The 10 Fluffiest Dog Breeds on the Planet (You’ll Want to Hug One Right Now)

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Have you always been minding your own occupation, alone to have your world shattered by a literal walk mottle ? No, I ’ m not talking about the float fagot that hang out in the sky ; I ’ thousand talking about dogs. Our furred buddies come in varieties ranging from hairless to puppy powderpuff, with these ten dog breeds in the class of “ fluffiest cad ever. ” See below for our roundup of the floofiest cad breeds around !
resemblance to bear cub is strictly accidental .

1. Keeshond

The Keeshond ( pronounce kayz-hawnd ) goes back to seventeenth century Holland and is an affectionate frump geared toward companionship—which means you get express permission to cuddle all the floof.

2. Bearded collie

The bearded collie ’ second coat is compact and lies flatter than the Keeshond ’ sulfur, and their coating can change color, or “ fade, ” over their life. Read : this chase was doing ombré haircloth before it was cool .

3. Samoyed

These embody cotton balls ’ fur is dirt- and water-repellent, so their bagatelle aura stays a consistent bright white. Despite shedding like no one ’ sulfur occupation, Samoyeds are hypoallergenic and bang-up at self-grooming .

4. Chow chow

These doggies are known for having a mane that rivals a lion ’ second, but did you know they have a less-floofy counterpart ?
Yep, the smooth-coated Chow ( not featured, but decidedly a rival for Wrinkliest Dog ). Look out for bounce and hang, as these bleary bear-dogs tend to blow their coat seasonally .

5. Bichon frise

With curls groomed to look like pillows, these sassy clouds have quite a morsel of personality. While their coating doesn ’ thymine shed quite like the Samoyed, beware and brush regularly—those curls tend to trap any loose fur .
Bichon Frise - where do small dogs come from

6. Shetland sheepdog

Shelties originated in the Shetland Islands, 50 miles north of the scottish mainland. With a retentive motley coat that is water and scandal resistant, these friendly dogs were used chiefly for herding sheep and cattle .

7. Pomeranian

As descendants of sled dogs in Iceland, Pomeranians wear a coat engineered for winter survival ( and lap-warming ). These shock dusters come about every color, so you can cuddle these perky poofs in sable, total darkness, blue — you name it !

8. Newfoundland

Though there is much argument about the lineage of Newfies ( Tibetan mastiff descendants ? Brought to North America with Vikings ? ), they are not alone one of the fluffiest, but one of the friendliest breeds american samoa well .
With their chummy water-repellent coat and webbed feet, Newfies don ’ t bat an eye at pivotal dips and were used chiefly as working dogs for fishermen.

9. Old English Sheepdog

similar in appearance to the bearded collie, the Old English Sheepdog was once one of the more recognizable breeds, even making an appearance as Prince Eric ’ s lively pup in Disney ’ s The Little Mermaid. I think we can all agree with Prince Eric—we want to be depart of this dog ’ south universe !

10. Pekingese

pekinese pups survived the sink of the Titanic, and we wouldn ’ thyroxine be surprised if it was partially due to their fur double over as a cozy floating device. The flat-faced fluffs were royalty in imperial China, acting as both guard dogs and hand warmers .

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