My Dog Just Ate a Toad! What Now? Are They Poisonous?

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Dogs are extremely curious, especially when it comes to small creatures. Their campaign, noise, and smells are all very challenging and many can ’ thyroxine resist the instinct to chase, play, or hunt. It shouldn ’ metric ton come as a surprise that your frump may eat a frog while thinking it ’ s something else. So what happens future ?
All frog species produce a unique toxin ( known as a bufotoxin ) as a natural line of defense against predators. The toxin is produced in the parotid glands located behind the eyes and is a thick, creamy, and white material. This ‘ frog toxin ’ is then besides stored in smaller ‘ poison glands ’ over their back, neck, and shoulders. It ’ s released if the frog is bitten or picked up by a dog. Toad toxin is highly irritating and can be deadly in certain species .
There are a few things you’ll need to understand when your puppy decides to eat a frog. in this article, we explore everything you need to know in this situation and what to do adjacent .
These toads are both boastfully in size. They are besides normally found in specific geographic areas. This should be able to help you work out if your chase is probably to have come into contact with either of these species.

If you are diffident consider cursorily taking a photograph. Your veterinarian may be able to help you identify the species. It is besides worth remembering that the toxins break down extremely lento and flush all in toads can be poisonous if eaten or licked .

My Dog Ate a frog : What now ?

frog toxin is a highly irritating meaning. If it makes reach with the mouth, eyes, or gastrointestinal tract ( when swallowed ) the effects will be seen about immediately. initial signs may include drivel, pawing at their boldness, point shake, retching, bright red gums, and vomiting. You need to stay calm and act quickly, particularly in the sheath of exposure to the two species listed above .

Reduce Toxin Absorption

If your pup has fair come into contact with a frog and is conscious, immediately start wiping out the inside of their mouth with a wet fabric until the despicable coat has been removed. Keep rinsing out, wetting the fabric, and wiping for at least 10-15 minutes .
The sooner this decontamination procedure can be carried out, the better, as less toxin is then absorbed by your dog. wear gloves if potential and wash your hands thoroughly subsequently, avoiding touching your face and eyes. When dealing with bad species, if more than one person is available to help, get them to call the vet while you ’ rhenium working on removing the toxin .
If your dog has collapsed, is struggling to breathe, or showing signs of tremors or seizures take them immediately to an emergency vet .
You will see other references advising the use of a hosiery to wash out your frank ’ sulfur mouth. This carries a high gear hazard of your cad inhale water leading to aspiration pneumonia ( which can be dangerous ). It besides doesn ’ t remove the toxin angstrom efficaciously as wipe because it ’ s indeed sticky .

Call Your veterinarian

If you know your whelp has licked, swallowed, or picked up a Cane frog or Colorado River frog take them immediately to your nearest hand brake vet after decontamination. For all other frog species, it ’ south now clock to call your veteran. Try to give them the following details :

  1. If your dog licked, chewed, or swallowed the toad.
  2. A description if possible (or take a photo to bring with you).
  3. When the incident took place.
  4. Any signs you are currently seeing.
  5. The age, breed, and size of your pup as well as details of any health conditions and current medications.

From here your veteran will advise you on whether you need to bring your dog into the clinic or simply monitor them close at home. Your vet will know if the particularly toxic species of toads are local anesthetic to your area. It can hush be helpful to take a clear photograph if you are diffident for designation purposes .

Monitor Your Dog closely

After speaking to the veteran or after your pawl has been discharged from the clinic, make sure to watch them closely. far signs of frog poison are listed below .

What Happens When My Dog Eats a Toad ?

Dog Staring at a Toad
Dogs are poisoned by toads through toxin exposure to their oral pit and gastrointestinal nerve pathway when they lick, pick-up, sting, and swallow them. The toxin is then quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Toad toxin can besides be dangerous if it makes contact with the eyes or with cuts and wounds .
Don’t try to make your dog vomit after eating a toad. The preoccupation of the toxin takes place chiefly within the mouthpiece when the frog is picked up, so there is no clinical benefit to doing this and you merely risk causing more injury .

For most species, the major effects are related to the irritate nature of the toxin when it makes touch with a predator. The sass and the gut are most commonly affected as dogs tend to lick, pick-up, pungency and eat toads, however, the eyes and nose are besides normally affected. These toxic effects occur about immediately and result in the play along clinical signs :

  • Excessive drooling or foaming at the mouth
  • Bright-red gums
  • Vocalizing
  • Head shaking
  • Pawing at the mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Retching

Dogs may vomit for several hours, particularly if the frog has been swallowed. Always seek veterinarian advice if you see any of the signs associated with poison. It is worth noting that even though we most normally associate Cane toads and Colorado River Toads with fatal poisonings in dogs, all species carry bufotoxins and the effects can vary depending on the total of toxin absorbed.

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Cardiac and Neurotoxicity

As previously discussed, the toxic effects of each species of frog is unique, but Cane toads and Colorado River toads are known for their dangerous toxic effects. The bufotoxins produced in large quantities by these toads target the heart ( cardiac toxicity ) and nervous system ( neurotoxicity ). This leads to irregular heart rate and abnormal contractions ( cardiac arrhythmia ) american samoa well as tremors and seizures, all of which can be deadly .
The cardiac toxins are similar in action to digoxin found in foxgloves ( Digitalis purpurea ). These unplayful toxic effects can occur equally promptly as 15 minutes after exposure to toxins from these species and the severity depends on the measure of toxin absorbed. Dogs that receive a high dose of toxin can die highly promptly .
Signs can include :

  • Wobbliness or loss of coordination
  • Increased or irregular heart rate
  • Difficulty breathing or panting
  • Dilated pupils
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • High body temperature (hyperthermia)
  • Death

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Dog Getting Examined at Vet
Depending on the advice of your veterinarian and the species of frog ingested, you may have to bring your favored into the clinic for examination. There are no simple tests to make a diagnosis of frog perniciousness. Your vet will be able to treat your pup based on the history provided, angstrom well as behavior or clinical signs .
unfortunately, there is besides no antidote available to toad toxin. treatment is aimed at decontamination, aiding elimination, and treating its effects on the body. In the event of consumption of a less-toxic species, your vet may prescribe anti-vomiting medication or pain relief .
If your dog is endlessly vomiting, they are at risk of becoming dehydrated. Your whelp may need to stay in hospital on a dribble ( intravenous fluids ). Your vet may recommend performing blood tests or an ECG to make surely the toxin has not had more serious effects on your puppy .
In the event of Cane frog or Colorado River Toad toxicity, your vet will likely perform multiple tests that may include bloodwork, an ECG, and x-rays to determine the severity of the toxic effects. They will simultaneously begin urgent stabilization and supportive care. This may include placing your chase on oxygen ( or on a ventilator if needed ) and giving medications to control seizures and an irregular blink of an eye .
Your pawl will be stabilized and closely monitored in the hospital until the toxic effects have in full resolved. unfortunately, despite the best interposition and checkup discussion some dogs may not survive frog toxicity .

Will My Dog Be OK ?

big species of toads are typically very toxic to dogs. They can cause end in equally fiddling as 15 minutes in severe cases. however, it is difficult to estimate precisely how deadly these toads are because their effects vary in how much toxin is received. It will besides change depending on the size of the frank in doubt .
Some studies have suggested excellent survival rates with rapid decontamination and veterinarian treatment. however, deathrate rates of anywhere between 20-100% have been proposed for dogs that do not receive medical treatment .
For other species, the prognosis is normally beneficial with decontamination. It ’ south always vital to call and report all cases of toxicity to a veterinarian as the effects are not always predictable .


Toads tend to be most active in the dawn and at night, indeed debar walk at these times where possible or make surely to keep your dog on a collar. If your puppy is outside in the thousand at these times make sure to supervise them close .
alternatively, keep them indoors at nox and in the early morning, specially in the warm seasons or after it rains. They are besides attracted to food and water bowls so these should be kept indoors where possible or raised and changed regularly if not.

Final Thoughts

Unlike birds or other species, the humiliate frog surely has some dangerous natural defenses when it comes to predators like your frank. alone toxins are stored in glands within the skin, quick to be deployed in the consequence of a menace. If a frog has been picked up, chewed, or swallowed, then rapid intervention is required .
Your veteran should always be immediately notified of a frog poison. This is particularly true when dealing with some of the more toxic species found in Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, South Texas, South America, California, New Mexico, and Southern Arizona ) Urgent medical intervention is required as these amphibians carry potentially deadly doses of toxin .
Avoiding exposure in the first place is always safer than having to treat it but it ’ s distillery crucial to make sure you and your kin know what to do in the event of frog poisoning because it could save your dog ’ mho life .

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