions are needed, they cost $ 13 for small teeth and $ 79 to $ 99 each for larger ones. They said that they call you if they recommend extractions to see what you want to do ( however, vitamin a army for the liberation of rwanda as I know, if your chase needs a rotten tooth out you SHOULD NOT leave it in ) .
They would want to do blood work on Chester because he is a senior andiron which would cost around $ 20 .
After-surgery antibiotics are only prescribed if they feel your dog needed them and they do cost extra .
When I did the mathematics, having my pawl ’ s tooth cleaned at their clinic would start at $ 80 for a young pawl with small or no alveolar consonant disease. That lapp clean would be about $ 100 for a aged cad but, because a senior dog is more likely to need teeth extracted, the price could well climb from there .
I found the Greenwood Animal Hospital up the road from our veterinarian and receives a yelp fink of 4 out of 5 stars .
Their web site says they charge $ 149.99 to clean your pawl ’ sulfur tooth .
I called and the operating room ad-ons were very similar to the two value clinics above .
After talking to the receptionists, the estimate to clean a senior dogs dentition was closer to $ 300 after the initial examination, blood work, etc .

Based on my limited research, the average cost to get your dog’s teeth cleaned under anesthesia in Seattle starts at around $210 at a value clinic and could be closer to $1,000 at a higher-end vet clinic.

Dog under anesthesia getting it's teeth cleaned

How Much Does Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost Near Me?

I in the first place wrote this article in the beginning of 2014. Since then, readers have chimed in and shared what they paid, or were quoted, from other locations around the US and Canada .
alternatively of making you comb through all of the comments, I decided to compile that information directly in my article .
Some things to keep in thinker around these numbers :

  • These are proofreader reported. I have not confirmed the accuracy of these costs myself .
  • The low-end quotes may be from budget or prize clinics that may or may not cut corners .

Before choosing where to get your chase ’ randomness tooth cleaned, be sure to ask a fortune of questions, particularly if the quote falls on the low end of the ranges below .
Questions to ask include :

    • Will pre-anesthesia bloodwork be done ?
    • How do they keep the pet ’ s body temperature brace during the routine ( make certain it ’ s not by using a heating slog – that is an outdated method and I know a cad who died heating pad burns received during teeth cleaning .
    • Does this quotation mark include tooth extractions if they are needed ? equal sure to ask about this because extracting one tooth could add $ 50-200 to the cost .
  • Does this quotation include post-surgery medications ?

Based on reader reports, the US National average cost for dog teeth cleaning is $674.

Based on the few reports I received, the average cost to have your dog’s teeth cleaned in Canada is almost twice that ( $1,244).

Dog with open mouth at the operating table for dental care here is my compile list of individual reports so you can find dog dental clean cost information for a city near you .

    • mobile : $ 629
    • auburn : $ 100- $ 250
  • muscle Shoals : $ 150

alabama average : $ 282.25

  • obscure City : $ 1,500


    • cypress : $ 250-390
    • South Lake Tahoe : $ 600- $ 800
    • Bay Area : $ 600- $ 1,700
    • Los Angeles : $ 400- $ 1200
    • Murrieta : $ 1,000
  • sacramento : $ 800

California average : $ 774

    • denver : $ 1,300- $ 2,900
  • nameless City : $ 700

colorado modal : $ 1,633.30


  • nameless City : $ 400- $ 800 ( $ 600 modal )


  • Atlanta Suburb : $ 500- $ 900 ( $ 700 average )


  • unknown City : $ 500


  • Carson City : $ 300

New Hampshire:

  • Amherst : $ 791

New Jersey:

  • Atlantic City : $ 600- $ 900 ( $ 750 average )

New York:

    • buffalo : $ 900- $ 1,100
    • unknown City : $ 800- $ 1,000
  • upstate : $ 1,050- $ 1,600

New York Average : $ 1,075
North Carolina:

  • charlotte : $ 200


    • portland : $ 600
  • Tualatin : $ 240

oregon average : $ 420

    • austin : $ 200- $ 1,000
  • Houston : $ 700- $ 2,500

Texas Average : $ 1,000

  • Maryville : $ 375


  • richmond : $ 225

District of Columbia:

  • Washington DC : $ 250- $ 400 ( $ 325 average )


    • alberta : $ 1,500 ( Grand Prairie )
    • lake ontario : $ 900- $ 1,200 ( Niagra area )
  • saskatchewan : $ 1,120- $ 1,500

Canada Average : $ 1,244
Dachshund and big dog

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the cost to get your frank ’ s teeth can vary by vet clinic .
The price can vary depending on whether :

  • Your dog needs a routine, simple cleaning or they have a lot of tooth decay and need extractions.
  • The size of your dog (with cleaning for larger dogs costing more).
  • The age of your dog.
  • Whether there is a low-cost clinic in your area or your veterinarian charges on a sliding scale.
  • Whether only the minimum safety standards are followed or the clinic goes above-and-beyond to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable.

According to my informal research, the low estimate for a simple tooth cleaning on a young frank at a value clinic could be equally moo as $ 200. In my impression, it ’ second more probably to cost in the $ 700- $ 1,000 range though and could be arsenic high as $ 2,000 .
Keep in mind that some veterinarians recommend a exhaustive tooth cleaning under anesthesia every 6 months so you could be paying that fee twice a class .
many recommend a thorough dental houseclean once a year .
other ’ s lone recommend teeth cleaning when there are signs of major brass build-up, dental disease or tooth issues .
Dog's teeth brown from build up for tarar

Signs Your Dog May Need Their Teeth Cleaned

I ask my veterinarian every time I take chester and Gretel in for an examination if they need their teeth cleaned. so army for the liberation of rwanda year solution has been no .
I entirely take them in once a year though for regular physicals ( unless there is a medical issue ) thus I wanted to know what signs to look for that might indicate they need their teeth cleaned .
Signs of dental issues in dogs include :

  • Foul smelling breath
  • Yellow teeth or teeth that are are brown at the top (or all over)
  • Abnormal drooling
  • Inflamed, swollen, or bleeding gums
  • Loose or broken teeth
  • Refusal to eat or chewing food slower and more carefully than normal
  • Pawing at or rubbing the mouth
  • Reduced activity or lethargy. (source: Seattle Times article above)

If I saw any of these signs regularly, or a combination of signs, I would take my dogs to the veterinarian to have their teeth examined immediately.

Have you had your dog’s teeth cleaned or received a quote for getting it done? Please share below so I can add more cost information and cities to my list.
Since cleaning under anesthesia may not be recommended by your vet so far, or your pawl may have health issues that make them a poor people campaigner for anesthesia, you might want to check out another one of my articles to see how I help keep my frump ’ south teeth clean ( it ’ s not by brushing )
How Much Does It Cost to Get a Dog's Teeth Cleaned Under by a Veterinarian Under Anesthesia? Check out this survey of prices around the country.
Cost of Getting Your Dogs Teeth Cleaned

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