6 best small dog breeds that are fairly low-maintenance

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Whether you live in an apartment, have little children or would precisely preferably not have a giant Great Dane taking over your sofa every night, some of us believe that, when it comes to dogs, full things come in small packages. If this sounds like you, check out the list below, for some of the most popular belittled andiron breeds ; whose pint-size bodies can curl up in bantam apartments and whose docile temperaments can complement their owners ‘ pack schedules.

1. Dachshund

This frank breed is known beginning for fearlessness, second for stubbornness. Their allantoid builds fit well in little spaces and require entirely a 30-minute walk each day, though housetraining them can demand continuity and solitaire .Dachshund Mortimer loves his [Art Deco cottage in Newcastle, NSW](https://blog.naivepets.com/art-deco-style-honoured-in-renovation-of-newcastle-home-6661|target="_blank").Dachshund Mortimer loves his Art Deco cottage in Newcastle, NSW. photograph : Maree homer

2. Boston Terrier

Because of the dinner jacket coloring of a Boston Terrier ‘s coat, these dogs are sometimes called “ short american Gentlemen ”. But their gentlemanlike appeal extends beyond a ( low-maintenance ) short-hair coating. The Boston Terrier is both bouncy and loyal, suited to families with young or aged members, city apartments or suburban homes. While sturdier and more boisterous than the typical lapdog, the Boston Terrier besides exhibits a distinct sensitivity to human emotions. He ‘s your bully guy with a softer side, and if he were a human, he ‘d wholly be played by Gerard Butler .

3. French Bulldog

Under its frequently sober muzzle, the french Bulldog hides a arch personality — brash, but not besides unsettled for apartment exist. Noted for being a “ lap-warmer ”, this pawl ‘s little, muscular human body requires minimal use and washup ( though its abundant wrinkles should be wiped down regularly ). Frenchie ‘s adaptable attitude makes it a steadfast company for travel, so if you know you ‘ll be on the road a bunch, he may be the right breed for you .

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Silky coats and lazy tendencies – King Charles Cavaliers, they ‘re just like us ! Your Cavalier King Charles loves good afternoon naps on the sofa with stay-at-home families or senior owners. This frank ‘s delicate frame enjoys low-impact activity, while her sweetness disposition warms to strangers well.

Dickie and Douglas, two cavalier King Charles spaniels, make themselves comfortable in their [compact Paddington terrace](https://blog.naivepets.com/seamus-dinnigan-paddington-home-5898|target="_blank").Dickie and Douglas, two cavalier King Charles spaniels, make themselves comfortable in their compact Paddington terrace. photograph : Maree homer

5. Maltese

These scruffy cuties were once coveted by the imperial women of Malta, who used to smuggle them into their sleeves and snuggle up with them in bed. A single-coat breed, the Maltese does not shed but its prepare schedule includes weekly baths and houseclean of the “ rip ” stains known to gather on its gag. maltese terriers make bouncing lapdogs and are known for being ferociously loyal to their owners .

6. Short-coat chihuahua

The chihuahua is the perfective chase to accommodate a make professional ‘s life style. Its humble appetite, low-maintenance coat and play size suit apartment liveliness, off from children who may be besides heavy-handed. The breed can be fiercely patriotic to one overcome, making it a dedicate company to older owners who live alone .

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