What kind of dog does Dana Perino have? Percy is jaw-droppingly cute

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The Five welcomed an adorable member to the table on last night’s (8 November 2021) show: Dana Perino’s new puppy Percy. But what kind of dog does she have? This is the quality content the global deserves : puppies crashing national television on a weeknight. The Five co-anchor Dana Perino revealed Percy, the newest member of her family – or more like the entire area – as she has said herself.

Perino shared the heartbreaking news program her dog, Jasper, passed off in September. not a refilling, but an addition, Percy is the next pet to be accepted into The Five .

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What kind of dog does Dana Perino have?

Seven-week-old Percy is a vizsla, a cad breed that originates in Hungary. The word vizsla means ‘ searcher ’ or ‘ tracker ’ in Hungarian. Perino and her husband Peter McMahon picked up their new furred friend on Sunday, 7 November in Ohio. Percy was born in Hillsboro, Ohio, on 22 September and, from Perino ’ s official Fox News announcement, it seems he ’ randomness been receiving a lot of love already – the article is packed with photos of the adorable puppy ! The seven-week-old was named after a first World War veteran, whose stories McMahon regularly listened to while he was working in a public house in northern England aged 18. Percy is the third vizsla of the Perino family : before Jasper, their first vizsla was called Henry.

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What happened to Jasper?

America ’ s chase passed away on Saturday, 4 September 2021 at 12.40 prime minister, aged nine. Viewers are well acquainted with him thanks to his numerous appearances. Perino ’ sulfur followers decidedly know about Jasper – her Instagram is basically a fan page ! Fox News even dedicated a video to commemorate his life after he died from a fast-spreading cancer. Vizslas typically have a life of 12 to 15 years, so Jasper ’ s death was a atrocious gobble from the blue .

Percy has fans already

Jasper was a star in his own right : he even got stopped by a jogger in Central Park for a photograph. It ’ s only natural that Percy gets some fan love excessively, and it ’ s already begun ! Yes, 10/10 would ‘ boop ’ his nose :

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