Should I Call My Vet? Know When to Ask a Vet’s Opinion

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Your cad is an authoritative member of your kin, but unlike human class members, a frank can not complain if they are in trouble or feel under the weather. It ’ sulfur hard to determine if a frump ’ s limp is an wound, or sudden loss of appetite is a symptom of a serious illness. How do you know when to reach out for medical avail or seek emergency care ?
As an experience veterinarian, I ask my patients to notice key warn signs, but it ’ south authoritative to have this conversation with your own veterinary practice as they know your pet ’ s particular needs .
Learn the warning signs that mean you should take your frump to the vet :

Change in Eating Habits

Skipping a meal is not unusual for a frump, specially on blistering summer days or if he or she is in a newfangled environment. however, any more than this could be a loss ease up that your dog is ailing. Two days without eating is a sign that you should contact your veterinarian.

If your dog is unusually hungry, begging for food excessively or attempting to eat everything he or she can get their paw on, this may mean a medical issue ( though not inevitably an emergency ), and you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian .
however, each dog/patient must be evaluated in context, and things like the senesce, breed and medical history of a pawl should constantly be considered. For example, a 2-year-old healthy rhodesian Ridgeback missing a meal may be less concerning than a 10-year-old diabetic Maltese. Always call your veterinarian if you ’ rhenium diffident .

Excessive Thirst

When your chase drinks more water than usual it could be normal, depending on the weather and holocene exercise or activeness. Or, it could be a possible sign of kidney disease or diabetes if the excessive thirst and drink seem to persist for longer than a day. Call your veterinarian promptly if you find yourself filling the water bowl more than common, and it ’ s not due to warmer weather or a change in your chase ’ randomness micturition frequency .

Eye Appearance

red or cloudy eyes or unusual center discharge could indicate an infection or injury. besides, if your pawl is squinting or pawing at his center ( randomness ), this can be cause for concern. These symptoms should not be ignored as diseases of the eyes can progress quickly. A basic rule to note is if one eye is affected, it may be an infection or injury. If both eyes are affected, consider a systemic issue such as allergies or other health issues
Siberian Husky being examined by a vet.


Most dogs know vomiting on occasion. Like humans, our dogs vomit to rid themselves of something that doesn ’ t agree with their system. You should call the vet immediately if your pawl is frequently vomiting or vomits lineage.

typically, it is less concerning for a chase to vomit two or three times in ten minutes and then be fine, preferably than a dog that vomits three times over eight hours. Severe or prolonged vomit could besides cause dehydration, and you should seek discussion early .
If vomit is combined with lethargy, poor appetite, and diarrhea, it may be an emergency and requires contacting your veterinarian right away .

Change in Stool

Healthy andiron toilet is firm and damp. If your dog has dry, heavily stools or difficulty defecating it may be a augury of dietary problems, dehydration or early illness. other changes to notice include worms, rake, or mucus confront in the stool, diarrhea for more than 24 hours or straining during a intestine movement. besides, dark pitchy stools may indicate lineage in the stool, and your veterinarian should be notified right away. Changes in your chase ’ sulfur stool should always be discussed with your veterinarian .


If your pawl is more banal and inert than common, it could be a sign that something is not right. possibly your frank is disinterested in play or going for a walk and less reactive to commands. While it may just be sore muscles or fatigue due to affectionate temperatures, you should call your veterinarian if it persists beyond two days .

Sudden Weight Loss

sudden burden loss in any size frank is cause for concern and a reason to take him/her to the veterinarian. evening in corpulence dogs, promptly and unexpected weight loss could be an indication of a unplayful health stipulate. While it may be hard to gauge, you should alert your veterinarian if you notice a ten percentage system of weights loss.


While rear-end scooting on the floor may resemble a punch-drunk pawl flim-flam, it could be a symptom of worms, an anal gland problem, intestine drift issues or even a urinary nerve pathway infection. If your cad abruptly starts scooting or increases this demeanor, you should contact your veterinarian .

Emergency Symptoms

Seek immediate medical care from your veterinarian or an emergency vet clinic if your andiron shows any of the follow symptoms :

  • Open wounds, possible broken bones or injury due to trauma or incident such as a fall or being hit by a vehicle, even if he appears to be acting OK
  • Stopped breathing or unconsciousness
  • Seizure
  • Sudden collapse or difficulty breathing
  • Bleeding from mouth, nose, or eyes
  • Possible poisoning from consuming something toxic
  • Repeated vomiting over 1 hour or vomiting blood
  • Retching and trying to vomit with no food coming up (a symptom of bloat)
  • Extreme pain, displayed by whining or shaking
  • Hard and swollen abdomen
  • Inability to pass urine
  • Labored breathing
  • Inability to deliver puppies (over two hours between puppies)
  • Ingestion of toxins such as chocolate, poisonous plants, sugar-free products with xylitol, grapes or raisins, rat poison
  • Unable to stand, wobbliness or dragging of limbs
  • Sudden disorientation
  • Pale color to gums (very important for owners to check gums regularly for abnormalities)

Discuss this list with your veterinarian as there may be far additions or clearing that is particular to your chase and breed. Remember, you best know your frank ’ randomness habits, behaviors, and act. Trust your instincts and call your veterinarian if you have concerns .

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