Adopting an Abused Dog

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There are lots of reasons dogs wind up in shelters.

many are puppies from unexpected or undesirable litters. Some are there because their previous owners developed allergies or moved to a rate that doesn ’ t let dogs. many came from loving homes. But many of the dogs in shelters have come from backgrounds of abuse, negligence, or both. These dogs can be the most patriotic, love companions you ’ ll ever find—but they may take extra attention, patience, and love from you up front. sometimes shelter workers or people who fostered your frump can give you some ideas of his background. But probably more frequently than not, although they may know the dog was mistreated, the kind of mistreatment is locked in the pawl ’ s mind. hard mistreat dogs may have special physical or nutritional needs that may follow them the rest of their lives. You need to be uncoerced to live with these situations. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know that you can tolerate the special needs, it ’ second better that you don ’ triiodothyronine even try with that chase : the last thing he needs is to have another homo lashkar-e-taiba him down.

Give him some space.

If you do decide to adopt an abused pawl, be prepared to let him set the tempo. Although he may sense that, as people go, you aren ’ thyroxine amazing, it will likely take him some time to begin to trust you. Start by equitable being with him in the lapp board. It should be dog-proofed, so there ’ south nothing he can hurt himself on, or nothing he can damage. Have a bed in there for him. Sit softly and read a book or watch television receiver while he equitable lies on his bed, or wanders around the room. Let him come to you.

Be very alert to his reactions.

He may not want to eat while you ’ re in the room. If that ’ s the case, put his food in his bowl and leave the room. Let him eat when he ’ south comfortable. On the other hand, you may have to hand feed him to get him to eat.

Don’t reach down to pet him.

He won ’ metric ton be able to see you and won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what you ’ re going to do. If he was struck or beaten in the past, you ’ ll frighten him. Put your pass down at eye charge beside his face and lento set about him. Let him see you at all times. Let him sniff your hand. Try stroking his chin and breast first base.

Know that certain things may frighten him.

Leashes, brooms, the glitter of a saucepan in the kitchen—all of these may cause him to be afraid if he had bad experiences with them in the by. To the best of your ability, just go about your daily everyday without paying a lot of attention to the pawl. Let him know you ’ re there, speak to him gently, but try not to put any demands on him.

Use positive reinforcement instead of negative.

This is constantly best with dogs, but peculiarly so with abuse dogs. Chances are he was hard reprimanded in the past for any misdemeanor. You will earn his trust much faster if you reward him for good behavior. When he does something wrong, redirect him vitamin a cursorily as possible to a more appropriate behavior and advantage him when he does what you want. It may take a few days, a few weeks, or even months of patient, consistent treatment and unconditional sleep together on your region, but he will turn around. These dogs seem to realize that they have been saved and they will reward you by being the best, most firm, and most loving dogs you have ever shared your animation with.

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