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Deciding on a Cavachon as a best supporter and four legged child was the best decission I ‘ve ever made. My Maggies personality could n’t be more arrant for me. She ‘s a velcro frump so very attached to the kin, specially me and loves to snuggle and have everyones hands on her, petting or playing with her. She actually is an attention hog in her absolve time lol. She ‘s constantly happy and will lay face to face with you in bed putting her wiggle butt on the minute she sees you open your eyes in the dawn and not stopping except when she ‘s asleep and she sometimes even wags her tail, runs and airless mouth, barks in her sleep. I will tell you, as a puppy you have your hands full and it takes quite some prison term for them to in truth settle down. Maggie never tired out. It took 8 months to wholly housebreak her as she was always excessively busy and compulsive about not even realizing what she did until she was in the middle of it or finished. We had an outdoor cad bowling pin where I would let her run off collar respective times a day, she has tons of toys and play times, At the time I was working nights and my parents were working days so she was never left alone and had LOTS of play sessions yet if you left to go cook something or go to the toilet and she did n’t follow you and things got placid you knew something was up. She would destroy all of her toys, rip wallpaper off the wall, decide gasp lets and socks were the best tug of war toys ever when you would walk and was highly unmanageable to train but after the first base year she had mellowed out enough to get the basics down, by class two she was no longer getting into anything and that ‘s the bespeak I realized she did n’t get into material barely because she was a actually hyper puppy but because she was highly intelligent, In fact she was bright and just bored looking for something more stimulate than gorge toys and balls. I have had seizures since a TBI after being bullied in school when I was 12 years previous and our late cocker spaniel spaniel blend who was 11 years old when we got Maggie had picked up on my seizures and would alert me to them. She was n’t a service andiron, would have made a phenomenal one but did pick up on the alert on her own. When Maggie was 4 months previous she had seen Sandy alert me a few times and came over and imitate Sandys alert. She did this a few times over the following few months but I did n’t think much of it thinking she credibly did n’t since the seizures and passing out from the Vigus nerve damage that resulted from the TBI but was just copying Sandy because arenaceous got a batch of care when she alerted me. When Maggie was about 10 months old, my ma had Sandy at the vet and Maggie started jumping on me, wining and pressing her body against me like Sandy would if I was going to pass out and/or have a seizure. I kind of ignored it and got a play to play with her, sat toss off on the floor and went into a capture. I then realized she was besides able to since my seizures and passing out. When Maggie was about 2 she had last mellowed out enough that she no longer had the attention straddle of a gold fish and this is when I in truth started training her and realized she could get a newfangled whoremaster down pat in about 5 minutes flat though she is reasonably stubborn so though she learned a long ton of tricks if you did n’t have a cover she looked at you like you were stupid if you asked her to do something lol. When she was 3 years old I signed her up for classes at Petmart. The teacher acted like I was crazy for signing her up because she already knew every trick but one that they taught in all three level of classes plus some they did n’t teach arsenic well as a batch of them in American Sign Language in accession to English but I besides have a genic condition that had progressed to the detail I was now a paraplegic and wanted Maggie to be more reliable with her tricks and behavior and do things the first time I asked without needing a dainty or having to worry about something distracting her. She can go out to the bathroom on her own without a leash but we do n’t have a fenced in yard and being in a president, when its not perfectly dry I ca n’t go into the grass with Maggie then I wanted to be certain she would n’t see a squirrel and run off rather of coming when called, make sure her heal was perfect and nothing distracted her because on wheels she can pull me in my chair if she wants to so they let her join the class to solidify her skills and behavior. On the third class Maggie alerted me so I excused myself from the class, went around the back to a more individual area and laid down on the floor. My ma soon came out and helped take care of me. After I had woken up the trainer came to check on me in which I said I was ticket and we went back to class. After the course ended the flight simulator asked me to stay after. She then said “ Did Maggie fair do what I think she did ? ” I said “ what do you mean ? ” She said “ Earlier in class, When you left. Was Maggie alerting you ? ” I said “ Oh, yea, She ‘s been doing it since she was a puppy, she picked it up off of Sandy. ” She said “ Oh, is Sandy your serve chase ? ” I said “ No, she ‘s merely always done that ” She said “ Well are you planning on training Maggie to be your service frump ” wholly ignorant to the fact that little any engender at any size could be a service andiron I laughed and said “ Nah, I wish but she ‘s excessively little to do that but I did try to get a service cad a while back and none of them would accept me into the program because of my allergies. A batch garbage to do poodles or habit lashkar-e-taiba you choose even if you do have a life threatening condition like my systemic Mastocitosis medically requiring it ” The flight simulator said “ No she ‘s not, she knows a tax, not a antic, a job that is needed to mitigate a health issue and that ‘s the main necessity. ” I then said “ Yeah but I do n’t know where to get a trainer. none of these places will train a cad your own pawl, they have to get them from their own breakers so I do n’t know anyone that can do it ” She then said “ Yes you do. ” I said “ who ? ” She said “ Hellooo. Me. I do n’t lone work here. I besides work at the patrol dog academy train patrol dogs and have even trained two of the dogs to be service dogs for hurt officers. I can help you train her ” I agreed and she asked me to move into a smaller class with entirely one other pawl who she thought the owner would drop out soon anyhow as she had already missed a day and called off for the watch week. I changed classes and we stayed in the smallest classes through all of the class levels where we would solidify the tricks she already knew during most of the class, finally breaking her from treats and making her recognize that she was to do what was asked preferably there was a treat or not and the last few minutes she would go over what ever tax relate service skills I wanted Maggie to learn and would show me before I left how to train Maggie how to do said task and I would work on it with her throughout the week. I watched Maggie change before my very eye. She became more confident, focus, and obedient. not entirely that but we became closer during this time. Maggie was more well round teach to do more than just alert, behave good and do playfulness tricks but she learned more undertaking relate skills like retrieving small items and bringing them to me, going to get help, we took her to stores working on her scent work because she knew my parents by grandma and pawpaw so we would go to Lowes where my parents went to a random isle and I told her to find one or the early and she would sniff them out, find them and bring them back to me if I needed avail a well as how to get help from strangers. She learned to turn one of the lights on in our house by jumping onto the seat and then the back of the recliner and flipping the switch. She now alerted me in a more appropriate and less noticeable way that would n’t be disruptive in a public position. She can pull me in my electric chair to safety. She ‘s only 17 lbs but on wheels she can very easily pull me if I were to pass out in my moderate or something and more. I besides taught her a few things that were n’t truly necessary but were in truth handy such as how to by rights drink from a urine fountain so that if we are going somewhere we know has a fountain we do n’t have to bring urine with us and how to get in a caterpillar hammock attached under my president and to step on my foot plate to get on my lick on my manual moderate and how to ride on my footplate or climb onto my lick on my powerchair which comes in actually handy in crowd places where I in truth worry about having a small service dog that others may not see and do n’t want her by chance stepped on. This is besides helpful in narrow spaces where we need to consolidate space. Besides, she loves ridding on my lick. When she gets on my lap she will sit up all directly and stick out her thorax like she her stuff does n’t smell, about as if riding in my president is her throw. She very quickly learned the difference between working and being at home besides. Some have seen her in both situations and say she ‘s like two wholly different dogs, which she is. At home she acts like a darling, will play with her synergistic games, ride in the window and bark at a squirrels, bark at and jump on people who come over unless other knowing told she cant like if they are aged and a fall risk. She greats my base health infusion nurse this direction every week, except the foremost one in which I would n’t let her jump as I did n’t know how the nurse would like dogs but she loves her and sees a chase jump on you as a compliment like I do. She loves to waller in the blankets and barely be her pathetic love self but a soon as you put on her vest and boots and leave the driveway she gets what we all call her “ serious face. ” a soon as we leave the house she knows its time to work, is quietly as a mouse, snaps into about competitive like obedience and is very law-abiding of me. I think the hardest thing to teach her after the age of two, as she is a Cavachon and they are very much velcro dogs is to stay. When we started, she would stay unless you took a measure aside from you and then she would stand up and start to follow. finally I was allowed to go about five feet away before she would move. then she got a lot more comfortable understand I would come back and I would release her so I could go to the storehouse and leave her at one end of the isle and go to the other end but we hit a brick wall for a small while there because if she lost web site of me she would take off running to find me so if I turned the corner to go to the following isle, a soon as my bet on tires left her site she would run deoxyadenosine monophosphate firm as she could after me. finally we got over that hunch a long as she could hear me in the nest isle or the next room silent talking to her and reminding her to stay and finally I was able to take the voice away all together and she would stay until I released her. If you do n’t like a chase Velcro dog that is very snuggly, extremely smart, actually to a defect because they are besides stubborn then if you train with treats first taking them aside turns out to be more of joke on you than joke on them, do n’t like a lap warm and do n’t like having multiple layers of saliva on your side and hands at all times as most Cavachon ‘s would need to join Lickers Anonymous if it were a thing than a Cavachon is n’t for you. If you want a best friend who is thus happy to see you, you ‘d think you ‘ve been gone a million years even if you merely walk outside a second to grab something out of the deep-freeze or your car, love puppy kisses and categoric love a dog that likes people and animals alike. now I would n’t say Maggie jumps for joy with other people like she does the people and animals she knows personally like family people, neighbors and their dogs but if given license, she will allow people to pet her. As she ‘s a serve chase, I do n’t allow petting a fortune because of path if one person wants to pet her, everyone does. In her case she can drop a toy mid play and alert me so the distraction of being pet is n’t a huge beguilement for her but when one person wants to pet her everyone does so its pretty rare and normally in situations without many people when I will allow it. I cave for the little old ladies and the kids with intellectual disabilities a lot lol but they are reasonably friendly dogs that are okay co-existing with others but merely have a few who they truly jump for rejoice and about wiggle out of their fur when they see lol. Though extremely healthy dogs you may have to hold off on a draw of the unnecessary educate until they are a fiddling older and have started to mellow out a bite because being small dogs, that puppy stage lasts longer than in big dogs and they are very excitable dogs and about ADHD as puppies but once they have matured a small train trail could n’t be much easier. The only real challenge I had with training involved their Velcro frank abilities. They like to be right with you all the meter so if you are trying to teach them something that involves them leaving your site or you leaving theirs it can be challenging but and energy levels as a puppy possibly not best for those who lack patients or first clock chase owners but other than that you ‘re dependable to go. You have kids, no big deal ampere hanker as their gentle enough not to hurt your cavachon you ‘re effective, cats, dogs, bunnies or other indoor animals you should be good. I ‘ve rehabbed a few birds and a few wild rabbits and she has been okay with both but I do have to watch her with bunnies. She ‘s not mean but gets truly exacted to see them hop and sometimes plays excessively crude. She besides has two best friends, one is a chipmonk that comes back every single class and lives under the ramp on our back porch and this year a frog that got then bind to her that it would literally hop up to see her when she came external. She ‘s been ennoble with both. The alone animal she ‘s ever had an issue with was a snake which thank idol was a Gardner snake. When she was a puppy I had her in the frump peg and saw her growling and slinging something about in her talk like she does with her toys. I got down to the other end and it was a snake. She was very well Thank idol … I do n’t know if the snake was, though she did think it was a bang-up modern toy. She is immediately 8 and the only health issues she has always had is she was born with a deviated ( high ) palate so when she drinks water system she will sometimes cough but it very causes no damage. Was it an emergence with the breeder, surely but I love her and would never ever trade her for any early chase. The write out was with a bone. She swallowed a chunk and it got lodged in her throat as a puppy. We took her to the emergency veteran doubly where they missed it. She quit eating and we thought we were going to loose her. I took her to our regular vet who did an endoscopy and was able to dislodge it from her throat so for now on we will only give her fresh bones. She ‘s a small dog but does like to chew on bones and at 8 has never needed a dental. last she had an anal gland impacted but none of those are anything chronic or anything that ( well now after the bone topic was found and removed ) will effect her liveliness in a badly way. She is n’t on anything but a multivitamin and as bichons are prone to allergies and pluck stains vitamin a well as Maggie being a working pawl she ‘s on a very high quality food but it very is worth the extra money for the health benefits. Ear infections and UTIs are common in Cavachon ‘s but Maggie has never had one. even though she ‘s 8 years old, you would never know. With the King Charles facial features a fortune of people hush mistake her for a puppy and she even stays active and has n’t shown any signs of aging, arthritis or slowing down. She mellowed out after the first two years but is wholly fine lying beside you on the sofa or working for 8 hours going from department to department seeing versatile doctors for tests or even going for a world power moderate run around a local neighborhood. For adenine small as she is, she can walk 6 miles in a day as I ‘ve tracked it with my wheelchair but I do besides give her the option to take a break and ride on my lap or in her guy knoll under my electric chair if she chooses to but she sometimes enjoys walking all the direction. Sorry this is so long. dependable fortune and I hope this helps some of you in choosing your future pet.

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