Tracker Joins the Pups!

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Tracker Joins the Pups!

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Canada United States of America Greece Cyprus Mexico Brazil Poland Japan

August 13, 2016 September 16, 2016December 10, 2016March 13, 2017 April 16, 2017March 19, 2021


Andrew Guerdat and Steven Sullivan


Charles E. Bastien

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Pups Bear-ly Save Danny “ “ Tracker Joins the Pups! “ is the fifteenth episode in Season 3 of PAW Patrol .


Ryder and the pups are on their way to the jungle to help Carlos move a massive relic to the museum. When Carlos falls into a deep pit, he is saved by a big-eared pup named Tracker. For his bravery, Tracker is made an honorary and official member of the PAW Patrol.



This sequence begins with Carlos digging to search for some artifacts while Mandy messes with him, a lot to his humiliate. Soon, Carlos finds a mysterious tile and pulls it up, causing one big statue to appear from the land. Carlos finally calls the PAW Patrol to help him move the statue to a museum. meanwhile, Ryder and Rocky are fishing on the Flounder and soon Ryder receives the bid from Carlos about the statue discovery, with Mandy in the background picking up a crown. Carlos asks her to put down the crown, but Mandy by chance drops the crown and the crown is left to roll down the hill. Carlos and Mandy pursuit after the crown, but Carlos trips over a root and is catapulted inside a deep trap and shouts for help. In luck, his earphone points to the fix while Ryder and Rocky observe and reason that Carlos has fallen in the hole and needs aid. interim in the hobo camp, a potcake pawl named Tracker hears person asking for avail and decides to find the person who belonged to the voice. Back in Adventure Bay, Ryder calls the puppy to the PAW Patroller for the mission to save Carlos. Ryder calls the pups while Marshall is on the beach. Zuma was subaqueous and hooking Rocky ‘s fish hook to a big bang and leaving it there. Rocky pulling on the fish rod results in the boot just flying off and landing on Marshall ‘s head. Marshall is unable to see and about hits Zuma and Rocky. finally, Marshall slips and crashes into the PAW Patroller. After Marshall makes a joke that the other pups laugh at, they suit up, this fourth dimension in more jungle-themed clothe rather of their usual uniforms. ultimately, they go to the jungle to help Carlos. While in the hobo camp, Tracker ultimately finds Carlos inside the hole. He first introduces himself and asks him what ‘s going on. Carlos replies that he is stay inside the trap and Tracker whimpers about the hole being thus black. Carlos asks Tracker to find his cellular telephone so he can call the PAW Patrol to help him. Tracker searches for the cellular telephone using his nuzzle and finds it. Afterward, Tracker calls for the PAW Patrol. In the PAW Patroller, Ryder explains about Carlos who fell into the trap and the plan to save him. soon, there ‘s a incoming call from Carlos and everyone becomes confused because they good were told that Carlos was stuck inside the hole, and his cellular telephone is on the grate. soon subsequently, Tracker becomes visible on the television call and asks for aid. Ryder say that he knows and they ‘re on the way. spinal column in the jungle, a big snake is coming to the hole and Tracker distracts the snake from going into the hole. While in the PAW Patroller, Chase says that he found Tracker and Marshall worries about the big hydra near Tracker. Tracker tries to distract the snake once again but it ‘s not working. When the snake is about to attack Tracker, the PAW Patroller arrives and Robo-Dog honks the cornet. Spooked by the horn, the snake last leaves, saving Tracker. Afterward, Ryder and the pups get ready to help Carlos. When Ryder and the pups arrive at the hole, Chase uses his night imagination goggles to find Carlos inside the hole and uses his winch to pull Carlos out of the hole. After that, Marshall checks Carlos using his x-ray screen for any injuries and everything seems to be fine. When the check is done, Tracker jumps on Carlos and Carlos realizes that Tracker helped to save him. A few moments by and by, Ryder presents to Carlos the newest PAW Patrol member, which is Tracker with his new pup-tag and pup-pack, which has a fixed of multitools and a pair of cables and tests it out. After Tracker is done with it, he heard some cryptic sounds like something made out of metal being knocked. Carlos says that must be Mandy with the crown. Ryder says that they need to find it therefore he asks Skye to find Mandy according to the guidance that was given by Tracker and Chase to get the crown. Ryder and Carlos get fix to find Mandy and ask the rest to stay at the PAW Patroller. The search for Mandy begins. Ryder asks Skye to search for Mandy and she found her at the top of a tree. Mandy soon realizes she ‘s being wanted and hides at the back of the tree. Afterward, Chase use his zip-line to get the crown from Mandy. When the operation is done, they decide to have a camp there and inform the pups at the PAW Patroller that they ‘re going to have a camp there while the rest of them stay at the PAW Patroller. During the night, Tracker wakes up from his sleep because he heard some cryptic noise. He asks the others if they heard something but they do n’t know anything about it and think that it ‘s just because he ‘s anxious but soon the mysterious noise can be heard and now all of them can hear it and all of them become daunt. suddenly, the crown disappears. Chase use his night-vision goggles to see who stole the crown but he sees a bunch of crown robbers. Ryder command Chase to lead the way while Skye uses her helicopter and goggles to see who robbed the crown above. and they begin a pastime inside the jungle. Skye informed Ryder that monkeys stole the crown. Ryder called the early pups on the PAW Patroller and meet them at the Monkey Temple. Daybreak at Monkey Temple, the PAW Patrol gathered at the ruins. Carlos commented that the task is never will be easy. Tracker is aflutter to go in there and everyone gets inside. Chase is in awe seeing how big is the temple. Ryder suggest to split up. Tracker heard something and presses on a press home plate splitting him, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Carlos to a wall leaving Mandy, Ryder, Chase, Rocky and Zuma and Zuma nervously commented how the split up. Chase lead his group until they fall on the trapdoor taking them deeper into the temple. As they walk Zuma trips over a vine and Rocky tells him its a tripwire causing the door to close. Ryder then break a separate of a corner to hold the doorway open and they managed to get through.

At Tracker ‘s group they walked and Marshall and Tracker tells them they are anxious. The pups heard something reveals that Marshall ‘s knee is shaking making a laugh that his knees are skittish. back to Ryder ‘s group they noticed a group of monkeys. They run after them and noticed a elephantine coconut causing them to run fast and get to the condom area. Ryder asked if everyone is approve. Zuma replied that he loved coconuts as he drinks. They head deeper until they reach the chamber and noted that Cap’n Turbot is right and then unwittingly triggered a trap. back at Tracker ‘s group, they lament that they are lost until Marshall triggers a doorway revealing the sunlight. Tracker zooms ahead and head outside followed by the others. Carlos managed to gain contact to Ryder. Ryder called for aid and tells them where they are until he ran out of battery on his whelp pad. Tracker then managed to hear them. But he needs to get back but decide to face his fears to save his friends. They head to the doorway sphere and noticed it is blocked. Tracker hears them on the other side and then uses his cables to turn the gears on the door to open. Tracker managed to open the doorway and they enter the chamber. Ryder then called Mandy to get out but the rumble break. Revealing a aureate banana on the dais. Mandy climbed up to the top and get the banana King Arthur stylus. And the monkeys crowned Mandy and Ryder deduced that the long lost queen is Mandy. The monkey cheered and Mandy fling into Ryder ‘s arms and if she needs aid merely “ ooka ” for avail. Outside the Monkey Temple, The PAW patrol are prepared to head back home. But before they leave Ryder gives Tracker a parting gift as a sign of thanks. From the PAW Patroller, Rocky drives a Jeep precisely for Tracker. Which Tracker is happy to have it. They laugh it out until Mandy steals the vehicle. Carlos tells her to get bet on but Tracker uses his cable to go after Mandy and Tracker take over as they drive to the jungle. Ryder and Chase then bid goodbye to the newfangled penis of the PAW Patrol, Tracker .

Pups in action

first Responders ( 1st emergency )

Pic-chase.png Chase

  • Use his winch to pull Carlos out of the pit.

Marshall.png Marshall

  • Use his x-ray to see if Carlos is hurt.

foremost Responders ( 2nd emergency )

Chase + Skye small.png Skye + Tracker14.png tracker

  • Find Mandy.

first Responders ( 3rd emergency )

Chase + Paw zuma.png Zuma + Paw rocky.png Rocky

  • Go with Ryder and Mandy in the temple.

PAW Patrol Rubble Nick Asia.png Rubble + Marshall + Skye + Tracker

  • Go with Carlos in the temple.

DVD Inclusions

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Tracker Joins the Pups! (DVD) Tracker Joins the Pups!Jungle Rescues Jungle Rescues ( United States )Jungle Rescues Jungle Rescues ( Australasia, Latin America, and Western Europe )

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