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Becoming a frump pedestrian is a great way to make extra money doing something you love. And with 70-80 million dogs in the U.S. ( source : ASPCA ), there ’ s tons of opportunity for you to start your own frank walking occupation .
But how do you actually open shop class ? hera ’ s how to get your frump walking business off the ground—and how to become a frank walker with tons of firm clients .

Set your expectations

Dream up the details of your business. What kinds of dogs do you like to walk ? How many hours a week do you want to dedicate to walking ? How far are you will to travel ? Do you want to offer pet care services besides walking ? When it comes toss off to it, it isn ’ t hood to figure out how to be a frump walker, but the better estimate you have for the business you want to create, the better side you ’ ll be in when it ’ south time to actually advertise your services .

Choose where to list your service

Do you want to fly solo, including finding all your clients ? Do you want to join a vicinity dog-walking service ? Or would you preferably run the details of your business with the support of a nationally company ? If you sign astir to become a dog pedestrian on, you ’ ll be character of the state ’ sulfur largest network of andiron walkers. not entirely will you be connected to 100s of darling owners near you, but you ’ ll besides get secure automatic payments and first trust and safety digest. And the cerise on top : on top of chase walk, you can besides offer and set individual rates for nightlong pet sitting ( in your home or theirs ), pooch day caution, and drop-in visits.


Create your profile

If you go the Rover route, you ’ ll need to create a visibility. Your profile contains info about you, your experience, and the type of care you provide. Since positron emission tomography parents will see your profile before they reach out to you, it ’ s a big opportunity to make a big beginning impression. After you fill out your profile, Rover ’ south Sitter team will manually review it and follow up with you within a pair of business days. once your visibility is approved, you could start receiving requests anytime—and fair like that, your business will be off the grind.

Deliver 5-star customer service

Respond quickly to requests, stay on lead of your calendar, send cunning photograph updates during walks, and even go a far as meeting your clients in person before you book. And make certain to take a step back and give yourself a pat on the back the first time a customer re-books with you—that ’ s a bang-up sign ! Keep them everlastingly loyal by delivering the same 5-star service they got the first time around .

Continually educate yourself about dogs and business

Whether you ’ re learning about three aggression, harnesses, or just how to read chase behavior, Rover ’ s Sitter Resources Center can help give you the information you need to succeed. Apart from information about dogs and pawl care, it besides includes information on how to promote your business to continually bring in modern clients—that ’ s on top of the clients who are already finding you on Rover. The more experience you have, the more commercial enterprise you could attract .

The bottom line

Becoming a frank walker is a great choice for about anyone : Dog walkers come from tons of unlike backgrounds. If you ’ re a student, retiree, stay-at-home parent, or you equitable want to make extra money, it could be a great option for you. But of class, nothing is more authoritative than a deep beloved of dogs. When you list your dog-walking services on Rover, you get the back of a countrywide company along with the resources you need to build a sustainable business. That way, you can focus on the adept stuff : giving each pawl you care for one of the best parts of their day .

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