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What Kind of Dog is Odie?

group of dogs on a picnic table The Garfield comics by Jim Davis are a democratic cult classic. Although Garfield the guy is the main character, the comics wouldn ’ thyroxine be closely as interesting without Garfield ’ s interactions with Odie the chase. Who is Odie and what kind of dog is Odie ? here ’ s what you need to know :

Who is Odie?

Odie the chase is Garfield ’ s main counterpart, aside from their human, Jon, in the Garfield comics. He has been with Garfield since his first year. longtime readers of the comedian, or those starting at the begin, might remember that he came with Lyman, Jon ’ s original roommate, and then stayed behind after Lyman ’ s passing five years into the comics. But, in the ledger, Garfield : His 9 Lives, Jon brought him home years ago when Odie was just a puppy to be a company for his kitten, Garfield. Over the years, Odie became more of a proverbial punch bag than a thwart for Garfield. He constantly seemed to bear the brunt of the cat ’ south nonchalance. But, despite how Garfield treated him, Odie always seemed to have a good lookout. however, we ’ rhenium never certain if that was due to his attitude or the low IQ Garfield assumed he had.

In a 2006 interview with MovieWeb, Jim Davis describes Odie as being everything Garfield wasn ’ thymine. Where Garfield was curtly and round off, Odie was tall and cheeseparing. While Garfield was crabbed and hat Mondays, Odie was happy. Garfield loved to be faineant while Odie loved to play and chase balls. Garfield had conversations in his head or chats with other animals while Odie largely barked .

What Kind of Dog is Odie?

At least when it comes to the print comics, no matchless is quite certain precisely what type of frump breed Odie is. In a Sunday strip from August of 2007, Garfield is reading about dog breeds and rejecting them before settling on “ purebred clown ”. Odie seems to agree with this guess by honking his nose affirmatively.

Although Garfield rejects the Bulldog, Pointer, Sheepdog, and Basset Hound in prefer of “ Purebred Clown ”, this doesn ’ metric ton necessarily discount these breeds. From a human perspective, Odie could be a mixed-breed cad that displays traits from all of those breeds.

On the photographic print english, Odie ’ s chase breed is undefined. however, in the animated/live-action Garfield movies, Odie is played by a wire-haired Dachshund. many on-line opinions maintain Odie is part Beagle due to his boastful head and little nose while others say he is a Dachshund because of his slender body and because a Dachshund was used to portray him in the movies. other opinions blend the two and maintain that Odie is a Dachshund/Beagle Mix .

Want Your Own Odie?

Although Odie ’ s frump breed is obscure, there are plenty of thoroughbred andiron breeds and mixed-breed dogs that can get you close. Dachshunds or Basset Hounds could be a adept fit for anyone who wants a short-legged, floppy-eared companion. A Beagle is another good candidate and mixes related to any of these breeds could help you get your own adaptation of Odie. No topic what dog you decide on, learning more about the breed, asking the breeder questions, and meeting the puppies in-person can all help you choose the right puppy for you.

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