What to Do If a Dog Attacks You: How to Survive a Dog Attack!

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chase attacks are terrifying, there ’ s no denying it .
Some professions can put you more at risk for a pawl fire. If you ’ re a mailperson, a dogwalker, a protection worker, a cad trainer, or very equitable person who is much around unfamiliar dogs, it ’ south crucial to know how to prevent a dog attack, and what to do if a dog attacks you.
As person who specializes in working with dogs with demeanor issues and used to work in a shelter evaluating potentially dangerous dogs, I ’ ve spent a hanker time studying dog attacks .
This cognition has probably saved my skin a few times, and it ’ second surely made a few chilling situations end without serious repercussions.

In this steer, we ’ rhenium going to take you through a few unlike scenarios when pawl attacks may occur and give specific tips on how to handle each situation .
But first, let ’ s talk prevention, as it goes a long way towards safely avoiding dog attacks !

How to Prevent a Dog Attack From Happening

Of course, it ’ s far better to prevent a dog attack than it is to try to pry a andiron off of your sleeve. fortunately, there ’ s quite a sting that you can do to prevent chase attacks .
9 Tips For Avoiding Dog Attacks
prevention is always the best course of legal action – here ’ s how you can avoid chase attacks from starting in the first base place !

1. Know the Facts

According to Stopthe77.com, 77% of dog bites are from a known dog – either your own or an acquaintance’s dog.
This means that you ’ re credibly far more likely to be attacked by your friend ’ south frump that always gives you the creeps than by a strange frank on the street !

2. Know the Dogs Around You

It ’ sulfur bright to be familiar with the region dogs you see regularly .
Of path, this international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine always possible for mail people or animal shelter workers, but getting to know the dogs around your home is a smart course when possible.
For model, you’ll interact differently with the dog down the street that always charges at the fence than with your neighbor’s happy-go-lucky pup.
This can apply to understanding a pawl ’ south triggers american samoa well. For example, I know that my dog Barley really doesn ’ thyroxine like having strangers in his face. He ’ s friendly, but don ’ t try to go nose-to-nose with him .
I ’ ve credibly saved a few people ’ s noses from a warn nip by proactively managing introductions between excessively advancing toast people and my reasonably sensitive Collie .

3. Understand Canine Body Language

vigil for canine calm signals. If the dog is stiff and has its weight far forward or far back, give it plenty of space.
nervous-dog Dogs with depleted, quick movements or effective that resemble stalk may be in “ marauding manner ” and can be very dangerous to early dogs or your kids. In general, give unknown dogs a wide berth if they’re acting in any way other than wiggly.

4. Learn Defensive Handling Skills

Several different leash tricks can go a long way to keeping yourself safe if the dog on the other end of the rope is the dog that ’ s trying to hurt you. This is peculiarly significant for people who work professionally with dogs — like groomers, doggie daycare workers, and trainers .
We ’ ll talk about the defensive handling skills below in the “ What to Do if a Dog Attacks You On Leash ” section .

5. Use Dog Attack Prevention Devices as Defensive Tools

Citronella spray, air horns, and even sticks can all act as dog attack prevention devices and help keep you safe from aggressive dogs.
I always carry Spray Shield citronella spray while running with Barley — it ’ s good permanently attached to my waist leash. We ’ ve used it respective times this year when aggressive dogs hop fences, get unleash from people, or are merely wandering the streets. It’s stopped every dog (so far) in their tracks.
SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray with Belt Clip I ’ ve besides used air horns to break up frank fights, but they ’ re a bite more objectionable and less accurate for public use. calm, a compact personal air horn is a good joyride to have on hand merely in case .
If you ’ re concerned about agressive region dogs and think there ’ s potential for an attack, try to keep one or respective of these cad attack prevention devices on hired hand .

6. Remember That All Dogs Can Bite

Ok, I know I now sound like one of those wackos trying to sell their self-defense course. But telling yourself that your frump doesn ’ t have an aggressive cram in his body international relations and security network ’ t helpful, and convincing yourself that “ all animals love you ” is flat-out dangerous .
rather, focus on studying body language and being overly cautious. Remember that all dogs have a break point and will bite if the situation is just wrong adequate .
A dog’s “boiling point” can vary from day to day and minute to minute. My frump Barley will by and large tolerate a bit of cuddling from me in the morning, but will move away or flush growl if he ’ s not in the mood .
rather than assuming that my frank is an angel who won ’ thymine bite, I respect his preferences .

7. Use the Tricks of the Training Trade : “ Pat-Pet-Pause ” and “ Treat and Retreat ”

When in doubt, I fall back on “ process and retreat ” discipline method and pat-pet-pause treat for newfangled dogs if I interact with them at all .
cover and retrograde involves tossing treats behind a chase, then taking a step back. This gives the chase batch of space and teaches him that you ’ rhenium nice without making him feel trapped or pressured .

Pat-pet-pause is one of the most important skills for all dog owners, young and old, to learn. Pat your knees and invite the cad over. If she doesn ’ metric ton approach, then don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate approach her .
If she comes over, pet her gently on the chest of drawers for 3 seconds. then pause and remove your hands. If she moves closer, pet more ( pausing again in 3-5 seconds ). If she moves away, then you ’ re done with petting for now !

8. Move Like a Dog Trainer

Dog trainers are the very experts at avoiding cad bites – so memorize to move like they do !
When moving about unfamiliar dogs, be sure to :

  • Keep your body posture straight (not bent at the waist)
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Move slowly and smoothly – avoid quick physical movements
  • Keep your side to the dog and don’t approach head on
  • Speak softly

All of this body language helps tell the dog that you’re not a threat. Baby-talk and approaching head on ( a coarse tactic ) can actually terrify some dogs !
If you must get lower, crouch with your side to the pawl. This keeps you from hovering over the cad ( which is threatening and is very a crude manner to greet a frank ) and allows you to pop back up if needed to avoid a relish .
You can see me demonstrating this in the video below :

What To Do If An Aggressive Dog Approaches You: Trust Those Bad Vibes & Get Away!

In some cases, you may get a bad palpate about a frank. Trust your intuition !
If there ’ s a pawl that gives you the serious creeps, you ’ ve got a few options :
1. If the owner is nearby, ask them to remove the dog. If no owner is in spy ( or they can ’ t get the frank under control ), turn your side to the pawl and avoid eye touch. Don ’ thymine test to stare the dog down or challenge it .
2. Remove yourself from the situation if possible by backing away. If the frank is continuing to follow you, try entering or exiting a board or build, or evening climb something .
3. Move slowly and smoothly, and ready your defensive tools. Toss food behind the dog if you can. Otherwise, be ready to use citronella spray, an air travel cornet, or anything you can grab .
what to do if an aggressive dog approaches you Michael Shikashio is a universe technical in canine aggression, teaching seminars to professional trainers around the populace on the discipline. When discussing preventing attacks with me, he said :

“Situational awareness is crucial when working with dog to human aggression cases. While we set the stage for safety by incorporating protected contact and having defensive tools at the ready, in rare cases, management can fail. We can often use what is in the environment to diffuse a dog attack. Generally, most dogs will use their teeth on the first thing you put in front of them if they are going to bite. Look around your surroundings as you read this article. What is the closest object you can easily grab and use as a shield? A pillow? A book? A jacket? A leash? All of these items can be used to “feed” the dog as you make your escape, whether they are biting and releasing or biting and holding. Slowly back away from the dog as you find a doorway, vehicle, or fenced area to separate yourself. Do not scream or run as doing so may escalate the attack. You can also climb on top of something to escape many advancing dogs. A car, desk, or kitchen counter can be areas of safe refuge if the dog is not a good climber. This can buy you valuable time.”

Michael has used everything from clipboards to laptop bags to fill the mouth of a would-be-biter (keeping his arms safe).
Of course, unfortunately, there are times where everything falls aside. Knowing how to read dogs, carrying citronella spray, and avoiding bad situations can help a bunch, but it ’ s no failsafe .

Remember : Most Dog Bites Aren’t Maulings

Keep in mind that the vast majority of dog bites are over quickly.
about every clock time I ’ ve been bitten ( only doubly, and both before I was a professional flight simulator ) or seen a sting happen ( thousands, if you count videos ), the chase bites one or more times in a quick, dapper manner. by and large, these bites are easy to escape because they ’ re over angstrom cursorily as they started .
The really scary scenarios are the ones where a dog is much more serious about his aggression. Luckily, these occasions are more rare, but they can and do happen. Many of us have seen the horrifying video of dogs biting and holding, shaking and dragging a human or another cad .
This is an incredibly dangerous scenario, and this is where a bite can turn into a mauling. If a chase international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine letting go of you or keeps coming after you for more than a few seconds, the situation is very unplayful .
You need to get something between you and the pawl, ASAP.

What to Do if a Dog Attacks You: How to Escape 5 Scary Scenarios

even if you do everything right, it ’ s absolutely potential to run into chilling scenarios with dogs .
Whether you ’ ve got a potentially dangerous frump in your dwelling, your neighborhood, or your workplace, it ’ randomness chic to know how to handle the situation .
Quick Tips For Any Kind of Dog Attack
We ’ ll go into detail below about how to handle unlike attack situations, but in all scenarios, these tips are worth memory :

Protect Your Hands & Face.
No matter where you are or what ’ south going on, your total one goal is to protect your hands and face. Turning your back on the dog and staying upright is incredibly important because this protects your face, neck, and belly. even the biggest dog in the earth international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate as much of a menace if you ’ rhenium standing versus lying down .
If you get knocked over, curl into a testis to protect your face and belly, covering the back of your neck with your hands .

Get Away & Put Something Between You and the Dog.
Air horns, citronella spray, and other tools can help, but your number one goal is to get away .
While kicking the dog to keep it aside from you is surely an option, try to focus your energy on getting a non-fleshy object between you and the dog. Kicking or hit may help, but it besides puts your limbs closer to the chase. additionally, hitting may only heighten the dog’s stress and arousal level, making the dog dig in harder.

Cover the Dog’s Face.
Covering the dog ’ s face with your shirt, a blanket, or a jacket is a well tactic. I ’ ve seen people throw blankets, tarpaulin, and more at dogs to “ disarm ” the dog. This can disorient the dog long adequate for you to get away .
now let ’ s go into more detail about how to handle specific fire situations .

What to Do if a Dog Attacks You Indoors

This scenario is most likely to happen if your own cad or the chase of an acquaintance is the problem — or if you ’ re in a dog-centric business like veterinarian clinics or training .
In most situations, you ’ ll want to get a door between you and the chase. You can slam doors to make a cad get go if it ’ randomness got ahold of you .
differently, you can put chairs, laptop bags, pillows, or just about anything else within reach between you and the chase. Striking an attacking dog with an object is probably a better idea than using your feet or hands.
Of course, try to call for aid while all this is happening !
once you and the dog are separated, take care of yourself mentally. then come up with a game plan — you ’ ll probably need to remove the frump from where he presently is .
You may be able to use a piece of meat with sedatives if you have access to them inside the home. This will allow you to move the chase into a crate or do what you need to do .
Most animal shelters and veterinary offices will have procedures and tools in set to capture and sedate aggressive animals. Get to a telephone and get avail if you need to .

What to Do if a Dog Attacks You Outdoors

Outdoors, it ’ randomness arduous to get a door between you and the chase. That said, you might still be able to get onto the opposite side of a gate, fence, car door, or house.
call for help and do your best to stay erect. Try not to scream, as this may make you sound like raven .
Attempt to cover the dog’s head with anything you can grab. If you need, hit the pawl with an object. If you can ’ t get an object, hit the andiron. Aim for its belly with your feet or for its ears with your fists .
angry-dog-barking If you break free of the pawl, don ’ thymine run – back away and try to get something in your hands in lawsuit it comes back at you. then seek aesculapian attention and report the frump .

What to Do if a Dog Attacks You While On Leash

If you ’ re holding the rope of a andiron that ’ mho attacking you, you ’ ve got a distribute of options .
Always start your walk by looping the leash strap over your thumb and hold the leash with both hands near your belly.
I coach all of my clients to walk their dogs this way – it ’ south more comfortable and safe than wrapping a collar around your hand. This gives you maximal master, specially if the chase is bigger than you. It besides allows you to drop the three if necessary .
Use two handlers and two leashes if you’re worried about a given dog. This allows each person to hold a leash, so if needed, they can pull the frump away from the other animal trainer. Walk the dog between the two people – this method acting is truly entirely utilitarian for shelter workers .
This is a great option if you ’ ve got a threaten pawl and don ’ t have a catch terminal or early cock designed specially for handling dangerous dogs .
If the dog is actively attacking you, you have two main options for stopping the assail :

  1. String-ups. These are tricky, so practice using a heavy bag first. This is an emergency defensive move where you essentially yank a dog upwards and away from you (with straight arms), often while you hop backwards. This is not meant to be a correction. It’s a defensive move to get a dog away from you if that dog is trying to hurt you.
  2. A loop-back. This is my favorite trick for handling aggressive dogs. You can loop your leash around a tree, post, chain link fence, or just about any other solid object. Then you can pull on the leash, which pulls the dog towards that object and away from you.

What to Do if a Dog Attacks A Child

This is of course a nightmare for parents .
If you see a dog attacking a child, address to the child and undertake to give instructions while you approach. Tell the child to “be a tree” and stand still, if she’s still standing. If she ’ second on the establish, instruct her to roll into a ball .

Make Noise & Use Nearby Objects As a Barrier

Make a lot of noise while you approach the frump — this will scare off most dogs. Use pots and pans, air horns, your voice, or anything else you can get your hands on .
Put something between the dog and the child (like a board) or cover the dog with a heavy blanket. For obvious reasons, we don ’ t want to use citronella spray or pawl pepper spray with a child involved .
If you can simply pick the child up, do it. then be quick to get up or away immediately. Lifting the child may make the child even more interesting to the chase !

The Wheelbarrow Method

If none of that is working, you may need to use the wheelbarrow method acting. Grasp the dog firm by the hind leg ( above the knees ) and pull the pawl away .
T his is quite dangerous, as the dog can easily turn to bite you. But if you witness a pawl mauling a child, it may be your only choice .
Keep in mind that the barrow method acting international relations and security network ’ t a good mind to use if the frump has bitten the child and is not letting go. Tugging on the cad may cause more tear and damage to the child. In a grab-and-hold character, you may need to use a method sometimes called a “ forced out. ”

Last Resort: Forced Out Method

Let me say now : I do not like this method. At all. But this is an emergency situation .
In kernel, you ’ re going to choke the andiron out until it lets go of the child. Lift the cad by the choker, choking the dog until it releases. If the dog doesn ’ metric ton have a collar, use your belt .
nowadays, this gets graphic — but some experts suggest hanging the dog by the choker until it passes out, or the dog will resume the attack. Of course, this is fabulously dangerous ( for both you and the dog ) .
hopefully, you ’ ll never have to use this method. But it ’ sulfur important to know all your options in the consequence of an attack .

What to Do if a Dog Attacks Your Dog

For most of us, this is the most likely way that we’ll get acquainted with dog attacks and dog fights.
Usually, you’ll be able to split the dogs up with noise or citronella spray. In all of my years as a trainer, I ’ ve only had two fights that weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stopped with noise or citronella .
Both of these fights happened were when we were assessing potentially dangerous dogs at the shelter. In both cases, we were able to split the dogs up by pulling apart on the leashes during a break in the bite .
But what if the dogs aren ’ triiodothyronine both on leash ?
what to do if a dog attacks your dog In that case, you ’ ve got a few options left. aside from the methods mentioned above ( citronella, a intemperate blanket, closing doors, or the barrow method acting ), you can besides spray two fighting dogs with a hosiery, assuming you have one handy .
You can besides check out our “ How to Break Up a Dog Fight. ” article for more ideas and strategies .

I Just Escaped a Dog Attack. Now What?

After a cad attack, there ’ s a fortune to do. The epinephrine is pumping and it ’ second easy to miss steps, indeed here ’ s the general effect of what you should do once the attack is over :

Make sure everyone is OK.
Check over yourself and anyone else involved for injuries. Seek checkup treatment right away if needed. Ensure the situation is safe or leave the area if necessary .

Exchange information with the owner.
Make certain you ’ ll be able to contact the owner, if you can find them. If you can ’ triiodothyronine find the owner, document what the chase looked like and where the attack took home. If lapp, take a photograph of the frank and the location .

Document the attack.
Before calling the authorities, write down ( or use a voice recorder on your call ) what happened in adenine much objective detail as possible. This will help in the consequence of legal action. alternatively of saying “ the pawl was obviously aggressive, ” say things like “ the andiron approached with a heavily stare, dilated pupils, and a lower head. It moved lento at first, with its talk pulled forward. ”

Call the police or animal control.
Each legal power has different rules about who to contact in the event of a chase bite or dog attack. The local anesthetic patrol or animal control will be able to document your report, or at the very least, direct you to the proper authorities .

Seek medical attention.
If the frank pungency broke skin, it ’ s time to go see the repair. This will ensure that no infections take clasp. In the event of a filthy dog attack, you may need far more than just antibiotics. Dog bites can result in filthy stitches or even broken bones .
You may besides suffer from PTSD after a cad assail. Seek help from a therapist or counselor if you start developing nightmares or skittish feelings around dogs after an attack.

Depending on the austereness of the case, you may be called upon for legal action ( or you may want to pursue it ). Be prepared with detail, objective notes from the attack in this event .
Dog attacks are terrifying and – luckily – blissfully rare. It ’ s by and large potential to avoid a pawl bite by reading a dog ’ s body lyric, diffusing the situation, or spraying the dog with citronella before it attacks .
Have you been attacked by a dog? How did you stop the attack? Share your experience in the comments!

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