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Cute, black French Bulldog with yogurt on its mouth
Do you get hit with those puppy dog eyes every time you peel open a cup of yogurt ?
As it turns out, yogurt is a goodly, tummy-boosting nosh that you can – and should ! – share with your cad.
But not all yogurt is safe for dogs. here ‘s what you should know before sharing it with your best friend .
What Type Of Yogurt Is Good For Dogs?
Dogs should entirely eat plain yogurt with no add carbohydrate.
greek yogurt is the best option for dogs. It has significantly less lactose than regular yogurt. Kefir, yogurt ‘s fluent, drinkable cousin, is besides depleted in lactose and safe for dogs.
Some sugar-free yogurt may contain a sugar-free substitute, called xylitol that is toxic to dogs. Make certain you choose a brand that has no sugar added, and double-check the ingredients tilt for this toxic substance. even a small sum can be fatal to dogs .
Aren’t Dogs Lactose Intolerant?
Dairy products like milk and yogurt contain a natural sugar called lactose. For some people and most dogs, lactose is unmanageable for the body to break down.
As a result, the boodle stays in the small intestine, where it feeds bad bacteria that cause accelerator and indigestion.
The live active bacteria, or probiotics, which are used to make all varieties of yogurt, help break down lactose so it ‘s easier to digest. Those probiotics help build up beneficial bacteria in the intestine for an overall healthy digestive nerve pathway and stronger immune system.
even so, yogurt does contain some lactose. If your frank does not normally eat yogurt, you ‘ll want to lento introduce it to your frump ‘s diet.

What Else Makes Yogurt Good For Dogs?
Besides gut and immunity hike probiotics, yogurt has other benefits for your andiron ‘s health.
It ‘s full of all-important nutrients like calcium, magnesium and protein. It ‘s besides a good source of the most important food of all : water. Used as a food topper, yogurt is an easily way to add moisture to your andiron ‘s diet. While these nutrients are great, it is worthy to note that dogs do a lot better on dirty based products, which typically survive your chase ‘s acidic catgut and seem to better enhance levels of healthy flora in your dog ‘s digestive tract.
From puppies to seniors, all dogs can benefit from yogurt. If your frank has any chronic health issues, though, or is on any medicine, you ‘ll want to ask your vet to make certain it ‘s o to feed .
Boosting Your Dog’s Yogurt Snack
Fruits and veggies contain prebiotic fibers that feed beneficial bacteria.
By adding strawberries, blueberries, carrots, kale or pumpkin to your frump ‘s yogurt, you can make a wholesome, yummy nosh that doubles up on your frump ‘s catgut health. super nutrients such as sensitive honey/bee pollen, papaya, coconut water or Bovine colostrum are besides capital additions for your dog ‘s digestive tract.
Produce can be chopped into bite-sized pieces, puree, or steamed and coated with yogurt. You can flush freeze your pooch ‘s favorite yogurt-fruit jazz band in an ice rink cube tray or a food toy like a Kong to make pupsicles !
Probiotic Supplements For Dogs
To make it even easier to add beneficial intestine bacteria to your andiron ‘s diet, try a canine-specific probiotic accessory like Proviable.
Probiotics found in yogurt tend to be more beneficial to humans, but may not be equally useful to the canine digestive nerve pathway. Dog-specific probiotics are specially formulated to the canine gut, making it more effective for helping dogs digest their food more efficiently.
Probiotics like VetriScience Vetri Mega Probiotic contain plant-based enzymes that have fantastic remedy and preventive aspects. These types of enzymes start acting flush in the digest, and are rightfully all-important nutrients in helping middle-age to older pets predigest their food, so the aging body does n’t have to work a hard .

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