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As humans, we ’ ra typically reasonably uncoerced to pay for the things we love or want. nothing is a better example than shelling out cash for engender preference. After all, folks can be reasonably particular about their four-legged buddies. Some purebreds will alone cost a few hundred dollars, even for optimum breeding. But as you can gather by the entitle, these dogs are not in that class. Far from it .
indeed which breeds are 20 top-dollar dogs ? Some of these may surprise you, others may not—and some may be dogs you ’ ve never evening learn of earlier. Let ’ s search at the canines that are the costly and see what ’ s so special about them .
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Lakeland Terrier – $ 1,100

fawn lakeland terrier
Lakeland Terriers come from the Lake District in England. These dogs are by and large hypoallergenic, curly-haired bundles of energy. Like many terriers, they are game and entertaining with an unconditioned ability to learn quickly. They may be a bit selective on who they do and don ’ thyroxine like—and won ’ thymine be afraid to show it.

While upfront costs of $ 1,100 may not seem besides steep, the real expense for this engender is in grooming. If you take them to a professional groomer, you will have to spend an average of $ 65 with every visit. That can truly add up after a while .


Bergamasco Shepherd – $ 1,200

From the Italian Alps, the Bergamasco Shepherd worked as a herd chase. Since then, it has become a beloved family pet, and a rare one american samoa well. These dogs resemble mops, with their seemingly dreaded locks of hair, making them incredibly unique .
These dogs are fiercely healthy and determined. They may be smaller, but they have a larger than life mentality. Their clumps of hair are known as “ mats ”, and they fully form when they reach three years of age .


Irish Wolfhound – $ 1,500

Irish Wolfhound
irish Wolfhounds are massive sighthounds that were initially bred in Ireland to pursue godforsaken game in hunting. With their wide stride and graceful agility, this thoughtful, calm frump is one of the largest breeds of all. They are excellent companion animals and guard dogs .
sadly, not only are they dearly-won, they have identical short circuit lifespans adenine well. They only live an average of 6-10 years. You can ’ triiodothyronine put a price tag on the sum of love you will receive in that time .


Bedlington Terrier – $ 1,500

Bedlington Terrier standing on grass
Originating in Northeast England, the Bedlington Terrier costs a pretty penny to purchase. not only are their initial costs steep, so is their sustenance. Because of their lamb-like coat, they will need unconstipated brush and grooming alimony .
They are very physically adequate to and have a history of cad rush. That can make them tricky to catch, so training them to behave is critical. They have a diffident inclination for a terrier, so socializing them is substantive. differently, they may be excessively backward and possibly flush develop aflutter tendencies .


Pharaoh Hound – $ 2,000

Pharaoh Hound in beautiful autumn park
These imperial dogs were bred in maltese to hunt rabbits. They are agile in harsh terrain and have a streamlined, athletic build. While they may be eminent energy and grim when they are hot on the trail, they are quite happy to lounge around .
They are intensely intelligent but besides stubborn. They can take to training with a selfish mentality, wanting to ensure they get something out of the deal, excessively. They bore well, so you will need to make surely to adequately entertain therefore no destructive tendencies or lousy behavior begins .


Azawakh – $ 2,250

Azawakh standing on grass outdoor
This west african engender is another sighthound on the number. They are impressively agile and aerodynamic. They can run with remarkable accelerate up to 40 miles per hour. They have an abundance of energy and will be fabulously indefatigable playmates .
While they may be athletically impressive, they aren ’ t the best with strangers. Due to their naturally on-guard demeanor and cutting senses, they will be fantastic watchdogs. They are broadly welcoming of newcomers once they understand you are no threat .


belgian Malinois – $ 2,400

belgian malinois
From Belgium, these incredibly hard-working, unusually intelligent creatures arose. They are stunning in both forcible and mental abilities. They are exceptionally responsive to prepare, learning fresh tasks efficiently and distinctly. They love to be active and are not lap dogs by any means .
Because of their incomputable loyalty and distinctness, they make fantastic companions or working dogs. They ’ re dearly-won no count what. however, if you buy a particularly train Malinois, you could pay upwards of $ 10,000 and beyond—depending on the duty they are assigned .


Black Russian Terrier – $ 2,500

a Black Russian Terrier standing on grass
This beautiful terrier is from the Soviet Union in the 1800s, created to be military dogs. They are quite impressive, with a broad stance, making them one of the largest terrier breeds that exist nowadays. They have changed in looks quite enormously from their early days on earth. They are rather rare, which is likely linked to their price .
They are highly affectionate and loving towards their class. They are amazingly needy and necessitate lots of attention. If they are left alone frequently, they may develop unhealthy behavioral habits. They are very fantastic with kids and non-dominant animals .


Neapolitan Mastiff – $ 2,600

Neapolitan Mastiff standing in the meadow
These gorgeous mastiffs have italian roots. They are so fabulously intriguing that they may not seem real. They have the most drooping jowl and loosen, wrinkled bark of all other mastiff breeds. While their average cost is $ 2,600, they can cost up to a whack $ 10,000 depending on pedigree. Most of them are still found in Italy, making them extremely rare in other areas .
These dogs may look like wrinkled teddy bears, but they are rather reserved. They make amazing companion animals for families of all sizes, but they aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always then crazy about strangers. They will guard your dwelling relentlessly and act possibly immaterial toward anyone they don ’ thymine love immediately .


Saluki – $ 2,600

These proper lady-like and gentlemanlike dogs are another sighthound engender on our list from the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East. They were besides bred for their amaze speed and skill. They can run a fast as 43 miles per hour .
Looking quite poised and supple, their personalities frequently reflect their looks. They tend to be very lull and mild. They can be a tad on the anxious side and may not take well to new people or situations. They need exposure to many different people and places early on to avoid timidity .


Xoloitzcuintle – $ 2,600

These dogs surely are a singular breed that started in Mexico. They are largely wholly hairless and, therefore, hypoallergenic. however, they can have coats and hairless born in the same litter. They don ’ metric ton just come in one size, either. They are available in toy, miniature, and standard sizes. Colors vary equally well .
This breed is typically very accepting and friendly. Because of their hairlessness, they do not pant the same way a normal cad does. They sweat through actual glands and paw pads, which require washing up regularly. They will besides need protection from extreme point to moderate weather and sunlight exposure .


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – $ 2,650

cavalier king charles spaniel
This adorable English engender has a very recognizable face. Who isn ’ t a chump for those long poufy ears and boastful doe eyes ? These dogs have very worked their way up into fame in the United States, as they rank # 18 on the AKC popularity chart .
These beauties are adaptable to their owner ’ s life style. That means they can be a very physically active breed, running around arsenic much as you wish. Or, they could be very calm and uncoerced to laze about the house. They are freelancer and free-spirited but besides feel for and wish towards people and children .


Lagotto Romagnolo – $ 2,700

Lagotto Romagnolo dog standing in the yard on a sunny day
This breed is a water frump from Italy that is used for retrieving minor plot and seeking out truffles. They resemble downy, priggish dogs, but they are anything but. They are exceptionally hard-working with capital survival. They are besides the lone thoroughbred dogs who specialize in truffle hunt .
They are very carefree pets who are approachable and tidal bore to please. They excel just vitamin a well cuddling on the couch as they do scouting for forest goodies. They are pretty plentiful in Italy, but in America, they are much rare. That leads to costing more than the average thoroughbred .


English Bulldog – $ 3,000

English Bulldog
Spawning from the United Kingdom, English bulldogs are a very recognizable breed with so a lot personality to offer. They are quite expensive, but not without cause. They have extremely bombastic heads which leads to complicated deliveries. Because of that, breeders opt for C-sections in stead of natural births .
Bulldogs are muscle-bound and may look like ruffians, but they are very accordant. They ’ re by and large very goofy, playful, and lovable. They may run you even more in extra costs, however, as they are prone to a wide variety of health issues .


Puli Dog – $ 3,100

Black Puli
This is another breed on the list which looks like they have dreadlocks. The Puli originates in Hungary and was bred for herding purposes. Because of their breeding, they have a very senior high school prey drive and will love scurrying around to chase smaller animals as an instinctual enchant .
Pulis are great pets, but they tend to have a mind of their own. They will rule the roost if you allow them to, so you must have a fast hand when aim. They need to know you are the foreman. otherwise, they are entertaining, affectionate, and close companions .


Tibetan Mastiff – $ 3,200

tibetan mastiff
From Tibet, these mastiffs are not for the faint of kernel. They are ampere cutthroat as they look—widely known for their lion-like appearance and ferociousness. Their job consisted of protecting people from large predators like bears, jaguars, wolves, and tigers—so they needed to be grim and physically able .
Because of their strong will and alpha mentality, they aren ’ triiodothyronine for inexperienced owners. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lay down the police, they will believe they are your master rather. While they are typically loving to their families, they don ’ triiodothyronine partake this affection for strangers. In fact, great caution is advised when dealing with a ill socialized frump of this engender .


portuguese Water Dog – $ 4,000

Brown Portuguese Water Dog
From Portugal, this body of water pawl is identical alike looking to our beloved Lagotto Romagnolo. While they share the common ground of being water retrievers for domestic fowl and early small game, they are very different in other ways. They are bootleg and white and have webbed feet to help them swim effortlessly .
They are known for being exceptionally fantastic with children and owners. They have a decent mentality for strangers, excessively, being hospitable and warm. These dogs are sol expensive because of all the health tests parents must undergo to be acceptable for reproduction .


Rottweiler – $ 5,200

These german dogs have skyrocketed in popularity since their creation. It ’ s truly no wonder, as they are faithful, noble, and protective with their people. Because they have such solid bloodlines, you can pay enormously for the quality. You can besides, however, get a healthy specimen in the price range of $ 1,000 .
While they are sweetly firm to their keepers, they aren ’ t the type to take a set of time pondering before acting if they feel they need to. This can lead to biting or aggression if they pose a threat. The bad reputation they have is incomparable to their true good nature. A well-socialized and by rights train Rottweiler should show no abnormal aggression to note .


french Bulldog – $ 5,700

white French Bulldog
These ill-famed little bat-eared Frenchmen can cost you an weapon and a leg. While they are super common, their breed is particular and costly. Mothers must undergo artificial insemination, and the puppies are delivered via C-section. All things considered— this is one of the most expensive dogs because of the complexity that goes into their creation .
Most owners would agree they are worth every penny. They are fun-loving, excitable, and goofy. This is one engender who has a very hard love for attention no matter who you are—stranger or companion .


Löwchen – $ 6,500

last, here is our number one. Lowchen is german for “ small lion ” and these dogs fit the bill quite nicely. They are fiercely loyal, brave-hearted, and contribution the same hairdo. They once held the title for being the rarest dog in the world, and they are even teetering in scarcity today .
They aren ’ t your typical little cad, either. They are very social, friendly, and they don ’ t have a high bark tendency. They love attention and boom when they are constantly at the focus on of it. This bubbling little cad is the priciest one to date, not to mention costs of general alimony that surveil.

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Would You Pay Up ?

Worth is a proportional term. It will vary from person to person, depending on what is important to them. That includes paying respective thousand dollars for a chase. But always keep in thinker, many purebred dogs wind up in shelters or at rescues. If you simply want the pleasure of owning any of these alien breeds, always remember to search locally. Chances are, there is one who could use person like you .
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