My Dog Died At Home, What Should I Do?

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The absolute worst nightmare for any chase owner is the death of your beloved companion.

Some prefer for their animals to die at home and prepare for it consequently. But what if it happens when you least expect it? What should you do first? Who do you call ?

not only do you have to cope with the loss of your andiron, but now you have to face the complications that arise from having to deal with the soundbox. No darling owner wants to think about this. But it ’ s an event that you should be prepared for .

First Things First

Give yourself a consequence to grieve — whether it is a quick exclaim or a long sob. Losing an animal is tough and shouldn ’ t be treated lightly. After you ’ ve had your moment, it ’ south time to figure out your adjacent steps. Depending on the time of the day and temper, you may not be able to remove your dog ’ s body right aside ( ex. holidays, middle of the night, etc. ). Veterinarians or cremation centers might be closed or unable to pick up the body until the follow dawn or the following business day. TIP: Before continue, I recommend calling person for support or help. No one should have to go through this entirely. Having person there to help with the wield of the body will not only help you physically, but mentally american samoa well. The patronize of your family and friends is all-important at this time. You should not face this alone. If you start to feel overwhelm, have person else handle your cad ’ randomness body. There ’ south no shame in that. When my pet hamster died, I couldn ’ t cope with having to see the absolutely body, so I enlisted my father to take care of it. It ’ s a traumatic consequence to have to experience and having aid is fantastic. During the strong seasons, the body will begin to decompose faster. You ’ ll want to store it in a cool place until it gets picked up. here are a few tips for handling your dog’s body:

  • Wear gloves to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading.
  • Be aware of rigor mortis (stiffening of the joints). This usually occurs within 3 to 4 hours after death and can last up to 72 hours. This makes it especially difficult to move the body.
  • Wrap your dog’s body in a blanket or sheet.
  • Wipe up any fluids from the body and the surrounding area.
  • Store in a cool place until it can be picked up.

hopefully, having to do this will be a end recourse. In most cases, veterinarians or cremation centers ( or animal control ) will cursorily take care of the torso for you .

What To Do If Your Dog Dies At Home

Should you call the veterinarian or animal control ? Can you bury your frank in your own backyard ? fortunately, there are many different ways to tackle this. I ’ ve listed the top 3 options for you to choose from:

Option #1 – Call Your Veterinarian

The first person you ’ re probably to think of when your andiron dies at home is your veterinarian. Veterinarians normally have a long-standing kinship with a local cremation center. Most veterinarians will require you to drive your pet to their office in order to proceed. Some vets have a pick-up servicing. From there, you have 2 choices:

  • Have the vet cremate the body and dispose of the ashes.
  • Have the vet cremate the body and return the ashes to you.

Out of the 2 options above, having the veteran cremate and dispose of the ashes is normally less expensive.

cremation is more dearly-won — although it depends on where you get it done and the size of your frank. Retaining your frank ’ south cremated ashes can be a fantastic way to commemorate your beloved positron emission tomography. ( See below ) TIP:  You may take your dog ’ south body to your veteran ’ s office to save on costs, but this might not be the best option if you ’ re besides emotional to handle the torso. personally, I would prefer to say my goodbyes at family and have person else handle the body, as I would be excessively emotionally distraught. If you find yourself in the lapp boat as me, select an alternative choice. Option #2 – Contact A Local Cremation Center Skip the veterinarian and go neat to the informant. Cremating deceased pets and saving the ash has become a popular option these days.

While it is the more expensive option, it ’ south besides one of the most memorable. You can turn your dog’s ashes into beautiful a memorial:

  • The ashes can be stored in traditional urns.
  • Many wear their pet’s ashes in gorgeous cremation jewelry. The jewelry keeps your dog close to your heart and it’s small enough to wear. And don’t worry, most cremation jewelry pieces don’t look like they are storing ashes inside of them. They simply look like beautiful necklaces or bracelets.
  • Some pet owners have even created artwork from a dog’s ashes (personally not my cup of tea, but to each their own).
  • You may decide to spread your dog’s ashes somewhere special.

cremation centers are normally immediate to respond and to pick up your die pet. You can find a local cremation center through your veterinarian or Google. There are besides pet crematories that specifically deal with dead person pets.

TIP: In accession to having your pawl ’ mho body cremated, some cremation centers will hold a secret ceremony to honor your pet — much like a burial ceremony. It ’ s a particular and singular way to remember your pawl ’ south life. Option #3 – Bury The Body This option is the least expensive of the 3. It requires little to no money, but it does take time and will result in you having to personally handle your frank ’ randomness body. My family and I always choose this option with our pets. There ’ sulfur something special about having a proper burying for your pet and constantly having them close to home plate.

The first gear pet I ever owned was a bootleg dog named Rocky ( named after the great Rocky Balboa ). He was the calmest dog and loved to spend most of his time exploring the outdoors.

When I was away at camp one summer, my dog died at home — he was hit by a car and died instantly. My neighbor brought the body of our beloved dog back to my parents who buried and memorialized it with a handmade brass. Having missed the integral event, I was saddened to return home to an empty sign of the zodiac. I was no long greeted with excitement when I arrived home and my read cuddle buddy was gone. I was devastated. Since I missed the burying, I didn ’ t feel that blockage that my parents and sibling had. Having Rocky buried nearby made it easier for me to cope with his travel by. I was able to “ visit ” him at his burial smudge and it was decent to have somewhere to grieve. finally, it got easier to manage and I stopped visiting angstrom frequently. rocky ’ south grave is silent standing, 7 years late. It ’ s decent to be able to see his gravestone and be reminded of him. TIP: If you ’ ra plan on burying your chase, make sure to bury the body at least 3 feet deep and in a place where it is least probably to be dug up. Imagine coming home to find your chase ’ south bones on the grind ascribable to erosion or local animals & wildlife digging them up. I can ’ t imagine how traumatize that would be to experience .

Remember, You’re Not Alone

Choose the best option for you and your wallet. I love my dogs and I couldn ’ thymine think not doing something particular and unique for each of them when they pass, but I besides can ’ thymine afford to have all of them cremated. No count which of the above options you chose, make it a memory to hold onto and care for. If you are having worry dealing with your frank ’ mho pass, remember that you are not alone:

  • There are online forums where other pet owners are talking about dealing with the death of their pets.
  • There is a Pet Loss Hotline you can call at (877) GRIEF-10.
  • Many veterinarians provide support services for families that are dealing with traumatic events — like losing a pet.
  • Don’t forget about those around you. I found my friends and family to be the best support I needed to cope with my dog’s passing.

I ’ m a dog owner, jewelry graphic designer, and goldsmith. After I suffered the passing of my chase Amber, I was unable to find a memorial token that was large adequate to hold my andiron ’ mho ashes so far minor enough to keep by my side. So I designed my own. It was my passion for animals that led me to create my own line of jewelry and on-line memory to benefit charities

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