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Production Information
First appearance: Latest appearance:
“Sandboy” “Strike Back”
Voiced by:

Sabrina Glow (English; Season 4 – present)[3]
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Jessie Lambotte (French)
Fabiola Bittarello (Italian)
Weronika Łukaszewska (Polish)
Maggie Vera (Latin American Spanish; Season 2)
Montserrat Mendoza (Latin American Spanish; Season 4)
Ermelinda Duarte (European Portuguese)
Luísa Cézar (Brazilian Portuguese)

Character Information


Genderless ø

Official pronoun:

[ 1 ]

Female, she/her




[ 2 ]

10 cm


Dog Miraculous


Paris, France


Sabrina Raincomprix
Marinette Dupain-Chen/Ladybug
Alya Césaire/Rena Rouge
other Kwamis


Hawk Moth/Shadow Moth
Akumatized villains
( status unknown )
( condition unknown ) Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee (status unknown) Félix Graham de Vanily (status unknown)


( temporarily ) Sabrina Raincomprix (temporarily) Félix Graham de Vanily (temporarily)


Hanging out with other Kwamis
Watching TV


Box getting stolen

Powers and abilities:

Miraculous transformation
Inability to be filmed

FlightLevitationIntangibilityMiraculous transformationInability to be filmed

The kid has a point! What if an akumatized villain or a sentimonster shows up? I have a bad feeling about this. You go, I’ll keep watch.
—Barkk, “ angry Fu “

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Barkk [ 4 ] is the kwami of Adoration who is connected to the Dog Miraculous. [ 5 ] With her exponent, Barkk ‘s wearer can use the choker necklace to transform into a dog-themed superhero. Barkk and her heaven-sent are presently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes .


Barkk is 10 centimeters ( or 4 inches ) tall [ 2 ] and is light embrown with a whiten bell ringer around her mouth, between her eyes, and on her breast. She has dark grey cyan eyes, drop ears, a hair’s-breadth on her frontal bone, and a pinko tongue. She besides has a tail that curves upwards .


Barkk is protective, dutiful and obedient, as seen in “ angry Fu “ when she agreed with Marinette ‘s reason of person necessitate to stay behind and guard the Miracle Box and volunteering to stay and keep a lookout for perturb. She besides has very well instincts as she sensed something frightful was going to happen and was right when Su-Han arrived for the Miracle Box. On occasion, Barkk is known to be playful as she joined in playing with one of Marinette ‘s designer hats with her fellow kwamis. She besides gets very stimulate as the prognosis of something newfangled, getting a modern holder for example .


Barkk can fly, levitate, and phase through solid objects. She can besides carry objects that are larger and/or heavier than herself. As a kwami, Barkk is able to transform the holder of the Dog Miraculous into a dog-themed superhero, giving them the ability Fetch. This ability allows them to teleport any object they hit with their Ball into their possession .


Alya meets Barkk and her mate Kwamis after Marinette tells her that she is Ladybug .


Before Season 2

Barkk came into universe when the concept of Adoration came into being. Before the marvelous jewels were created, she and the other kwamis traveled all over the universe unable to interact with humans. then, thousands of years former, a mage created the Miraculouses. When its Miraculous was not being worn, Barkk was abeyant in the Dog Miraculous, which was stored inside the Miracle Box .

Season 2

During Season 2, Barkk was dormant in the Dog Miraculous.

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In “ Sandboy “, Barkk was celebrating Nooroo ‘s birthday in the Miracle Box with the early kwamis and she was excited when Tikki and Plagg arrived. She marveled at the give Tikki brought, a marker that she thought was a paintbrush, and she played with the other kwamis. When it came the time to find Nooroo, Barkk got into put in an effort to contact him, but the kwamis contacted his wielder rather. Upon hearing him, they shuddered at the think of being his slave and they prevented him from discovering their location by cutting off the connection. They realized that if they contacted Nooroo ‘s wielder, rather than Nooroo, then person must have been akumatized and that Tikki and Plagg ‘s wielders would be in risk .

Season 3

During Season 3, Barkk was dormant in the Dog Miraculous. In “ Kwamibuster “, she was activated along with her kwami brothers and sisters to help Multimouse enact her plan to rescue Tikki and Plagg. During the confrontation, Barkk was one of the few kwamis captured but was set exempt with the help of Multinoir. After Kwamibuster ‘s frustration, She and the others cheered for Marinette as their plan was a success and returned to Miracle Box. In “ Miracle Queen “, she was activated aboard Stompp, Roaar, Ziggy, Daizzi, Mullo, Orikko, and Fluff, by Queen Bee with the purpose to use them against Ladybug and Cat Noir. After being commanded to transform her, they jointly all withheld their transformation phrases. Upon hearing Master Fu renounce his title, they protest, but Master Fu does so anyhow, resulting in the Miracle Box changing shape and phase. After failing to escape, Queen Bee throws off their respective Miraculouses, and they, alongside their kwamis, are returned to the Miracle Box by Ladybug .

Season 4

In “ Truth “, Barkk was incidentally released from the Miracle Box when Marinette tried to figure it out in her eagerness explored Marinette ‘s room. During a video call on her raw defender ‘s calculator, she and the others surrounded the screen in astonishment. When Marinette leaves for her date with Luka she and her siblings shroud with the Miracle Box. Upon hearing the titular villain enter the room she left to warn the others. After Truth ‘s get the better of, Barkk and the others saw that Marinette was deplorable about breaking up with Luka to the point of tears, she did n’t know precisely how to help but joined with her siblings in giving their newly defender a group embrace. In “ Gang of Secrets “, Barkk was seen talking with the other kwamis until their defender arrives home. Later, hears Marinette voiced her distress about being condemned to a liveliness of secrets and lies everlastingly because of her alter ego. When they hear person coming the kwamis hide in the Miracle Box upon seen Trixx activate her powers Barkk along with Wayzz advised him not to do it but did n’t have a choice. Seeing her defender voice concerns about what Trixx did but when his buddy eased her worries Barkk along with Wayzz did n’t look well convinced. After the Gang of Secrets had been defeated Barkk and the others look on as Marinette unveils her secret to Alya. In “ Mr. Pigeon 72 “, she was playing along with Roaar in one of Marinette ‘s couturier hats until they were joined by their other siblings. then, Barkk joined in helping clean up Marinette ‘s room. In “ ferocious Fu “, hearing that Master Fu was returning, Barkk was the only one who didn ’ t express the recommend to see her former headmaster accepting Marinette as her new defender. She understood, Marinette ‘s intelligent and when her new defender voiced concerns about leaving the Miracle Box unguarded volunteering to stay behind feeling something bad was going to happen. Soon she was in Su-Han ‘s bag warning the group she was right that Su-Han had returned to reclaim the box as he was the former defender before Master Fu ‘s incidental and with Su-Han ‘s strictness she sadly returned to the box. After seeing Ladybug ‘s valiant actions against the nominal villain, Su-Han realized that Master Fu ‘s choice was n’t so bad allowing her and the others to stay with Marinette. In “ Crocoduel “, Barkk and the others were listening to Alya trying to convince Marinette to come to the Couffaine Twins ‘ birthday party and to besides talk to Luka. In “ Optigami “, while in the Miracle Box ; Barkk and the others received a call from Marinette about her want Kaalki ‘s help in code. Noticing that the call option ended they believe she call again. In “ Hack-San “, Barkk and the kwamis were mindful that Marinette was leaving for a stumble to London, but heard their defender making an excuse to stay. not wanting to leave Paris unguarded and when Barkk heard that Marinette pretend to break her leg. Barkk was shocked but was informed by Longg about that magic trick never working particularly if parents want to go on vacation. In “ Simpleman “, Barkk along with Sass and Ziggy were scared as Manon tried to open the sew box and felt very dizzy when Manon, Ella and Etta shook it. In “ Dearest Family “, after Tikki ate the pieces of galette, Marinette brought for them, the kwamis quickly realized what she did. Barkk huddled together with others when they realized the danger Tikki ‘s crave for candy can represent, despite the kwami of Creation refusal at that. When Tikki and Marinette the kwamis flew around in a panic then was given license by Sass along with Wayzz to watch over Tikki. concisely after she watched Marinette, realize that Sass ‘ admonitory was real number and transforms to stop Tikki only to be affected by his sibling ‘s hunger, which scared her. Hearing a disturbance downstairs, Barkk and the others were commanded to hide. After Ladybug saved her family Daizzi and the kwamis see her hark back with pieces of galette for them. Despite that they were still nervous regarding Tikki, until Marinette ensured them that Tikki will control herself and the kwamis ate the pieces of galette happily. In “ ephemeral “, Barkk concisely met Sass ‘ owner Luka when he came into Marinette ‘s room, but their introductions were cut short ; when Luka received a message from Ladybug allowing Sass use his power to go back to the last check time. soon Barkk discovered why as she and everyone noticed the Absolute Power being activated meaning Shadow Moth obtained the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses and started his wish. Sass explained to Luka the consequences of it and the latter hurried the former to use his might, which he does, causing the kwamis ‘ meet with Luka to be erased. In “ Penalteam “, she introduces herself to Sabrina Raincomprix.

In “ Strike Back ” ,




  • Barkk was first revealed from a second season trailer on August 31, 2017.[5]
    • Barkk’s name was confirmed in the credits of the Latin American Spanish dub of “Sandboy”.[4]
  • Dogs are symbols of loyalty, assistance, protection, communication, and more.
  • The dog is the eleventh animal of the Chinese zodiac.
  • It’s fitting that Barkk’s power is fetch because it’s a common game for people to play with dogs.
  • Starting in season 4, Barkk is voiced by a girl named Sabrina in the English version. Coincidentally, the holder she gains in said season is also named Sabrina.
  • She is the fourth kwami to be used for main evil purposes, the others being Nooroo, Duusu and Pollen.


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