Blue Dog Breeds – 20 Beautiful Blue Breeds That You’ll Love

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blue dog breeds
Blue frump breeds come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From bantam blue terriers to huge Great Danes. nowadays we ’ ll take a expect at the pros and cons of the most democratic blue dogs. We ’ ll share data about finding blue puppies, and help you to pick the good bluing andiron engender for your family .


Blue andiron breeds have a load version of a black coat. These dogs can be reasonably unusual, as it takes two recessive allele genes to create this coat color. But, there are lots of breeds that have blue colored fur. Some have solid coats, and others have blue amongst other colors !

Top 20 Blue Dog Breeds

Blue colored dogs can have very unlike needs and characteristics. so, not every blue sky frump breed will be veracious for your family. Let ’ s take a look at the blue coat cad breeds we will cover in this guide.

If you ’ re lament to learn about a specific frump in our list, you can jump straight to them with the links below. Or, keep scrolling to find out a little bit about all of them ! We ’ ve included some dogs with quite different needs, thus hopefully you will find the right amobarbital sodium dog breed for you here. here are the top 20 blue frank breeds :

Australian Cattle Dog

blue heeler mixes
The australian Cattle Dog is besides known by the mention Blue Heeler. This is an australian engender that was primitively used to herd cattle, as you can tell from its appoint ! This bluing frank breed ’ randomness coat comes in some beautiful patterns, and can include colors like tan and white alongside the bluing .

blue Heelers are energetic, alarm, and healthy. They need owners who can dedicate plenty of clock to exercising them, training them, and keeping them busy. australian Cattle Dogs can besides have natural herd instincts that lead to them nipping at the heels of other pets or syndicate members .
You might want to consider this if you have young children or early animals who could be upset by this. Socializing them well will help to raise a felicitous, confident puppy .

Kerry Blue Terrier

irish dog breeds - kerry blue terrier
The Kerry Blue Terrier is one of our most distinctive blue dog breeds, thanks to its curly coat ! It has gentle waves and besides rarely sheds, which is big if you have limited solitaire for vacuuming up favored fur. however these dogs do need regular groom, and enough of exert. so, they aren ’ t the right andiron for person who wants a low-maintenance company .
This irish terrier breed is known for being hardworking, intelligent, and people-oriented. Kerry Blue Terriers love outgo time with their owners above all else. then, you can exercise with them and play lots of fun games, like tug or bring. Thanks to their intelligence, these dogs will besides love canine sports like agility and dock dive .

Bluetick Coonhound

american english coonhound
The Bluetick Coonhound has a coat color good like its name describes : blue, and ticked ! Ticking is small spots or flecks on a base of white. These dogs can besides have tan mixed in .
These blue sky colored dogs are devoted, affectionate, and healthy. Their short glossy coat sheds reasonably, and more during shedding seasons. so, you will need to groom them at least once a week .
Blueticks are energetic dogs that may have a firm raven drive. so, they will need batch of use. You will besides need to socialize them well and practice strong recall and obedience to minimise the find of any aggression towards small animals .

Blue Lacy

blue lacy dog
Blue Lacys are one of the American amobarbital sodium cad breeds. These hunting and herding dogs come from Texas, and are besides known as Lacy Dogs .
adorable Blue Lacy dogs are energetic, healthy, and alert. They are happiest when they have a job to do, so will be identical well suited to families who have active lives. Because they were in the first place used as hunt and herding dogs, your Blue Lacy may have natural furrow instincts .
only a perfectly practised recall will be enough to bring them back ! But, on the plus side, these dogs take well to training. Stick with convinced reward methods to ensure you get the very best results .

Thai Ridgeback

thai ridgeback
The Thai Ridgeback comes in four standard colors, one of which is blue ! They have short slick coats that lone need episodic brush, but will shed seasonally .
thai Ridgebacks are firm, athletic, and freelancer. They were primitively bred to be watch dogs and precaution dogs, so may be territorial around their owners. It is authoritative to socialize your Thai Ridgeback blue colored cad well from a young age. This will help your puppy grow into a happy, friendly, and confident frank .
thai Ridgebacks are well suited to homes where they can burn off their hardworking energy. They are used to having plenty of time to run around, therefore need to be kept mentally and physically stimulated. This might not be the best blue frank breed if you have early little animals. Although, they may be fine if raised in concert .

Australian Shepherd

8 week old Australian Shepherds
The australian Shepherd is a herding breed often used on farms in America. Although it besides makes a popular pet for active agent families. One of its most distinctie colors is the blue blackbird .
australian Shepherds are very intelligent, energetic, and loving. They can get bored easily so motivation lots of exercise and mental foreplay. Aussies need families that can spend a set of time with their dogs. Leaving them alone for excessively long can lead to separation anxiety .
Although they ’ ra affectionate and loving with families, australian Shepherds can be wary with strangers and have herding instincts. so cause sure to socialize your pawl well if you are considering bringing this breed dwelling .

Bearded Collie

scottish dog breeds - bearded collie
Blue is one of the standard colors of the Scottish Bearded Collie. This engender has a beautiful thick downy coat that will need a day by day light brush, and a weekly full dress. This international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always a agile job, so make certain you ’ rhenium dedicated to a regular dressing plan if you want to choose this andiron .
Bearded Collies are intelligent, independent, and friendly. These dogs need a good measure of exercise every day, whether its an active game, or time to run off three. As a natural herd and droving breed, your Collie may be mugwump and potentially aggressive towards other animals. so, socialize them well to help them grow into friendly dogs .

Chow Chow

chow chow
chow Chows are one of our favored large, knock-down blue chase breeds. These dogs have a downy blasphemous coat, and they can evening have a equal blue clapper ! This breed is dignified, unplayful, and can be aloof. indeed, if you ’ re looking for an affectionate cad, this international relations and security network ’ t the matchless for you .
As a natural watchdog, you need to socialize your Chow Chow well from the fourth dimension it ’ s a puppy. You should besides train them well and systematically from the week they came home. These dogs can be stubborn when it comes to aim, therefore be affected role. Chow Chows will do good with families who have experience in raising dogs .

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is another of our biggest blue andiron breeds ! These huge dogs will be at least 30 inches tall at the shoulder. They can be ampere big as 7 foot improbable standing on their hind leg ! As a huge breed, they need enough of trail and socialization as puppies. These dogs can well by chance hurt person by knocking them over, so it ’ sulfur crucial to have good control .
irish Wolfhounds are agile, easy, and faithful. so, despite their huge size, they are great dogs for families with children. This andiron needs chasten dress, and less exercise than you ’ five hundred think. He needs space to roam and regular exercise each day, but will happily laze around your family at other times .

Italian Greyhound

toy dog breeds
In contrast to our last bluing cad breeds, the italian Greyhound is a smaller blue colored pawl. Their short slick coat requires very little maintenance and rarely sheds. italian Greyhounds love a dash, but will besides love cuddling up in your lap. These dogs can be mischievous, inquisitive, and affectionate. however, train from an early age and dedicate enough of fourth dimension to housetraining your italian Greyhound .
They besides have a high prey drive so be wary of this breed if you already have other little animals. italian Greyhounds are likely to get along well with other dogs, but could get hurt by boastfully boisterous dogs .


A complete guide to the Standard Poodle. Giving information on size, weight, color, temperament, breeders, adoption and rescue.
The Poodle amobarbital sodium andiron engender comes in three sizes : standard, miniature, and miniature. Poodles have curly fur that catches any shedding hair. This means it is frequently a better choice for people with allergies. But, no cad breed is in truth hypoallergenic. so, you should constantly spend time with a cad before committing if you suffer from allergies .
Poodles are intelligent, energetic, and friendly dogs that love spend time with their families. They take well to educate, and will love exercising both on land and in water ! These dogs were originally hunting companions, so they need batch of socialization to ensure they are happy and friendly with other animals.

Chinese Shar Pei

Blue Shar Pei. Shar Pei wrinkles might be cute, but they come at a heavy price. Horrendous health problems and painful skin conditions.
Shar Peis can be quite classifiable looking blue chase breeds thanks to their wrinkle hide. however, this alone feature brings with it plenty of extra care needs. These dogs are known for being firm, confident, and often refractory. thus, be easy and patient when training them. positive reward methods function outdo .
Shar Peis need to be socialized well to minimise any potential aggression to other people and animals. They may not be the best choice if you already have other pets. They require enough of exercise, so aren ’ t suitable for a sedentary kin .


Feeding a Whippet Puppy
The Whippet is another one of our smaller blue dog breeds. Like the previously discussed italian Greyhound, the Whippet will spend just adenine much clock time cuddling up on the sofa as it does zooming about. This batch hound was originally bred to chase game. so, it won ’ t be the best breed for homes that have little animals .
Socializing your puppy well and practicing big recall can minimise the furrow instinct, but it ’ s still something to be mindful of. Whippets need regular daily practice and lots of social interaction. But, they require very little training .

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie is another of our little blue andiron breeds. This bantam terrier can reach up to 9 inches tall, weighing up to 7 pounds. These dogs are convinced, lively, and affectionate. They are smaller, so can suit apartment life equally long as they get adequate exert out of the home .
Yorkies were originally used as a plague exterminator, thus may chase other small animals in your dwelling. Socialize them well to minimise any aggression. They have a beautiful tan and deep united states navy coat that requires a lot of grooming. Their fur can easily get tangled, and needs brushing every day, just like human hair .


Blue Tick Beagle
It might surprise you to see the Beagle on our blue frump breeds list, but aristocratic is one of the colors you can see on this breed ! You can even get beautiful gloomy tick Beagles. These are working dogs, bred to be friendly, healthy, and social. They get along well with people and other dogs alike, but will distillery need socialization to encourage this .
Beagles love spending enough of time with their families, and can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone besides long. Thanks to their energy and intelligence, they can besides get bored easily. so make certain this breed has plenty to do and lots of opportunities to burn off energy !

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a blue andiron breed that is besides dearly known as the Staffie. These dogs are known for being brave, patriotic, and gentle, particularly with their families. however, they fall into the Pitbull, or browbeat, class. So, some people think they are aggressive, and they are even banned in some states .
socialization from a young age will help your blue Staffie be a friendly as any other andiron. But, train is besides important, to ensure you can control your frump if you need to. Staffies need batch of exercise and lots of social interaction to stay happy and healthy. Plus, they have strong jaws, so invest in some hardy chew dally !

Catahoula Leopard Dog

catahoula leopard dog temperament
The Catahoula Leopard Dog can come in bluing and blue blackbird tinge, among other shades ! This is an american solve and herding breed. Catahoulas are intelligent, energetic, and insomniac. They can besides be quite independent. Socialize them well to make surely they are vitamin a friendly as possible. These dogs will need weekly groom and may need the casual bathtub. But, more important than this is the amount of active time this cad needs .
gorgeous Catahoulas are identical athletic, and need a problem to do. Boredom and inactivity can cause them to become infelicitous and engage in destructive behaviors like digging and chewing. therefore, get creative with your cad ’ south use ! They ’ ra great candidates for frump sports like agility and obedience train .


blue weimaraner
Weimaraners are most often seen in grey, but can besides appear in a beautiful shadow of blasphemous. however, this is not an formally recognized color. Because of this, blue Weims are much seen as undesirable. And some breeders will try to sell them for an hyperbolic price, marking them as ‘ rare ’ .
If you do find a aristocratic Weimaraner from a reputable breeder, make certain you give them enough of exercise each day and lots of attention. They need to be socialized well from a young age. Weims are very affectionate dogs, that can be seen by some as ‘ needy ’. so, make sure you have plenty of time to spend with your andiron if you ’ re choosing this breed .

English Setter

english Setters can come in a gorgeous blasphemous belton, or tri color blue belton and tan. Blue belton patterns are a dark spotty, ticking design, over a white base. These dogs are friendly, felicitous, and athletic, particularly when socialized well from a young long time. You ’ ll need to groom your english Setter at least once a week to keep their fur from getting knotted .
You might besides want to trim certain areas, such as around your frump ’ second face. particularly if they spend a bunch of time running or working outside. This breed needs lots of exercise, preferably in a safely fence area. They are well suited to families who are very active .

Great Dane

great dane
The Great Dane is the final examination blue chase on our list, and is another of the largest blue frank breeds ! They can reach up to 34 inches improbable at the shoulder ! Great Danes need enough of prepare and socialization, even though they ’ re known for being gentle and composure dogs .
Their huge size means they can easily incidentally hurt person or knock person over. so, socialize and train them well. If you do this, they will make great companions for any kin. Great Danes need a good measure of exercise every day, but shouldn ’ metric ton have besides a lot, or it can affect their joints .

Blue Coat Color Genetics

then, how does the blue coat discolor find in so many unlike cad breeds ? It ’ s all about genetics. Coat color in all dogs is the resultant role of two pigments : pheomelanin and eumelanin. The default option colors of these are crimson and black, respectively. early coat colors are created when extra genes interact with the genes for these two pigments .
Blue coats occur when the recessive allele load gene ( five hundred ) interacts with the output of eumelanin. If your puppy inherits two vitamin d genes, his fur is diluted from black to blue .
blue dog breeds Of course he won ’ t actually be blue like the sky – blue is merely a limited pooch word for gray !
For some dogs, diluted coats are besides linked to health problems like hair personnel casualty and peel ignition, known as tinge dilution alopecia .
so, make indisputable to research this before choosing a blue coating chase .

Is A Blue Dog Right For Me?

Do you have your heart set on a blue andiron breed ? Blue cad breeds can look quite different from one another. The type that you choose should be based on which blue colored dog matches your time and worry abilities good .
If you have a modest home and aren ’ thymine looking for a senior high school maintenance pawl, you will need a different type of blue coat andiron breed to person with lots of outer space and lots of time to dedicate to grooming and exercising their frump. You should learn about temperament, exercise needs, trainability, health, and general care before finalising your cad breed choice .

Finding Blue Puppies

Some breeds of dog will have constantly have litters of blue puppies, others will have shuffle colors that are harder to predict. If you definitely want a blue puppy then picking a breed that is all blue is the quickest way to find one .
once you ’ ve chosen your breed, then look for a breeder that cares about health and temperament above everything else. even color ! good breeders merely use health tested parent dogs and are happy to show you proof of these gain tests .
They will keep their dogs for a determination beyond making puppies ( and therefore money ! ) and have an obviously potent bond with the beget of the litter. You might have to go on a waiting number to get a puppy from the best breeder, but it will be worth the wait !

Which Blue Dog Breeds Do You Love?

Have you found the arrant blue dog breeds for you in our lead ? Or, have you owned one of these bluing colored dogs before ? Find out more about your favored blue pawl breeds here :
Make sure to tell us all about your experiences in the comments. We would love to learn about your favorites !

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