5 Facts About Pit Bull-type dogs

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As part of National Pit Bull Awareness Month, we wanted to partake some authoritative information about Pit Bulls, a “ breed ” that often gets a bad tap. unfortunately, Pit Bull-type dogs frequently come to our Animal Care & Adoption Centers because their owners face housing and insurance restrictions prohibiting sealed breeds of dogs .

Here are 5 facts that you need to know about Pit Bull-type dogs:

1. FACT: The “Pit Bull” is not an official breed.
“ Pit Bull ” is an umbrella term normally reported to contain the follow 3 register breeds of dogs : Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and American Pit Bull Terrier .
many dogs that are classified as “ pit bulls ” are actually a combination of assorted engender dogs of strange pedigree or early thoroughbred dogs which bear some physical resemblance. It is not easy to identify a pawl ’ s engender origin ( s ) from appearance alone, consequently many dogs who are labeled as Pit Bull-type dogs are actually not.

2. FACT: While some Pit Bull-type dogs were historically bred for the purposes of “blood sports”, the majority were bred to become family dogs and farm help.
In the 1970s, dog “ blood sports ” ( i.e., dogfighting, street fighting ) began to get more attention by law enforcement and, consequently, the media—making the public a lot more mindful of these barbarous practices. The ballyhoo drew people to the conclusion that the Pit Bull-type frank ’ s history of affair in “ blood sports ” made them uniquely dangerous .
The truth is that one can not predict a cad ’ s demeanor based on what the ancestral breed was “ historically bred for. ” alternatively, each dog should be assessed as a unique individual based upon their overall disposition and breeding .
3. FACT: Pit Bull-type dogs are not born aggressive
Ever heard the phrase “ nature vs. raising ” ? Well, that applies hera excessively. Pit Bull-type dogs, equitable like any other type, follow “ learned ” behavior teach by the humans who raise them.

To put it merely : an heedful worry owner will raise a happy well-adjusted pet. A derelict and abusive owner will raise an unhappy aggressive pet. More frequently than not, Pit Bull-type dogs who display aggressive behavior are frequently the victims of irresponsible ownership .
4. FACT: Pit Bull type dogs do not have “locking jaws”
No such “ locking jaw ” mechanism exists in a Pit Bull-type andiron or any other andiron type or breed. There is nothing uncommon about the size and functionality of a Pit Bull-type dog ’ s jaw or tooth. additionally, there is no evidence which proves that one andiron character or breed is uniquely capable of inflicting unplayful injury to humans or early animals .
5. FACT: You should consider adopting a Pit Bull-type dog from your local shelter
If you ’ re looking to add a new furred family penis to your family, think about saving a life and adopt. When a Pit Bull-type frump is properly matched to your family and life style, it is a success floor in the make. Pit Bull-type dogs are firm companions, quick learners, and make bang-up exercise buddies.

If you are considering adopting, make sure you visit a shelter that offers behavioral assessments and enrichment programs for all adoptable animals. At the ARL, for exercise, staff can that provide penetration into a dog ’ s overall disposition, health, and upbringing. It is always a good mind to bring everyone in the family ( including other dogs ) to the protection with you to ensure that your new addition is the correct fit for your dwelling and syndicate .
If you’re looking to add a Pit Bull-type dog or another type of pet to your family, visit our adoptable pets at our Animal Care & Adoption Centers. 

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