What to Do When Dogs Eat Poop

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What to Do When Dogs Eat Poop

Our dogs can get truly eldritch. They chase their tails, sniff other pets ‘ butt, and even shower us with saliva ! And if there is one thing that disturbs pet parents the most ? It is when dogs eat dope !
It ‘s weird, it ‘s unappetizing and wholly disgust ! But relax and calm down, it can be stopped .


“ Coprophagia is the fancy means of scientists naming your chase ‘s habit of eating his crap. ”

Coprophagia is the fancy way of scientists naming your pawl ‘s habit of eating his dope .
now, why do dogs eat their crap ?
In most studies conducted, it goes to show that this habit is actually behavioral and there is absolutely nothing to worry about .
But there are aesculapian concerns that must be addressed first gear earlier deciding on how to solve this disgusting habit .
A puppy’s love for poop
The biggest reason why your puppy eats his nincompoop is because he credibly learned it from his mother. A mother frump eats her puppies ‘ dope for two reasons. One, for cleanliness. Two, protection from other animals because the scent of stern makes it then slowly for other animals to locate her litter .
Your puppy must ‘ve learned it from his mother. As a responsible darling parent, it is up to you to clean your pup ‘s batch immediately before he ‘ll have the probability of eating it. By doing so, this will persuade him not to do it and he will finally grow out of it .
An adult dog’s love for poop
If you have an adult cad who abruptly eats dope, it may or may not be a sign that something is wrong but consider the follow cases for potential checkup concerns : Your pawl has never been a poop-eater earlier but on the spur of the moment becomes one and shows other symptoms of illness like pale or well gums, unusual fatigue and fever or ; your cad has never been a poop-eater but abruptly grows a strong interest in eating other cad ‘s dope.

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The follow health issues can possibly be causing Coprophagia in your frump :
Poor diet.
An improper and poor diet of your andiron can be causing his love to eat his own poop.This is because your dog ‘s nincompoop may contain a big total of undigested kibble or frank food, it will smell quite good compared to the spirit of regular stern .
Underfeeding and malnutrition.
A athirst frank has an increased appetite because he is n’t getting all the food & nutrients he needs and an increased appetite means he ‘ll eat whatever he thinks is consumable .

Enzyme deficiencies. Your andiron ‘s body can suddenly quit producing the accurate quantity or kinds of digestive enzymes required to absorb and digest nutrients. This is caused by inflammation and issues in the pancreas. This, in effect, causes an increase in appetite and yes, dope eat .
Parasites. Worms in your dog ‘s digestive system will consume the nutrients that are meant to be for your chase. Your pawl wo n’t be getting the right nutriment he needs and will increase his starve.

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now if you had your frump checked and he ‘s wholly fine, a dog eating dope may be due to stress, boredom, and for your attention .


  • Provide a healthy, balanced, and easy-to-digest diet
  • To avoid boredom and stress, give your dog enough time to play and exercise
  • Always be mindful and constant in cleaning your dog’s poop before he eats it
  • If cleaning after your dog poops is hard work, have him wear washable dog diapers. Unlike the disposable ones, washable dog diapers cannot be easily shredded off or torn apart thus preventing your dog from eating his poop!

Your cad ‘s habit of eating his crap can be very disgust and disturb, that ‘s why it is constantly best to check with your vet for proper appraisal of your dog ‘s health and demeanor .
“ now if you had your dog checked and he ‘s wholly very well, a dog eating stern may be due to stress, boredom, and for your attention. ”

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