9 Dog Sleeping Positions And Their Meaning: All About Dog Sleep Behavior

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Curled in a ball, stretched out, or belly up, dogs much sleep in leftover positions. The position your dog chooses for sleeping may be related to the room temperature, their activeness degree, and how much they trust you. But who doesn ’ thymine love a pawl happily snoozing in a semi-contorted put or snuggled against your feet ? Let ’ s explore the mysteries of andiron sleeping positions and pooch snooze !

Dog sleeping basics

How many hours a day do dogs sleep?

Being a andiron is a lot of work. You have to go for walks, fetch sticks, and be alert for elusive changes in your people. As a resultant role, dogs need about 10-14 hours of sleep per day. This includes night sleep plus a few day naps. not surprisingly, puppies need more sleep – up to 20 hours of sleep are needed per day for healthy growth and development. elder dogs may require more sleep as they age. Larger dog breeds such as the Mastiff or the Newfoundland besides tend to sleep more than 14 hours per day .small dog sleeping on orange dog bed Dogs in a silence home may sleep more, while dogs in active environments will sleep less. however, dogs can adapt their sleeping demeanor to their surroundings so that they can be wake up when there is something to do, and asleep the rest of the time. Some indoor dogs may sleep excessively much because they are bored. Help your frump develop healthy sleep patterns by providing batch of stimulation during the day in the form of toys, company, walks, and playtime.

If your andiron sleeps more than normal, this could be a symptom of disease. Contact your veterinarian if you suspect your chase is sleeping excessively much .

How can I find out how much my dog sleeps?

Using a GPS and activeness tracker for dogs ( $ 49 ) you can find out precisely how much your pawl sleeps per day, how much physical activity they ’ re getting, etc. to keep your dog in tip-top shape. not to mention, you ’ ll be able to locate your dog anytime, from your smartphone. Track my frump

Why do dogs sleep so much?

Some pet parents wonder why their dogs seem to sleep so much. While humans sleep about a one-third of the sidereal day, dogs sleep half of the day or even more. The cause why ? Their biota. Dogs are just built to sleep this a lot – they sleep differently than us humans. Watch the television to learn more :

Sleeping patterns in dogs

Dogs follow distinct sleep patterns which are alike to those of people. When dogs beginning fall asleep, they enter the repose stage of sleep, where breathing slows, blood atmospheric pressure drops, and the heart rate decreases. In the active degree of rest, dogs move their eyes quickly under shut eyelids. This is known as REM ( Rapid Eye Movement ) sleep. Humans besides undergo REM rest, and studies on people show that this is when dream occur .

Do dogs dream?

Dogs may start bark, whining, or jerk their legs during REM sleep, and researchers believe that when dogs behave like this, they may be dreaming, possibly about ultimately catching that annoying region squirrel. This may happen a few times each night as your pawl cycles through the stages of sleep .

Common dog sleeping positions

The side sleeper

A andiron sleeping on its side with leg extended is getting some good deep sleep. When you find your andiron in this sleep position, leave it alone to get a elongated menstruation of renewing rest. You might notice that your andiron chooses to sleep in a dog seam or on your bed for this deep sleep, and normally choses a spot aside from the busiest areas of your home. Side sleeping conveys that your frank feels comfortable in its environment and trusts you .dog's sleep behaviors

The lion’s pose

When your cad sleeps with its head resting on peak if its front paw, a position known as lion ’ s pose, it ’ randomness good taking minute to doze off. Your snoozing pawl is ready to leap into carry through at a moment ’ second notice from this sleeping position. You may observe that your pawl nods off in leo ’ s present while sitting at your feet or near the front door, where it can be close to any potential natural process while sneaking in a abruptly sleep .

The donut sleeping position

Curled into a close little ball, a pawl in the doughnut sleeping position has all of its limbs tucked close to the torso and may rest its nozzle on its hind peg. The tail may be draped over the soundbox like a downy scarf. Dogs sometimes choose the doughnut side to conserve body heating system, so you may see your dog in this position more frequently in cold weather. Some dogs choose the doughnut position for sleeping if they feel vulnerable or anxious. They are keeping their critical organs covered up, rather than exposing their stomach. This sleep position is a end of your frump ’ second wild ancestor ’ s need to protect themselves from predators at all times, but particularly when sleeping. Dogs who are getting used to a newfangled home plate or other big life changes may sleep in the doughnut side as they adjust to their new circumstances. The doughnut sleeping position offers a feel of condom and comfort .

Sleeping under the covers

Are you the owner of an “ clandestine ” sleeper ? This sleeping position may merely be a matter of preference. If your cad burrows under the covers, it can signal a necessitate to feel company while sleeping. Going under the covers is more park in cold weather, when even us humans want to stay snuggled up angstrom much as we can .

Back-to-back sleeping position

If your frump sleeps back-to-back with you or another dog, they are exhibiting trusting behavior and affair. Back-to-back sleeping may echo dogs ’ ancestral pack behavior, when entire families slept piled together in dens. Or it may remind your frank of its first weeks of life, when it lay tumbled in an adorable furred heap with its littermates. If you are the only class penis that your frank chooses to sleep against, this means you are the golden one whom the frank trusts the most ! Be glad that your pawl places indeed much entrust in you and treasure the bond that you have .

The Superman sleeping position

Sprawled on the ground with movement legs pointed ahead, binding leg bespeak behind, and tummy pressed to the floor, your sleeping chase may remind you of Superman in flight. When in the Superman position, your cad is probably worn out from a day of very active play. But wear ’ triiodothyronine be fooled by this lazy-looking position – just like the real Superman, your andiron is fix to spring into action in the blink of an eye if a kin member needs him. No costume variety is required for this furred Superman !

Dog sleeping on back: bell-up sleeping position

Why does your dog sleep on its back with its legs in the breeze ? Dogs who sleep bankrupt with legs pointed to the sky are either identical hot or very believe ( or both ). By exposing the pot, which has less fur, the chase may be able to cool off promptly. But baring the belly allows the vital organs to be exposed and makes the andiron feel more vulnerable. so if your frank sleeps in this extremely cute situation, decidedly take a visualize of it and know that your andiron is super comfortable around you. The bankrupt pose can besides be a seasonal worker dormant position for your chase. You ’ ll notification it more frequently in blistering weather .

The snuggle-bug

If your dog immediately leaps onto your lave whenever you sit down or cuddles up against you you on the sofa, you ’ ve got a snuggle-bug. These cuddlers are affectionate, sleep together, and possibly a little destitute. If you have a very large dog, cuddling with your snuggle-bug can be a challenge, but you can enjoy knowing that you have won your furred friend ’ mho entrust and devotion .two dogs sleeping next to each other

Sleeping with the head elevated

Some dogs prefer to sleep with their head and neck raised above the charge of the body. This could signal that your frump has difficulty breathing by rights and could have heart disease or other conditions.

Pay finale attention to a dog that sleeps with its head and neck elevated. Watch for noisy or rapid emit, or an inability to participate in convention practice. Contact your veterinarian and report any symptoms you ’ ve noticed .

Dog sleeping behaviors

Circling and digging before sleep

Getting ready for a nap is unplayful business for dogs. They will walk in circles, paw at the prime, or dig before lying down. These andiron behaviors harken back to dogs ’ ancestral nest activities. Your andiron ’ sulfur rampantly ancestors slept outdoors, with no downy cad seam for comfort. Walking in circles credibly helped to flatten tall grasses and vegetation in their selected sleeping spot. Pawing might move aside sticks and minor rocks to smooth out the nest. In hot weather, your chase ’ s ancestors might have scooped out a shallow hole to reveal aplomb, damp dirty to sleep upon. Of run, walking in circles and pawing an indoor frump mattress will not make the layer flat or smooth, but this andiron behavior satisfies an instinct in your cad. so even though your andiron doesn ’ triiodothyronine need to make a sleeping nest, these mighty ancestral behaviors are still stage in your chase .

Dog twitching in sleep

deep rest is associated with a dog pinch or “ running ” in its sleep. Some dogs may wag their tail or softly bark or wail while in trench sleep mode. This is common dog behavior and may be associated with dream .

Dog seizures while sleeping

Seizures often happen when a frank is asleep but are much different and far rarer than childlike flip or dreaming demeanor. During a capture, the chase will fall on its side, stiffen, drool, make, stool, and move all four legs. Seizures in dogs last just a minute or two, but can be frightening for you and disorienting for your cad. It can help to make a television of the seizure and show it to the veterinarian to confirm what happened. This neurological disorder can be treated with medicine, so contact your veterinarian veracious away .

Where should your dog sleep?

human with dog sleeping in bed

Should your dog sleep in its own bed or in your bed?

It doesn ’ t very matter where your dog sleeps, equally farseeing as you and your chase are able to get a good night ’ mho rest. If you and your frank enjoy sleeping in the same bedroom, that ’ s ticket, arsenic long as you and your furred friend can get enough deep sleep every night. Some humans prefer to have the cad in their layer. Others get well perch when the frank is on the floor in a dog seam. Decide what ’ south best for you and gently enforce boundaries to keep you and your dog adenine comfortable as possible. Discover the pros and cons of a cad sleeping in seam. The size of your pawl will decidedly play a function in deciding on the floor versus your go to bed. You ’ ll want to be able to physically move your andiron if it should speculation to an off-limits area of your bed, such as your pillow. If your andiron snores, that could be a softwood breaker for joining you in the bed. Dogs often chose to sleep at the foot of your bed, rather than at the top. This may be because there is a little more room to stretch out and get comfortable. Your andiron will about constantly find a direction to sleep with depart of its body pressed against you for a spirit of base hit. Adding a fit of steps can help a very small or aged cad get into and out of your bed safely and easily. A cad that is not yet housebroken should not be invited to sleep in your bed, for obvious reasons .

What if I don’t want my dog to sleep in my room?

sometimes dogs wake in the night, which can disturb your sleep. If you are not a sound sleeper, you will be happier if your frump sleeps in a different room. Options include using a gate to keep your pawl in another bedroom on a pawl bed, or having your frank rest in a crate elsewhere in your home. Don ’ t feel guilty about keeping your chase out of your room at night. Your chase can snooze during the day to catch up on sleep, but you probably can ’ metric ton. Prioritize your healthy rest and you ’ ll have more energy to play and bond with your cad during the day .

Should my dog sleep outside?

It ’ mho dependable that some dogs have thick fur and are adapted for the cold. Others can manage the inflame well. But no chase breed should have to withstand extreme inflame or cold all night long, even the most hardy outdoor dogs. It ’ s not only the temperature that can cause a trouble – your cad could be subjected to visits from nocturnal wildlife, bright lights, and other hazards. All positron emission tomography owners should plan on an indoor sleeping location for their andiron .

Sleep disorders in dogs

Sleep apnea

Dogs can suffer from sleep apnea, which can be dangerous if untreated. sleep apnea is most common in corpulent or flat-faced dogs and is characterized by loud snore and frequent wake during the night due to reduced publicize flow .


Chronic trouble, itch, or frequent micturition can prevent your cad from sleeping. In these cases, the underlying causal agent of the insomnia can be treated and your chase ’ second sleep will improve. If your cad is bored or nonoperational during the day, they may plainly not be tired at night, resulting in insomnia. Try to include some vigorous play or a retentive walk in the evening to tire out your pooch.


Narcolepsy is a skittish system sleep disorder that causes your frank to suddenly drop to the shock and fall asleep at random times. The chase will wake up on the spur of the moment if there ’ s a loud nose or if you pet the andiron. medication prescribed by your veterinarian can help to manage narcolepsy in your pawl. See your veterinarian to diagnose your dog ’ s sleeping issues and to find solutions that address the problem .

5 dog sleeping facts

  1. Dogs experience different stages of sleep (REM & NREM), just like we do.
  2. Most dogs sleep at least half of their life – 12 to 14 hours a day.
  3. As the saying goes, it’s probably a good idea to let sleeping dogs lie. 60% of all dog bites happen to children when they try to wake a dog in a deep sleep2.
  4. Most dogs walk around in a circle before lying down (they are displaying an ancestral tendency, which is basically a way to get comfortable and feel safe).
  5. Puppies and older dogs dream more than middle-aged dogs.

You and your dog deserve a good night’s sleep

No matter how, when, or where your pawl sleeps, make sure that the chase ’ second needs interlock with those of you and your class. Don ’ thyroxine sacrifice your healthy sleep for your frump ’ mho. alone when you and your andiron are well rested can you enjoy playing and bonding with your furred ally .

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