The Amount to Pay a Kid to Walk Your Dog

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On average, a 10 year old child gets $20 per week for walking a dog:

  • Twice per week, 30 minutes each
  • Daily Monday to Friday walks, 15 minutes per session

The price can vary between $10-$25 dollars depending on how often and long the walks are, child’s age, and location. If you ’ ve already thought of asking a creditworthy pull the leg of to take on this role and you ’ re wondering about the thorny issue of cash payments, relax. I ’ ve researched numerous sites, read many owners ’ experiences, and come up with some figures. Everything you need to know to come up with that all-important human body is right here. There are several elements to think about, and I ’ ve covered them all.

The amount paid depends on the time taken to walk your dog

When I researched this subject on-line, a draw of sites gave rough payments for chase walks that clearly assumed an adult would provide the service. These ranged from $ 10- $ 35 per walk depending on length. The rule of flick is for three prices to be given, for :

  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • An hour

Thirty-minute walks obviously cost less than hour-long walks across the board. Fifteen-minute walks are cheaper still. many people refer to these as peeing break walks. however, shorter walks can be costly pro rata, i.e. $ 20 for 30 minutes and $ 30 for an hour, for example. Of run, a child is going to receive less than this because of their age. Ten dollars per walk cropped up regularly in many personal experiences I read about. however, it does depend on the time taken. If you ask a child to walk your dog for 30 minutes a clock time twice a week, you ’ d probably be fine paying them around $ 20 per week for the service. Twenty dollars is a batch for a child to have each week. Make sure you get prior approval from their parents excessively. Let them know your plans – how much you are paying, when the walks should occur, and how to reach you if need be .

The age of the child is relevant too

The consensus seems to be that the old age of around nine or 10 is the best fourth dimension for a child to start walking a frank on their own. If you choose a neighbor ’ s kid of this long time, you ’ re likely going to pay them less than if your neighbor had a 15-year-old that wanted to do the job. With age comes feel – even at a youthful historic period. That should be reflected in the payment made .

It also depends where you live

You may assume prices would be lower in cities, as there are more kids and andiron walkers to choose from. That ’ s not constantly the case. The more competition there is, the more competitive the prices will be. While a child international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine offering the same service as an pornographic who is licensed, bonded, and runs a professional business, it ’ s hush worth thinking about the going pace in your area. Ask around. Do you have neighbors who hire a local kid to walk their andiron ? If sol, ask them how much they pay. At least it should give you a roughly theme to go from .

Think about how long the dog walk would need to be

minor dogs would probable be fine with a 30-minute walk. A miniature pomeranian may need no more than around 15 minutes per day. That said, our Bichon Frise Freya has always been a pedestrian. She loves walking, and regularly goes hiking with us in cragged areas excessively. Give her a batch and she ’ ll head up that with no fuss. You can see here that she loves it . That means she ’ ll happily walk of life for an hour most days even when we are at home and not on vacation with her. I wouldn ’ thyroxine do anything less than around 45 minutes for a ‘ quick ’ base on balls. She ’ second walked for a pair of hours without any hassle, although obviously, she wouldn ’ triiodothyronine do that casual. point is, if I were going to hire a authentic vicinity kid to take her out, I ’ five hundred be looking at paying for 45-60 minutes a time. Your chase might be ticket with a 30-minute walk. conversely, you might have a larger andiron that would need at least an hour at a clock time – possibly longer. so, think about your dog ’ s needs beginning. You then need to make certain the child could handle taking out a larger dog though – which might mean hiring person older, i.e. a adolescent preferably than a tweenager .

Think about what you can do versus what you need the kid to do

Chances are you ’ re not going to want a neighbor ’ s kid to walk your andiron every day. You ’ re going to be home and able to take on the dog walk sometimes besides. Think about your agenda and how best a kid could fit into it with some dog walks. For example, you might be happy to take your cad for a good morning walk every day before you head out to work. You could then ask your neighbor ’ s child to pop round after school each day to take your cad out for a quick 15-minute walk around the freeze to do their business. That would be a good sterilize – and cheaper for you excessively. You wouldn ’ t need to pay for a longer walk of life each day if you did that .

Make sure your budget fits with your expectations

You can see that possibly $ 10 per walk of life or $ 20 per week is a good begin point for figuring out how much to pay a kid to walk your dog. however, it should be just that – a start point. Don ’ t assume you ’ re going to pay $ 20 a week and then expect the kyd to pop round for an hour every day. That ’ s not realistic. possibly a pair of 30-minute walks per workweek would be fine for that measure. alternatively, a daily 15-minute urine fail from Monday to Friday would be cool excessively. Top tip: Check with neighbor’s and friends in your area to see what they do This is a thoroughly way to get some recommendations besides, if you don ’ t know any kids that would be uncoerced to take on a dog walk .

Make sure you have a clear agreement upfront

Both you and the kid you choose should have a clear understanding of what is required. If this international relations and security network ’ t the case, misunderstandings can easily occur. For example, you might want a 30-minute pawl walk doubly a workweek. The child you choose might assume that means playing with your chase in your cubic yard for 30 minutes doubly hebdomadally if you don ’ thymine clearly specify your pooch needs to be walked. conversely, if you have a modest dog and a bombastic yard, this might be fine. A kyd who loves dogs and happily interacts and plays with them would be deserving every cent in this deference. Follow this advice to keep things clear and simple :

  • Specify how many walks per week
  • Let the child know how long each walk should be
  • Make the payment clear upfront
  • Specify payment per walk or per week
  • Let them know when they will be paid (ideally after each walk)

Make indisputable this information is conveyed to the parents besides, so there are no misunderstandings .

Make sure the kid you choose can handle the walk

not just the distance but in terms of being a dear match for your pooch. You need to know they are creditworthy enough to handle your cad on a walk. Could they manage if your dog saw a big cat and tried to chase it, or had a set-to with another frank ? You need your peace of judgment that your dog will be fine when they come back, like here where Freya has brought back a memento from her recent walk . It ’ randomness best not to ask anyone under the age of nine or 10 to do this, evening if you have a toy cad breed. many teenagers are looking for ways to earn a few bucks, and if they have a natural affinity with animals, dog walking can be a good fit for them. You might besides offer to provide a reference point for them. Dog walk shows duty, and getting a hitchhike up would look dependable on a resume belated, when they want to apply for other jobs. Worth thinking about !

Make sure you provide poop bags and anything else your dog might need

Leave your dog ’ randomness rope and/or harness in the same spot each prison term. Make surely there are crap bags there besides, and that the child knows they are expected to clear up after your dog when it goes .

Consider an extra gift as a thank you at Christmas

Whatever you decide to pay your vicinity child for this undertaking, you are trusting them with your downy bundle of rejoice. If you pick the right child, you ’ ll be grateful for their help. Make certain you show that occasionally. You might tip them an excess buck or two or get them a endowment card as a surprise – a way of saying thank you at Christmas, possibly. writer : Allison Whitehead Read my bio Sources: hypertext transfer protocol : // hypertext transfer protocol : // hypertext transfer protocol : // hypertext transfer protocol : // hypertext transfer protocol : //

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