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When another dog bites another pawl, it ’ sulfur traumatic for you and your pet. Like most andiron owners, you make every effort to protect your chase from damage. however, animals can behave in unpredictable ways. That ’ s why most emergency veterinarian visits are due to bite wounds from other dogs. here are some ways to keep your dog safe and what steps to take if your dog is attacked. Do You Have a Case ?

Who is responsible if another pawl bites my chase ?

Most chase owners regard their pets as cherished members of the syndicate. That ’ sulfur why it is therefore upset when your chase is hurt by another pawl. When a cad bites a person, the owner is normally creditworthy based on Michigan ’ s nonindulgent liability chase bite law. however, this police only applies when the victim is a human being. The legal issues differ when one pawl is injured by another cad.

For one thing, despite how we feel about our four-legged friends, dogs are considered property under Michigan law. consequently, the hurt chase ’ sulfur owner may be able to file a property price claim to recover veterinarian bills and early related costs. If the pawl died as a resultant role of the attack, its owner may be entitled to the value of the pawl along with any death-related expenses. These costs may be covered by the andiron owner ’ s homeowners or renters insurance policy. Or, in some cases, the owner of the injured/deceased dog may sue the owner of the frump that perpetrated the assail.

Proving the Dog Owner was Negligent

To receive compensation for expenses relating to a frank attack, the owner of the hurt chase has to prove the attack happened because its owner was negligent. The law presumes that frump owners have a legal “ duty of caution ” to keep their dogs from harming other animals. To establish negligence, you would have to show that the owner breached that duty and that the gap caused your dog to suffer damage. For exemplar, Michigan police ( MCL 287.262 ) requires that dogs must be kept on a rope whenever they are in public. therefore, removing a frank ’ s leash while walking through the region might be an indicator of negligence if the andiron attacks and injures another frank.

What should I do if my dog is attacked by another frank ?

here are the steps you should take ( or avoid ) if your dog is attacked by another dog :

Do not Try to Stop the attack by Getting Between the Two Dogs

When your dog is under attack, your natural instinct will be to jump in and protect it. however, putting yourself in the center of two ( or more ) dogs can be very dangerous. The attacking frump is probably to turn on you, which could result in dangerous injury to you adenine well as your chase. If possible, try to distract the other chase from a distance.

Take Your Dog to the Vet Immediately if Emergency Care is Needed

This should be your first precedence if your dog is hard hurt. seek hand brake treatment if the dog is bleeding heavy, limping, crying or whining or appears to have trouble breathe.

Gather a much information as You can Before Leaving the scene of the Attack

  • Names and touch information for any witnesses
  • Dog owner ’ s name, address and contact information
  • description of the attacking frank, including breed, size, color and other forcible attributes
  • Photos of the attacking frank and the owner ’ randomness cable car and/or license plate
  • Photos of your own pawl, including all injuries
  • Date, meter and placement of the attack
  • File a charge with the local anesthetic animal operate position arsenic soon as possible
  • You should do this even if the owner is apologetic and offers to pay your andiron ’ s vet bill

How do I care for my dog after the attack?

If your dog did not require hand brake treatment immediately after the attack, the following is helpful advice to care for your darling and those handling them.

Take It to the Vet for an examination a Soon As possible

After a dog has been involved in a battle, it can be hard to determine the extent of its injuries. The pawl ’ s fur may conceal certain injuries, particularly smaller puncture wounds. Any bite can become infect or lead to a more good condition without proper treatment. In addition, the dog may have home injuries, which could be dangerous.

Be careful Handling Your Dog After an attack

Soothe your frank cautiously. even gentle dogs may bite when they are panicky or in annoyance. If you have small children at home, keep the frank away from them for a day or two.

Watch Your Dog for Lingering Signs of Trauma

skittishness for a few days after an attack is normal. however, if your frank shows continued signs of fear or aggression, consult your veterinarian.

Preventing a Dog Attack

While some dogs attack without warning, there are steps you can take to keep your frank safe.

  • When your andiron is around other dogs, watch for signs of aggression such as growl, snarling or baring teeth
  • If another chase behaves in a threaten way, stay calm and walk your andiron away angstrom cursorily as possible
  • Keep your cad away from early dogs if it ’ s showing signs of stress or discomfort
  • Ask the owner before you or your frank interact with another chase
  • even if the owner gives license, keep your eyes on both dogs and jumper cable yours away if either dog seems uncomfortable

If you or a loved one has been injured by a dog, contact us immediately. We know what it takes to win your andiron bite case, and we are ready to fight for the benefits you deserve.

Michigan dog bite jurisprudence is complicated, but finding the right cad pungency lawyer is childlike. You can click the button below to fill out a abbreviated shape or Call 1-800-CALL-SAM today for a release, outback no-obligation consultation from the condom of your home. Do You Have a Case ?

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