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Black and brown dog on grass barking aggressively
It ’ s no unavowed that dogs are one of the most popular kinds of pets in America. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 89.7 million dogs are owned in the United States. WIth therefore many dogs around, it ’ sulfur no wonder that chase bites are an extremely common type of injury. Every year, over 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs and over 800,000 of them need to seek medical treatment as a result. even if you don ’ triiodothyronine own a frump yourself, it ’ south very likely that your neighbor or person else in your neighborhood does .
creditworthy dog possession goes a farseeing means in preventing frump bites, but unfortunately, there are far excessively many pet owners out there who don ’ triiodothyronine care adequate about the safety of their positron emission tomography or the people around them. What should you do if there ’ s a chase in your neighborhood that shows signs of being aggressive ?

Notify Your Neighbor

sometimes, a chase owner might not realize their cad is causing a problem. For example, if you see a neighbor ’ south dog out roaming around the vicinity and behave in a way that makes you nervous, it is possible the cad might have gotten out without the owner ’ sulfur cognition. In a character like this, a reasonable and responsible pawl owner would be identical concerned and take steps to make indisputable their frank doesn ’ t get out again once they ’ re mindful of the problem and look into what might have been causing the aggressive behavior .
If a reasonable sum of time has passed since you beginning notified your neighbor about the problem and you ’ re distillery seeing the andiron around the vicinity and it ’ s still acting aggressively, go ahead and follow up with the neighbor to let them know this is calm a problem and keep a record of each time you talk to your neighbor about it.

Take Pictures/Videos

When you see a at large frump behaving aggressively in the neighborhood, try to take a word picture or video if it ’ randomness safe for you to do so. If this is a recurring problem, having pictures or video recording will help support your claims if you need to contact your local animal control department. Having this kind of evidence will besides be helpful if you ’ re able to talk to the cad ’ sulfur owner.

Contact Animal Control

If you ’ ve notified your neighbor about their frump ’ mho behavior and they ’ ve done nothing to solve the problem or you ’ re not sure who the frank ’ mho owner is, contact your local animal control department. Try to give them deoxyadenosine monophosphate a lot information as potential, including specific dates and locations where you ’ ve seen the chase and details about specific behavior you ’ ve witnessed. Show them any pictures and video recording you might have. If you know other people in the region who are besides concerned about the andiron, encourage them to contact animal control condition besides.

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If the person you speak to at Animal Control doesn ’ metric ton seem terribly concerned about the situation, try to follow up with a supervisory program. Take notes about any conversations you have with Animal Control employees, including the names of the people you talk to, the dates/times you spoke to them, and what precisely was discussed .

If Injured, Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer

Hopefully, taking the above steps will be able to prevent any injuries like dog bites from ever happening. But if you ’ ra bitten by a neighbor ’ s aggressive cad, the first thing you should do after getting checkup attention is contact a pawl morsel lawyer. If you ’ ve already notified the owner and Animal Control department about the fact that this chase had been causing disturb and nothing was done to stop it, having records of your efforts, arsenic well as photographic attest, will be extremely helpful for your case .
At Goodwin & Scieszka, you ’ ll be able to get aid from a lawyer highly experienced in handling Michigan dog bite cases who can help answer your question and work with you to figure out your legal options. Contact us today to get started .

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