Top 10 low maintenance dog breeds

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Shiba Inu wearing a PitPat

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Top 10 low maintenance dog breeds

Owning a dog is a boastfully province – they need regular walk, feed, dress, healthcare, educate, and batch of sexual love and care. however, different dogs require different levels of care, and there are dogs out there who are more well satisfied and cared for than others .
All of the cad breeds in this list as choose thanks to their moo maintenance natures. Most need very short groom, are satisfied with a couple of curtly daily walks and are chilled fairly chilled out pups. Of run, each individual frump has their own quirks and needs, so you ’ ll motivation to be flexible enough to give them what they need .


You might be surprised to hear that these stars of the racetrack are amongst the lowest alimony dogs out there. They don ’ t need much exercise – a pair of 30-minute walks each day are plenty. Greyhounds are built for speed, not stamina. They have a short coating, meaning dress requirements are minimal and preceptor ’ metric ton mind outgo a few hours by themselves – they ’ ll frequently just sleep ! These gentle giants normally settle into your family easily, frequently getting on well with children and other dogs – though they may try to chase minor furred creatures !


One of the most popular small cad breeds, the Dachshund is a give and lively little pup. Because of their little legs, they lone need a pair of short walks and some playtime to keep them happy and goodly. They adhere closely to one owner but can be left alone for a few hours a day with proper aim and batch of enrichment toys .

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu playing with owner on bed
Shiba Inus originated in Japan as hunting dogs. They have a cat-like personality – that is, highly mugwump and likely to climb on top of your electric refrigerator ! It ’ s this same temperament that means they can be left alone a little longer than some other dogs – precisely make certain their environment is safe and that you leave enough of enrichment toys out for them. They need regular brush, particularly during shedding temper, but it ’ sulfur easily managed at home. They have an average department of energy level, meaning they ’ ll need a couple of good walks every day, plus mental stimulation, like train .

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are easy going dogs who are happy to take animation as it comes. long walk up a mountain ? Sure. chill by themselves at home for a few hours ? No problem. They need very small grooming thanks to their shortstop coat and have average exercise needs – a pair of good walks and some playtime is pawfect for them .

French Bulldog

french Bulldogs are playful little bundles of fun, who make pawfect companions for people looking for a broken sustenance pup. Grooming is minimal thanks to their short coat, and their use needs are fairly abject. Frenchies shackle close with their kin, so you ’ ll need to invest some clock in good train to help them cope whilst they are by themselves – once trained, many will be felicitous to be left alone for a few hours with some enrichment toys to keep them occupied .


These gentle giants are protective and affectionate members of the family. They have broken department of energy levels, meaning a copulate of walks are enough for these pooches. in the first place bred as precaution dogs, they are happy to lay around the family all day, and don ’ t tend to suffer from separation anxiety deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as they are trained well early on. Grooming is a breeze thanks to their short coat, but you ’ ll need to watch out for that drool !


These pouch rockets have a repute for feistiness, so you might be surprised to learn that they do rather well when left alone. You ’ ll want to have a tauten handle on their trail, as they can be stubborn and mugwump, but with enough of enrichment toys to keep them entertained they ’ ll happily wile away the hours, specially if they live with another friendly dog. Short-coated Chihuahuas need very little dress and they are happy with a few commodity walks each day .


This recognizable pooch makes a pawfect moo maintenance cad. They ’ ve got brusque coating, meaning dress is extremely easy, and need very little exercise – on showery days they ’ ll tied be satisfied with some games indoors. They have aristocratic temperaments and are happy to lounge around all day – meaning they ’ ll credibly be napping in the same blot on the sofa when you get home !


Whippets look like little Greyhounds and have exchangeable personalities. much like their larger lookalikes, Whippets enjoy exercising in inadequate, acute bursts and are glad enough the spend the rest of the sidereal day relaxing. They are fresh chase, so motivation genial foreplay whilst you are away and have fantastic temperaments perfect for families. They have a short coat, so grooming is very easy indeed .

Mixed breed

Mixed breed dog out for a walk
Whilst mix breed dogs can have slenderly more unpredictable temperaments, many make wonderfully low care pets. If buying a assorted breed puppy, look at the temperaments of the parents for an indication of how the puppies might turn out, but be prepared for all sorts ! If adopting a dog, discuss your needs with the rescue concentrate of your choice – they will work hard to find a pawl who is a pawfect meet for you .
Whenever you leave your frump alone, you need to have the peace of mind that they are relaxed, and their needs are catered for. You can use a PitPat cad action monitor to see how much natural process they do whilst you are out – high activeness could indicate that they are pacing which could be a symptom of separation anxiety .
equally, you can use your PitPat to ensure your cad gets adequate drill every day, which is a major gene in reducing separation anxiety, and tied check up on your frump walker. Get yours nowadays for just £39 .

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