26 Dogs That Don’t Shed: Your Complete Guide to Fur-Free Cuddles

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When you ’ re deciding what frump breeds might be the veracious fit for your syndicate, there ’ s a lot to consider. But for most electric potential pet owners, one of the most important factors when choosing a companion for their class ?
Dog haircloth .
Dogs have hair, and if they shed, that hair can get on your clothes, your furniture…basically everywhere. And while that ’ s not a trouble for some cad owners ( some people fair don ’ thyroxine judgment vacuuming after their dog every sidereal day ! ), for others, it can be a deal breaker.

So the wonder is—are non-shedding dogs even a real thing ? Is it possible to add a low-shedding breed to your syndicate to keep cleaning ( and likely allergic reactions ) to a minimum ? And, if so, which dog breeds are non-shedding ?

Are there non-shedding dogs?

Before we jump into which dog breeds are the best fit for pet owners looking for a non-shedding pet, we first need to talk about whether non-shedding dogs exist .
And the answer is—not precisely .
The idea that there ’ s a andiron that doesn ’ t shed at all is a myth. There ’ s no chase breed that is completely non-shedding ; all dogs shed to some degree. But there are low-shedding dogs that keep shedding to a minimum—and, in fact, shed so little, you credibly won ’ t even notice .
so, what are some of these low-shedding frank breeds to add to your family ?

Low-shedding dog breeds

Let ’ s take a expect at some of the most democratic dogs for potential darling owners looking for a low-shedding companion. We ’ ve organized this tilt of low-shedding dog breeds by size : little dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs .

Small dogs


Basenji With its little size, the Basenji is one of the smallest of the hound family—and thanks to its short coat, it ’ sulfur besides one of the least likely the shed .
The Basenji is known for being a bright, independent andiron. They ’ re besides highly active, so before you add a Basenji to your family, make surely you have the energy to keep up !
adenine far as dress goes, Basenjis are extremely moo maintenance. They ’ rhenium known for being excellent self-groomers, and their short, fine hair needs nothing more than the episodic bathtub to stay in tip-top shape .

Bedlington terrier

Bedlington Terrier Known for their short, curly coat and their fun-loving personalities, Bedlington terriers are a great low-shedding breed. just be prepared to take them on enough of casual walks. Because they were bred to be racing dogs, Bedlington terriers are high department of energy and want batch of practice ( but once they get out their energy, they ’ ll be happy to snuggle up with you on the couch ). a retentive as they get their exercise, Bedlington terriers make for relax, calm house dogs .
even though Bedlington terriers are known as a no-shed breed, there ’ s a batch to keep up with in terms of dressing and maintenance. Bedlington terriers should be brushed every few days and prepare and trim every calendar month to avoid mats, tangles, and other coat issues .

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise Looking for a sweet, playful, and about unmanageably cute shed-free addition to your family ? Look no further than the Bichon Frise .
Thanks to their soft, curly hair’s-breadth, Bichon Frises reasonably resemble cotton balls—but precisely because their hair’s-breadth is big doesn ’ triiodothyronine think of it will get everywhere. These hypoallergenic lap dogs won ’ metric ton shed much—as long as you keep up with their training. Bichon Frises need to be kept on a rigid training agenda ( including day by day brushing and a monthly bath and trim ) in orderliness to keep their coat in top human body .
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Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Brussels Griffon enthusiasts love the engender thanks to their cheerful disposal, their curious personality, and their expressive face. They ’ re besides an active breed ( despite their small size ! ), making them a favored for families who want a small dog who still enjoys walk, play, and exploring the outdoors. And as an add bonus ? The Brussels Griffon scantily sheds .
Named after the city of Brussels, Belgium, these short, hardy dogs have short hair that requires minimal dressing ; weekly brush and the occasional bath and tailored is all that ’ s necessity to keep the Brussels Griffon by rights groomed .

Cairn terrier

Cairn terrier One of the oldest of the terrier breeds, the Cairn terrier has a double coat that gives the andiron a bushy appearance. But despite the bushy look, this small andiron ’ s hair’s-breadth international relations and security network ’ metric ton likely to shed much. When it comes to grooming and sustenance, the Cairn terrier falls somewhere in the center of the pack ; weekly brush, monthly baths, and the casual hand-stripping will help maintain the coat ’ s health and texture .

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested The Chinese Crested frank might look a bite unusual—but their sleep together, gratifying, and affectionate personalities make them the perfective companion dog. Plus, thanks to their largely hairless soundbox, they ’ re a great option for households looking to avoid shedding issues .
The Chinese Crested dog does have some hair on their head ( which can resemble pigtails ), ankles, and tail—but they don ’ triiodothyronine shed much. But barely because they don ’ t have a lot haircloth doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate entail they don ’ thymine require any prepare ! Because the Chinese Crested chase is largely bald, they ’ re prone to skin aggravation ( including sunburn ! ) —which makes skin care ( including targeted treatments and sunscreen ) this breed ’ second top dressing concern .

Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear This “ Royal Dog of Madagascar ” might have a regal-sounding mention, but there ’ south nothing excessively illusion about their personality ; in fact, their temperament is closer to the jester than the king ! The Coton de Tulear is a sweet, playful, carefree frump who wants nothing more than to joke, play, and entertain .
The Coton de Tulear gets its name thanks to its cotton-like coat—but that cotton-like coat will stay on the dog ’ randomness torso, not on your furniture. The main dressing topic with the Coton de Tulear is regular brush ; the longer the pawl ’ randomness coat, the more often it will need to be brushed to avoid mats .


Havanese The Havanese has one of the cutest faces in the canine kingdom. But that ’ s equitable one of their charms ! These dogs are known for their vibrant, cheerful personalities. Thanks to their small size and relatively gloomy natural process needs, they ’ re besides a heavy favorite among city and apartment dwellers .
The Havanese has a hanker, chummy coat—and at foremost glance, you might think they ’ vitamin d be likely to shed. But with regular groom, Havanese dogs are actually very low-shedding. But by unconstipated, we mean regular—in ordain to keep the Havanese ’ s coat healthy and matte-free, design for casual brush sessions along with the casual bathe and haircut ( depending on the length of the coat, every few months should be fine ) .
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Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso The Lhasa Apso might look like a lap dog—but don ’ t let their little stature fritter you ! These dogs were primitively bred to alert Tibetan monks of approaching visitors to the monastery, making them excellent defend dogs. They can be leery of strangers, but this breed is ferociously firm to their humans—and they besides have a fun, playful side that makes them a bang-up companion frump .
Lhasa Apso ’ sulfur have one of the most epicurean coats in the animal kingdom, which can grow to the background without regular trims. But flush though their hair grows long, it doesn ’ t shed—just prepare yourself for a regular dress agenda to keep their coat integral. Lhasa Apso ’ s need regular brush ( every day if the coat is long, every two to three days if the coat is sustain short ) along with monthly baths and trims .


Maltese maltese dogs are dessert, love, and high-octane. They might be small, but they compensate for it with their big energy and personality !
The Maltese besides has a classifiable white coat that is low-shedding—but not broken maintenance. Be prepared for daily brush and regular baths to keep their coat its healthy .
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Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer miniature Schnauzers look a bit like short erstwhile men. But they surely don ’ t act like it ! This breed is known for their active agent personality ; they ’ ra playful, energetic, and love to run around !
Schnauzers are known for their long facial haircloth, which resembles a mustache—and just like human mustaches don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate shed, neither does Miniature Schnauzer hair’s-breadth. Their double coat needs regular brush, but if the coat is kept short, the Miniature Schnauzer needs minimal prepare .

Scottish terrier

Scottish Terrier Looking for a confident, mugwump, all-around game andiron ? And are looking for that dog to besides not shed ? If so, look not far than the scottish terrier .
alike to the Miniature Schnauzer, scots terriers have long hair’s-breadth around the confront ( and elsewhere on the body ), but won ’ t shed with regular brush ( about once a week should be enough ). While a scots terrier ’ randomness coat will look its best when hand-stripped, a bi-monthly trip to the groomer will besides suffice.

Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu Shih Tzus are sweet, firm, affectionate, and lovable. They ’ re the definition of a lave pawl ! And with a soft, curly coat they ’ rhenium besides the definition of low-shedding .
The longer the Shih Tzu ’ sulfur coat, the more brush it will take to maintain it ( Shih Tzus with long coats will need daily brushing, while the shorter “ puppy cut ” will need to be brushed every two to three days ). Shih Tzus should besides be bathed every three to four weeks to keep the coat clean, healthy, and glazed .
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Yorkshire terrier

Yorkie yorkshire terriers may be small—but they ’ re decidedly not modest in personality ! These pups are known for being scrappy, affectionate, and all-around feisty ( in a lovable way ! ) —so if you ’ re looking for a pup that packs a large personality in a small software, this is your andiron .
More normally known as a Yorkie, Yorkshire terriers are little dogs with a thin coating that can easily grow to the floor with regular dressing. But while their coating is long, that coat international relations and security network ’ t going anywhere—this breed is extremely low-shedding. The Yorkie coat is actually a batch like human hair—and merely like you need to regularly brush and wash your hair, expect to regularly brush and groom your Yorkie ’ s coat, besides .
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Medium dogs

Kerry Blue terrier

The Kerry Blue terrier is smart, shrill, and athletic. And it decidedly has the high-energy terrier personality ! But let ’ s be real—what most people think of when they think of this breed ? Their coat .
The Kerry Blue terrier is celebrated for its gorgeous gloomy coat. But while the coat ’ s color might get the most care, the fact that it ’ s so low-shedding is another reason to take comment of this breed. And not only are they low-shedding, but they ’ re besides low care ! All you need to do to keep the Kerry Blue terrier ’ randomness coating in top shape is brush them on a hebdomadally footing and get them groomed every six to eight weeks .

Lagotto Romagnolo

Want a cad that ’ south barely the perfective counterweight of strong and lovable ? athletic and dulcet ? good-natured and hard-working ? then look no further than the Lagotto Romagnolo .
Known as the “ truffle dog ” of Italy ( thanks to its history hunting the costly mushroom ) this sweetness, adorable, curly-haired engender makes a great family dog—especially when you consider how small they shed. The Lagotta Romagnolo ’ s curly coating more close resembles human hair than pawl fur—and needs to be treated accordingly with even brushings ( once per week ), baths, and trims .

Portuguese water dog

Portuguese Water Dog Looking for a frank that ’ second keen to go on adventures—but precisely a keen to snuggle with you on the sofa ? The portuguese body of water dog is the perfect desegregate of lovable, adventurous, and affectionate .
There were probably a number of reasons that erstwhile President Barack Obama chose the portuguese water dog as the best breed for the First Family—and we ’ ra indisputable the fact that this friendly breed scantily sheds was probably high on the tilt. Just make sure to brush the portuguese water frump every week ; otherwise, their coat can get matted .

Terrier breeds

Terrier Terriers are fun, active, and extremely high gear energy. If you ’ rhenium always on the go, a terrier would make a capital companion to your adventures—and you don ’ t have to worry about them getting their fur everywhere .
In general, the Terrier breeds are unlikely to shed much—so if you find a terrier mix, you shouldn ’ t have to worry about any shedding issues. weekly brushings and the occasional bath should be batch to keep your terrier ’ sulfur coat in tip-top shape .

Tibetan terrier

Tibetan terrier Looking for a watchdog ? The Tibetan terrier is alert, intelligent, and extremely loyal—making them the arrant positron emission tomography to watch over your class .
Despite its name, the Tibetan terrier international relations and security network ’ t actually a terrier ; it ’ s more closely related to the Lhasa Apso ( although larger ) and has a like long, low-shedding coat. And merely like the Lhasa Apso needs to be brushed every few days and bathed and groomed every calendar month or so, you should plan to do the like for the Tibetan Terrier .

Wheaton terrier

In you ’ ra looking for a loyal, loving companion frank, you won ’ t discovery many breeds better than the Wheaton terrier. These pups are known for their friendly personalities and deep-rooted loyalty to their humans. They ’ re besides known for how little they shed !
The soft-coated Wheaton terrier has an highly soft coat ( hence the name ) that ’ s improbable to leave tufts of fur strew around your home—but their coat does require regular dress and even brush to keep mat at bay .

Large dogs

Afghan hound

Afghan Hound With their slender faces and long, satiny coat, The Afghan hound is one of the most distinctive and easily recognizable dog breeds in the universe. But these dogs are more than barely their looks ! They have a distinct personality that interestingly blends a sense of both giddiness and aloofness—and they besides happen to be highly low-shedding .
They might not shed much, but Afghan hounds have a robust coat—and that coat requires hours of brushing every week ( plus regular baths ) in decree to stay healthy, clean, and mat-free. If you decide to add an Afghan cad to your family, merely be prepared for a wholly bunch of grooming .

Bouvier Des Flandres

The Bouvier Des Flandres is a potent, hardy working dog. They make amazing watchdogs or guard duty dogs—but they ’ re love hearts besides make them great companion dogs .
The thick coat of the Bouvier Des Flandres has evolved to withstand the elements ( the cad was primitively bred as a jack-of-all-trades grow chase ) —and in summation to being about weatherproof, the coat doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate shed, either. It ’ south besides versatile and abject care ; a weekly brush and occasional bath are all you need to do for this breed to keep them well-groomed .

Giant Schnauzers

Giant Schnauzer equitable like the Miniature Schnauzer, Giant Schauzers are healthy, alarm, and have bold, energetic personalities. And barely like their miniature counterparts, Giant Schnauzers won ’ t shed ( much ) from their mustache, face, or anywhere else on their body. Just make certain to brush their coating regularly to avoid tangles and mat .

Irish water spaniel

Love to swim ? True to their name, the irish water spaniel is one of the best swimmers in the canine global. They besides happen to be curious, brave, energetic, and playful—making them a big pet for an active family .
The irish water spaniel is known for its long, curly coat—but even though it ’ randomness long and slurred, the hair’s-breadth of these spaniels doesn ’ thymine shed much .


Labradoodle labrador retrievers are one of the most friendly and loving breeds in the animal kingdom—but they decidedly shed. Labradoodles ( which are a hybridization between Labs and Poodles ) offer the best of both worlds—the fantastic personality of a Lab with the hypoallergenic coat of a Poodle ( which is identical low-shedding ) .
good like a poodle, you should plan to brush your Labradoodle every day to avoid mats—and regular baths ( every month or so ) will keep their coat clean and goodly. note that because they ’ re a blend of breeds, some Labradoodles may shed more than others. work with a responsible breeder who can tell you about the particular puppy ’ randomness background .
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Poodle You might think Poodles are adorable—but their personality is much more ennoble than cute. These proud animals are highly smart, active, and athletic .
Poodles have a lot of blockheaded, curly hair—but their coating is hypoallergenic and shed very little. Poodles need to be brushed every day, specially near the skin, to keep hair from getting matted and tangled .
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Low-shedding dog breeds and allergies

A draw of people look for non-shedding ( or, in reality, low-shedding ) dogs in decree to keep allergic reactions to a minimum. But while low-shedding dogs can be a big fit for chase allergy sufferers, it ’ south crucial to know where the allergic reactions are actually coming from—and how to avoid them.

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then first things first gear : frank hair doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate causal agent allergic reactions. Reactions happen when favored dander ( dead skin cells ) flake off the frank ’ south bark and get into the air out. so, if you want to keep allergic reactions to a minimal, you need to address dander, not chase haircloth .
While no dog is 100 % hypoallergenic, there are dogs with a hypoallergenic coat that produce much less dander than others, which can keep reactions at bay. Getting a low-shedding chase can besides help ; dander can travel in andiron hair, thus if a chase doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate shed much, there is less dander that ’ second likely to get into the atmosphere. And regular baths, and regular groom – check out the best dressing tools here – ( whether you have a hypoallergenic dog or not ) are a must !

Wrapping things up

Being a chase owner doesn ’ thyroxine mean you have to put up with andiron hair covering every hearty column inch of your home. And now that you know the most democratic low-shedding breeds, you can have the best of both worlds—great pawl, no chase hair .

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