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The Great Pyrenees is a adult dog with an evenly big center. Pyrs have been serving as guardians for their flocks for thousands of years. here are some interest facts about the big Pyrenees :
1. They Were Bred to Be Guard Dogs
The Great Pyrenees was bred to be a livestock guard dog for the farmers in the Pyrenees Mountains of Europe which form the surround between France and Spain. These farmers bred the Great Pyrenees and the smaller Pyrenean Shepherds ; the latter was in charge of herding, while the erstwhile was in charge of protecting the flock from predators like wolves and bears .
2. The Breed Is So Old, They’ve Been Fossilized

The Great Pyrenees probable arrived in the Pyrenean Mountains with their shepherds around the class 3,000 B.C. Fossils of the Great Pyrenees have been found in the region and dated to between 1800 B.C. and 1000 B.C. Experts think the engender credibly evolved from ashen batch dogs that originated in Asia Minor equally many as 11,000 years ago .
3. They Are Instinctively Nurturing
The Great Pyrenees is not just a guard duty chase. He is a defender. The great Pyrenees protects the members of the flock, and he besides cares for and nurtures them. His instinct is to be kind to and patient with all vulnerable animals .
4. They Are Nocturnal by Nature
The Great Pyrenees was bred to guard the flocks at nox while the shepherds were sleeping and predators roamed about. Because of this, he is naturally nocturnal. People who keep Pyrs as pets shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be surprised to find they often bark at night. This makes them a bang-up hindrance for burglars .
5. They Became Royalty in France
For thousands of years, the Great Pyrenees was the cad of peasant livestock farmers. But he gained popularity with the french royals and nobility in the Renaissance years. According to french writings from 1407, the “ Great Dogs of the Mountains ” served as guardians for the Chateau fort de Lordes, a castle in southwestern France. In 1675, King Louis XIV ’ s royal woo declared the Great Pyrenees the Royal Dog of France.
pyr pups playing

6. Queen Victoria Owned One
Pyrs were not just coveted by the french nobility. queen Victoria of England owned one in the mid-19th century. queen Victoria was a andiron lover and owned many different breeds throughout her life sentence .
7. The Marquis de Lafayette Brought Them to the United States
The Marquis de Lafayette, a french military policeman who fought in the american Revolutionary War and was finale with George Washington, brought the first Great Pyrenees to the United States in 1824. Lafayette gave a pair of Pyrs to his acquaintance, J.S. Skinner, who by and by wrote a script called “ The Dog and the Sportsman. ”
8. They Helped Revive the St. Bernard
In 1870, Pyrenean blood was used with that of other large breeds to help bring back the St. Bernard after that noble frank ’ south numbers had been so greatly depleted by avalanches and ill humor at the hospice in Switzerland .
9. They Were Used to Haul Artillery in WWII
Standing guard international relations and security network ’ t the merely job that this breed has had. During World War II, the Great Pyrenees was used to bring supplies of artillery over the Pyrenees Mountains in between Spain and France.

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