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sociable, eager to please and enormously acrobatic, the muscular german Shorthaired Pointer ( GSP ) has a heart for the hunt. He besides makes a all right family friend. An general-purpose gunman dog, the breed has strong scenting powers and boundless curiosity. His department of energy matches up nicely with active, outdoor-loving families or singles .

Hunting in his history

Throughout the belated nineteenth century, the Germans bred the german Shorthaired Pointer as an general-purpose hunt chase. After all, why use one dog breed to hunt, another to point and yet another to retrieve, when one breed could do it all ? ! Developed with versatility in heed, the GSP was bred to hunt on both land and water, compass point, trail hurt game and search out deviate game. chiefly a bird dog, the GSP hunted flinch, pheasant and waterfowl but besides deer, phalanger and raccoon. With his phenomenal survival and hard sphere instincts, the GSP soon became an exceptional hunt companion. Unlike many of his hound counterparts who hunted in packs, the GSP was developed to work with man alone .

Busy. Busy. More busy.

today, GSPs continue to excel in hunt, but they besides shine in track, company and keeping their property free of vermin, excessively. As puppies specially, GSPs have an about boundless department of energy. The pups need both structure and amorphous outlets for their playful energy makeups. The GSP normally takes naturally to swimming, hike, and sports like tracking or flyball .

German Shorthaired Pointer
A well-exercised GSP makes a adorable housedog. He can tolerate both cold and warm weather, but he isn ’ thyroxine meant to be left outdoors alone for farseeing periods. If he isn ’ triiodothyronine included in family fun and sports, he ’ ll likely invent creative sports of his own. “ What do you mean you didn ’ thymine want me to dig up all your sprinkler heads ? They ’ vitamin d taken over the yard ! ”
traditionally, GSPs may excel in sports over “ academics, ” but they ’ ra still an intelligent breed. GSPs can shine in obedience, but families will need to keep lessons stimulating and non-
act. While hunting is the crowd favored among GSPs, other movement sports such as dock jump, agility, disk frank and call up are probable to hold his attention .
GSPs normally get along with other dogs ; many chase cats or other little animals. With children, youthful GSPs appearance ( besides much, at times ! ) exuberance, but they ’ rhenium about always well-intentioned. Some GSPs evidence a watchdog gene. Most engage pleasantly with new visitors, peculiarly if the guests have good ball-throwing arms !

Point to the Facts

Weight: 55 to 70 pounds ( male ), 45 to 60 pounds ( female )
Life span: 10 to 12 years

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Coat: The short, thick coat has a slenderly rough tactile property .
Color: Solid liver or a shuffle of liver and white
Ears: The breed ’ s ears ’ shape and pen up may inhibit airflow, sometimes allowing for infections. even cleaning with mild ear solution is beneficial .
Equipment: Plenty of tough, durable retrieve toys
Grooming: Frequent brush keeps the coat in beneficial determine, but in general the breed international relations and security network ’ thymine high sustenance ( for prepare, at least ! ).

Shedding: The GSP sheds, and his hair ’ sulfur texture means it frequently sticks to furniture and carpet .
Best for: Hunters, active singles. busy families with a true commitment to exercising the frank daily .
Possible health issues: Canine pelvis dysplasia

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