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“ How old is my dog, in people years ? ” This is not a dumb question ! Dogs don ’ triiodothyronine good have shorter lives than humans, their bodies actually do long time quick. so, while the answer is never perfect, a chase ’ second biology is typically 7 to 8 times older than their chronological senesce. Though the demand rate varies by breed, and the person animal, in broad terms it means a 7-year-old pawl is comparable to a 50-year-old person. Larger breeds of dogs will have a rate of aging ( in human years ) faster than most smaller breeds. A very big breed could be looking at a life of lone 12 -14 years, whereas some smaller breeds if kept healthy, can have an extra few years in their “ convention ” lifespans. As an owner, this has hardheaded consequences. Dogs are more prone to age-related diseases and conditions as they progress into their elder years. obviously, the goal is to keep our dogs, no matter what breed, a healthy as potential as they enter their senior years. The best manner to keep them goodly is by being able to detect a disease or condition early so that intervention can occur sooner. Heart disease, tumors, and other conditions can begin very slowly and subtly. many pet owners are probable to seek intervention only after the condition has progressed to the point where their pet may show them some symptoms of that discipline. unfortunately, these conditions, at this orient, are no longer in their ‘ early ’ stages and may be more difficult and surely more expensive to treat. Taking your positron emission tomography in to see the veterinarian for a physical examination doubly a year has proven to be an excellent method acting to detect early and subtle problems that you may not have seen. Because your older pet will “ age ” 7 – 8 times faster than you will as you age, the twice-yearly examination is the optimum way to prevent besides much fourth dimension from elapsing between detection efforts. People in their 70 ’ s/8 0 ’ s/90 ’ s normally seen a doctor more frequently than every 7 or 8 years ! ! ! The doubly a year broadcast for senior pets allows your veterinarian to assess a darling ’ mho health condition with a forcible examination and besides, if warranted, allows your darling to receive screening lineage tests to detect those insidious internal conditions.

obviously, not all chronic conditions fall into the ‘ curable ’ category, however, some non-curable conditions, like arthritis or certain heart issues can be managed quite successfully when detected early before there is besides much damage to internal tissue. In order to allow your pet to live a fitter and happier life style as it enters its senior years, remember to give your pet the endowment of ‘ health ” by maintaining good nutriment, regular drill and regular screenings for chronic age-related conditions. The twice-yearly screenings can ultimately save you money and, more importantly, can keep your darling happy way into its fortunate years ! Call CEDARCREST Animal Clinic at 540-943-7577 to enroll your andiron in our twice-yearly aged health program .

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