Registration and microchipping of dogs, and dog passports

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Are you a frank breeder or cad importer ? You can entirely sell or transfer possession of a pawl if it is registered in the Identification and Registration organization for dogs ( I & R Hond ). This I & R helps to prevent illegal pawl deal. You need to register yourself, and you must get the chase microchipped and registered. Every dog must have a european darling pass .

Register your company

Dog breeders and importers must register with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( RVO, in Dutch ). Choose ‘ Huisdierlocatie Registreren ’. You will receive a Unique Company Number ( Uniek Bedrijfsnummer, UBN ). You need the UBN to register and microchip the frump, and to apply for a european positron emission tomography passport. note that private andiron owners who breed a pawl alone once or who import a dog from abroad besides need to apply for a UBN. A chase can not be microchipped without a UBN .

Register your dog

Dog breeders must register the birth of a whelp ( in dutch ) at a intend portal vein. You need to use the mother ’ s chip act to do so.

Dog importers must register the chase at a veterinarian within 2 weeks after arrival in the Netherlands. The veterinarian will register the meaning, chip number and the pet pass at a designate portal site ( in Dutch ). If the frump does not have a chip or passport, the veterinarian has to microchip the dog and issue a darling recommendation.

Microchip your chase

Within 7 weeks after its birth, frank breeders must have the frump microchipped. only registered microchippers and veterinarians are allowed to microchip dogs. Contact the RVO if you are looking for an authoritative microchipping professional. The veterinarian or microchipping professional will register the dog ’ s chip number within 2 days at a destine portal.

Registering other pets

Do you breed, sell, or shelter pets, for example as a favored store or animal ( positron emission tomography ) shelter ? You must keep to the rules for the commercial keeping of pets. This means you must register the location you keep the animals before you start these activities. If you are already active, you must make sure to register equally soon as potential. The location must have a director ( this can be the owner ) who has proof of professional competence. You will besides need to send a copy of this proof to RVO. You must make certain to follow the rules for housing, breeding, and worry .

EU pet recommendation

Every frump in the Netherlands must have a european pet passport. The veterinarian issues these passports for dogs. Dog breeders must have a passport for the dog within 7 weeks after its birth. The veterinarian registers the pass number at a indicate portal. Do you import a chase from a third base country that does not have a european darling recommendation ? The veterinarian must issue a recommendation for the dog. The veterinarian registers the import, the chip number and the passport at a intend portal vein .

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