Adequan Canine Long Term Protocol for Milo

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Adequan Canine Long Term Protocol for Milo

Steve Schwarz We put Milo on Adequan last year and nowadays it is fourth dimension to determine when we should give him his future Adequan injection. So I posted the come request to the AgilityDogs e-mail list :

Hi All, We put our 7 year previous BC Milo on Adequan 2 months ago ( so he ’ second only had the 8 shot front loading so far ) for a very flimsy “ crunchy ” feel in his right wrist. Within 4 weeks his wrist was moving smoothly and he has been feeling great since.

Our regular vet is recommending we wait 6 months and repeat the 8 scene load again ( or in the first place if symptoms reappear ). I believe that is one of the standard protocols for arthritic dogs.

Our rehab veteran is recommending a monthly Adequan shot alternatively of waiting. I tend to agree with this approach since it should keep the drug ’ s level consistent and we won ’ triiodothyronine wait for symptoms to reappear.

I ’ molarity curious to hear your experiences. I don ’ thyroxine know if others on the list are interest sol individual replies might be best.
I got about 20 replies from helpful list members including some requests for copies of my emails. so I wrote up the pursue summary and posted it back to the number and here for other folk music ’ s mention. first off a big thank you to everyone who replied to my request for recommendations on continuing Adequan treatment protocols. I ’ ve tried to reply to about everyone personally but I ’ megabyte falling behind so please digest with me. A number of people asked me to forward the replies, but I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel comfortable forwarding other people ’ s emails without their permission. so I thought I ’ d summarize the emails to the list in subject anyone else is interest. There was a lot of consensus among the emails. The executive compendious is what you might expect : let the dog assure you how frequently they need the injections. I believe all respondents recommended the manipulation of Adequan in treating arthritis ( including some homo uses ), some very sky-high.

Depending on the cad ’ sulfur natural process level and the severity of its injury/arthritis the frequency of subsequent injections runs from vitamin a much as once a week to twice a year. About half the emails were describing dogs who were on Adequan for less than a class as separate of convalescence from an wound and the dogs either went on to farseeing periods between injections, ~6 months, or to oral ( Cosequin or other gluco/chondro ) supplements. The majority of long condition users were injecting their dogs once a calendar month with a smaller number at twice a calendar month. Of this lapp group many respondents addressed the monetary value of the injections by buying in majority and injecting their dogs themselves. These owners were either in the veterinarian profession or had helpful vets/rehab vets. about all emails recommended using Adequan in conjunction with early oral supplements including : glucosamine, Chondrotin, and Cetyl Myristoliate. Some respondents recommended particular brands of supplements. There were a copulate mentions of other successful treatments for arthritic conditions including : chiropractic adaptation, massage, acupuncture, and amber bead implants. One biochemist/molecular biologist mentioned the future may bring COX/LOX inhibitors without the side effects of the current cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors ( Rimadyl and Derrmax ). One veterinarian person mentioned treatments over the 8 loading acid are “ off label ” ( not tested by Luitpold ) so the manufacturer doesn ’ thymine have data for subsequent treatment protocols. We ’ ve decided to go with monthly injections for Milo for now. For the “ record ” he was already on 1500mg Glucosamine/Chondroitin, 1000mg MSM, 550mg Cetyl Myristoliate daily ( burst over two meals ) along with consort anti oxidants. He gets bi-monthly chiropractic adjustments, occasional massage, wears his charismatic coating before and after exercise along with some basic elongate after warm up and cool down.

here ’ s the menu of their early supplements. If you enjoyed this article wo n’t you please : Buy Me a Coffee at Thanks !

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