What to do if your dog accidentally gets high

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With weed legalized in more U.S. states than always, it ‘s not just people who are getting high. Dogs are doing it excessively, and so are cats, rabbits, birds and other pets. Well, not on purpose. More pet owners are facing the difficult, leftover, possibly even embarrassing situation of having a hopped-up darling. Over the past five years, there ‘s been a 330 percentage increase in people seeking help for high pets from the Pet Poison Helpline, Ahna Brutlag, associate director of the poison center, told The Washington Post. SEE ALSO: 25 Dogs That Are Totally Stoned Out of Theirs Minds Right now

much of the fourth dimension, they get ahold of edibles like brownies and cookies that do n’t look harmful. But they can be doubly so if the edibles are made with cocoa, which is toxic to pets, according to the Banfield Pet Hospital in Washington .

Two thirds of the calls to the Pet Poison Helpline involving pets and potentiometer deal with cannabis edibles, and most cases involve dogs, Brutlag, a veterinary toxicologist, said. Situations range from a pup by chance inhaling the fumes of gasified marijuana to licking up weed-laced bong water .

And what happens when the dogs get high ?

The symptoms range from vomiting and agitation to tremors and sometimes even seizures, depending on the potency of the cannabis, according to a 2013 report published in Topics in Companion Animal Medicine .

Marijuana consumption rarely, but occasionally, can be fateful. “ Although the drug has a high allowance of base hit, deaths have been seen after consumption of food products containing the more concentrated medical-grade THC butter, ” the analyze added. away from the atrocious prognosis of incidentally killing your andiron with pot butter, there ‘s besides the medical costs. Vet bills can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. An oregon couple whose cad by chance ate some cannabis sugarcoat told the Post they had to shell out $ 3,000 to save 6-year-old Star, a shetland sheepdog shepherd dog .

But most of the clock time, a frank getting high is n’t excessively bad. In fact, there are cad biscuits, treats and capsules with the cannabinoid known as CBD, an element from cannabis that is not psychoactive like THC. Pet owners give CBD to animals suffering from cancer, seizures and early ailments. Humans use it similarly for health reasons. identical often the dogs survive. It just takes a little sleep. The best path of action is to visit a veteran and be honest. That ‘s the advice you ‘ll get from the birdcall “ Your Dog Ate Weed, ” written and sung by veterinary technician and half-time YouTuber Kelsey Beth Carpenter.

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“ All we wan sodium do is help your pawl because your cad consume weed. It ‘s easy to see, ” she croons. “ Your pawl eat weed and you wo n’t tell me, flush though we both know it ‘s THC. ” “ I might give you a lecture on how to store your hoard better because I do n’t want to see you back for this again. ”

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