How to stop your dog begging for food

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Check out our television on how to stop your dog begging for food, or follow along with the steps below :

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Step 1 – Preventing the behaviour

If you ’ re bringing a chase into your family from a unseasoned age, it ’ s a good estimate to help them form good habits from the start. This way, you should be able to avoid begging becoming an issue. In order to do this, make it a convention that your pawl is never given food from the board, the sofa or anywhere else that you eat. It ’ sulfur significant that everyone in the family is on board with this as if a chase is given food even once, it becomes far more difficult to discourage the behavior in the future. A chase won ’ triiodothyronine understand the mean of “ good this once ” but will rather learn that their perseverance will be rewarded, and that finally the food will be theirs ! It can be tempting to give in, but stay strong .

Step 2 – Dealing with begging

If your chase already begs, or picks up the habit, then we need to show them the behavior nobelium farseeing works. To do this, try your best to ignore them completely whenever they beg. This means not looking at them or talking to them, even to tell them to stop solicit, until you ’ ve finished eating. A slender glance in their management can encourage them to keep trying as they ’ re getting a reception from you. But, if their beg is never successful, they will finally give up. This will take a lot of clock time and patience, but your consistency will be rewarded.

Step 3 – Give them a distraction

If your dog is keen to learn, it can be a adept estimate to teach them an alternative behavior you can ask for which will stop them from begging. A good start point is to teach your chase to go lie down and settle in a particular home, such as their sleep together or a flat. information on how to teach a frank to go to their layer and how to settle more broadly can be found on our YouTube channel. Once they know the prompt to go to bed, or settle down, you can ask them to do this whenever you are sitting down to eat .

Step 4 – Co-ordinate mealtimes

If your pawl is motivated by food, then it ’ s a thoroughly idea to use their own food to distract them from yours. For exemplar, routine is great for your pawl so you could get into the habit of giving them their meals at the lapp time you are ascribable to eat. For extra beguilement you could put their food in a slow-feeder or a durable enrichment toy like a Kong to slow them down. If your dog is begging for snacks outside of mealtimes you could give them a treat or chew and ask them to settle with it in their bed. Your frank will be less likely to beg for your food if they have their own, durable treat or meal to keep them occupied while you are eating. Remember, if you ’ ra giving your frank treats during the day you should adjust the sum of food you give them at mealtimes to avoid overfeed .
Download this guidance as a handy advice sheet and use it to train regularly:

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